The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 196

“Any colour looks good on my spirit girl!” said Ye Lang airily, as he started to help it out of its clothes.

“You little pervert!” said Coldblood Five again. She had to insult him every time he took off its clothes.

“I didn’t take off EVERYTHING, so how could you call me pervert? You can only say it if I did that!”

“Hmmph! It’s not like you haven’t stripped her naked before.”

“Exactly, and I didn’t stop you from shouting then, did I? If it’s not naked, don’t shout,” said Ye Lang.

“...” Coldblood Five was speechless.

“...” Coldblood Seven was stunned.

“We’re done here! Let’s go!” Uh, where should we hide? This dress doesn’t even have a pocket…” Ye Lang noticed a very serious problem. After putting on this dress, both of them couldn’t hide at her cleavage area, nor anywhere else.

“...” Coldblood Five and Seven fell silent again.

“Why don’t we hide in her dress? I guarantee no one would find us,” said Ye Lang, looking at the skirt section of the dress. As long as she didn’t lift her dress up, no one would find them underneath.

“Only you will think of a place like this! How can we hide in there?!” said Coldblood five.

“What’s the problem? It’ll have to do, as long as no one sees us!”

“It’s a private area!!”

“It’s not even a real person, only a reanimated spirit! What’s the problem?”

“You still can’t do that either, it’s weird!” Coldblood Five shook her head.

“Are we doing this again? You women are annoying...Women? Oh, I know,” as he muttered, Ye Lang suddenly recalled something very popular among ladies.

“What?” Coldblood Five was ready to kick if he proposed another perverted idea.

“She can hold a clutch or a handbag!” Ye Lang quickly found a white, elegant clutch in the room. This clutch was enough to fit both Ye Lang and Coldblood Five, and there would still be a lot of room left.

It didn’t ruin the girl’s look, possibly making the outfit better.

“Not bad... That’ll do!” Coldblood Five pulled Ye Lang into the clutch. She planned to alter the dress in the carriage on the way to the palace.

Them royal messengers would definitely have a carriage!

However, a small problem occurred as they were getting on the carriage. The royal messengers politely stopped Coldblood Seven from getting on.

The emperor of the Vermilion Bird Empire only invited Lady Marge, but not Coldblood Seven. Naturally, they couldn’t let Coldblood Seven tag along. Although it was embarrassing for Coldblood Seven, she understood.

The emperor was different from commoners. If His Grace wanted to meet you, your name would be mentioned. If not, that would mean he had no plans to meet you. Coldblood Seven could’ve tagged along if they were meeting a commoner, but this was the emperor.

“I’m going to the palace too. I’ve promised to meet Princess Longxin, Prince Longyang and I was just about to meet them. Do you mind?” Coldblood Seven knew, but she still wanted to try her luck. If they didn’t let her on, she’d just meet the princess and the prince.

“If that’s the case… We don’t mind…” said the messenger, sweating. He knew people like them couldn’t be offended, he was fortunate he politely refused her before or there’d be trouble.

“Prince Longyang? Doesn’t he have the Longyang...?” laughed Ye Lang.

“He...Does…” said the messenger, still sweating. Had the prince done anything odd to Lady Marge? 

“Really? That’s interesting,” said Ye Lang, surprised. He was only joking, he didn’t know it was true.

However, Ye Lang was referring to a different thing from the messenger. Ye Lang was referring to the slang for the prince being attracted to men, but the messenger was referring to something else. 

With this miscommunication, Ye Lang reminded himself not to get all over this man!

“Lady Marge, and...” the messenger wanted to invite them onto the carriage, but he forgot he didn’t know Coldblood Seven’s name.

“I’m Xue Qi, her cousin,” offered Coldblood Seven.

“Oh, Ms Xue, please get on the carriage,” he said respectfully, gesturing to the carriage.

On the carriage, Ye Lang and Coldblood Five jumped out of the clutch. Coldblood Five immediately started altering the dress, while Ye Lang directed from afar, somewhat rudely. She didn’t listen to all his instructions though.

“Little brat!” warned Coldblood Seven solemnly when she saw him instructing Coldblood Five.

“What? I’m very busy,” Ye Lang was directing Coldblood Five at a tight spot, watching her dance with a needle. To 'dance' was the right word because the needle looked like a sword in her hand.

Coldblood Five’s stitching skills were impressive indeed. Very soon, the ill-fitting dress looked as if it was made just for the spirit girl.

As for Ye Lang’s instructions? Most of them had to be filtered off, for he only had one or two good ideas.

Ye Lang knew he wasn’t the best at women’s fashion, or he wouldn’t have chosen Liu Feiyan to help Zhen Xiaoyan with her outfit.

Coldblood Seven looked at Coldblood Five, a little surprised she was good at sewing. She didn’t care much though, it wasn’t abnormal for a girl to know how to sew, assassin or not.

“Little brat, remember to behave at the palace when you meet the emperor! I need you to make him like you, so he would invite you to the ceremony! You must remember this, remember what we're here for!!” reminded Coldblood Seven. She was worried because Ye Lang wasn’t a person who cared about anything. In fact, being reckless as he was, he might accidentally offend the emperor.

If that happened, forget about the ceremony- he might be dead by then!

“Alright, I know, I’ll remember! IF I remember…” said Ye Lang, being very honest.


“Coldblood Five, watch him! Don’t tolerate the brat anymore!” Coldblood Seven could only put her hope on Coldblood Five. She was the last resort. If there were any other options, Coldblood Seven wouldn’t have relied on Coldblood Five like this.

Coldblood Five was only good at murder, she didn’t know anything else!


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