The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 195

“What has the emperor got to do with me eating breakfast? Also, I don’t like meeting people for the sake of meeting them. I won’t meet the princes, I don’t have skills in that department!” said Ye Lang while eating a youtiao [Note: fried breadstick] as big as himself. He drank a huge gulp of soymilk, looking very satisfied.

Coldblood Five was also enjoying this simple but satisfying meal with him. Breakfasts shouldn’t be too grand, this was perfect.

“Coldblood Five… Spending time with this little brat has made you… weirder…” Coldblood Seven envied her in a good way, but she was also jealous.

“I’m normal. It’s just breakfast, can’t I eat my food?” said Coldblood Five coldly.

“It is breakfast, but look at the time. You wouldn’t have done this before meeting Ye Lang…”

“What time is it?” Coldblood Five drank another mouthful of soymilk.


“Right? It’s just the emperor, nothing huge. It’s not like I haven’t met an emperor before,“ said Ye Lang casually.

To Ye Lang, meeting the emperor was very normal. The Soaring Sky Empire’s palace was almost his home, and when he played around the area he’d often mistakenly enter the forbidden areas.

Ye Chengtian and the rest of the officials, who would be discussing important national matters, would just jokingly scold Ye Lang, then get someone to bring him outside to meet the seventh princess.

Hence, to Ye Lang, being summoned by Vermilion Bird Empire’s emperor was a very normal thing!

“I don’t care if you’ve met many emperors, you have to meet everyone. Don’t forget, we have to look for opportunities to get closer to Princess Longji!!” Coldblood Seven was too tired to care about Ye Lang. She didn’t even ask him what he meant by meeting emperors before.

“I know. I didn’t say I wasn’t going, I just wanted to eat first! Little Five, breakfast is important, right?” asked Ye Lang, still eating.

“Mm!!” grunted Coldblood Five, nodding.

“I know it’s important, but...Fine, do whatever you want,” Coldblood Seven couldn’t do anything but sit and watch him enjoy his breakfast.

Outside the hotel, the royal messengers thought Lady Marge was still getting ready. They knew how sophisticated ladies needed time to change, so they were very understanding.

If only they knew Ye Lang was actually eating breakfast inside- and they were eating food that could have been easily packed to eat along the way…

The emperor rarely summoned people, he should understand that it was disrespectful to keep the emperor waiting like this… Disrespectful indeed…

After his breakfast, Ye Lang got on the spirit girl’s body, getting ready to leave.

“Wait! Are you leaving like this?!” said Coldblood Seven.

“Yeah?” Ye Lang and Coldblood Five didn’t understand. Did they forget something?

“Aren’t you going to wear something more formal? Maybe some makeup?” Coldblood Seven was sweating. They weren’t treating the emperor as THE emperor. How could they leave a good impression going there like this? And how would they be invited to attend the prestigious Empress Dowager’s birthday party?

“Nope! My spirit girl is perfect, made for natural beauty. It doesn’t need any work done,” Ye Lang was confident in its looks, so he refused to put makeup on it.

“That’s fine, but you should get some better clothes. Isn’t it disrespectful to wear something this casual to meet the emperor?” Coldblood Seven agreed that the spirit girl didn’t need makeup. Anything more would just look tacky.

However, wearing casual attire to the palace, to a commoner’s eyes, would be very disrespectful!

“It’s alright, I’ve always worn casual stuff. It’s not even a formal event,” said Ye Lang. He was referring to often wearing casual attire to meet the emperor, but Coldblood Seven didn’t ask.

“If this is not a formal event, then what is a formal event? You’ve always worn whatever, but today you must wear something better!” roared Coldblood Seven, blocking Ye Lang.

“Alright alright, then give them to me. This is so inconvenient!” Ye Lang didn’t want to argue anymore. It was just clothes, so it wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t his clothes anyway.

“Give what?” asked Coldblood Seven, her mind suddenly blank.

“Clothes, obviously! Do you think I, a man, would bring a whole dress with me? You don’t have to ask Little Five, she wouldn’t have it either!”

“You don’t have…? Mine won’t fit either… This…” muttered Coldblood Seven worriedly. She’d forgotten to prepare formal wear for the spirit girl and thought it would have been prepared for them.

“Shut up, just give me the clothes! It’ll do!” said Ye Lang.

“It won’t fit! Everyone’s figure is different. Even if different people wear the same dress, it wouldn’t be the same. The spirit girl is smaller than me, and she doesn’t have my figure, so she’d definitely look ugly in them…” said Coldblood Seven, taking the chance to praise herself.

“It’ll be alright! We can alter it,” said Ye Lang, “It’s better if it’s too big, we can make it smaller. It’d be worse if it were too small.”

“I don’t know how to…” said Coldblood Seven.

“You don’t? Are you a woman?” said Ye Lang directly.

“Not all women sew?? Coldblood Five wouldn’t either,” said Coldblood Seven, throwing Coldblood Five under the bus too. However…

“Little Five knows. I was going to ask her!” Ye Lang told the truth, but it was only something the both of them knew.

“That’s impossible, Coldblood Five…” she stared at Coldblood five in disbelief. She wanted to say something, but Ye Lang interrupted her.

“So are you giving us the dress? We’re leaving!” said Ye Lang. He wasn’t impatient or angry.

“Yes yes, I think your spirit girl would look good in white,” Coldblood Seven took a white dress from the closet. It was simple yet elegant, and it wasn’t sexy.

Coldblood Seven had very few dresses that were not sexy or revealing. However, sometimes, as a professional scammer, she still had to act like a conservative, good girl. Hence this dress.

She picked this dress for the spirit girl because it was innocent enough, so it would make a good impression with the emperor. Coldblood Seven was going to wear another similar dress herself.

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