The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 197

It would be best if she could tag along, but the emperor only wanted to meet Ye Lang. Coldblood Seven didn’t understand. Why him??

Coldblood Seven would only find out when Ye Lang returned. Before they did, she could only speculate!

When the arrived at the palace, Coldblood Seven reminded them of their mission again, then they went separate ways. Coldblood Seven went to meet the prince and princess, while Ye Lang borrowed the spirit girl’s identity to make his first step into Vermilion Bird Empire’s heart- the palace!

The Vermilion Bird Palace naturally had many Vermilion Bird symbols, i.e. on the gates and on the rooftops, even the window panes. It was everywhere.

However, every picture of the bird was unique, so it didn’t feel repetitive at all!

Compared to the Soaring Sky Empire’s palace, this was a little small- but it gave a very mystical vibe. This was because this palace was designed by a legendary architect from a line of masters in the empire. His building designs were much sought-after, but he only operated within Vermilion Bird Empire, never designing for people from other kingdoms.

Both the Soaring Sky and Ai La Empire had once invited him, but his answer was the same-- No!

This architect sacrificed blood, sweat and tears to build this palace. It was his finest creation, so naturally, it felt very different. It felt truly magical!

It was no wonder every emperor of the Vermilion Bird Empire ruled so well. In this environment, even the most ordinary person would thrive.

Hence, the impact of a person’s living quarters should never be underestimated!

This is related to something the Chinese often emphasized, which is the art of Feng Shui. Ye Lang seemed to know a little about it, and he even dabbled a little with the ancient divination- Qi Men Dun Jia.

“Lady Marge, straight ahead, please. The emperor isn’t ready yet, please wait at the Meng Chang Tower for a moment!” the palace official brought the spirit girl towards the tower, which was where the emperor usually met his guests. Lady Marge was now a very, very important person!

You would know, from how well they treated her!

“Please, help yourself!” at the Meng Chang Tower, many trays of cakes and fruits were placed before her.  There was even Xiangming tea served, and it was not something a commoner could enjoy.

“Thank you, I will,” said Lady Marge slowly, although she didn’t touch the food.

How could she eat? She was a reanimated spirit!

After this, the ladies-in-waiting and the palace official noticed Lady Marge didn’t seem to move a muscle. She sat straight as a stick and maintained her impeccable posture.

They thought Lady Marge must have been raised well. Even their own princesses would have to break character, unlike this Lady Marge who could maintain her grace and elegance throughout.

What they didn’t know was that Lady Marge was a spirit. If Ye Lang didn’t let her, she wouldn’t need to move forever. Maintaining this posture was very easy.

Right now, Ye Lang and Coldblood Five were in a heated discussion.

“Little Five, there’s no one here. We should go out for a bit,” Ye Lang pulled himself up with the edge of the bag, his head pushing the bag’s flap up to peep through.

Although the ladies-in-waiting were all close, ready to serve, it wasn’t like they were staring directly at them. It would be very easy to leave if they wanted to.

“Don’t bother, it’s the palace. There would be as many masters here as the Coldblood Group, they would see us! There might even be one among us now!” said Coldblood Five lazily, lying on her back.

She wasn’t here to have fun with Ye Lang, it was time for work!

“Who? Why don’t we test them,” Ye Lang took out a slingshot, “Litlle Five, help me!”

The slingshot was meant for a normal human, so it was difficult for Ye Lang to use. Although it was Ye Lang’s toy from a long time ago, it was still a powerful one.

It was made using alchemy, and he even had ammunition to go with it. These explosives would rival a regular grenade, so it could be counted as a weapon!

“... Stop it. If anything explodes, they would definitely conduct a search. You need to look for something quieter, and smaller object if you really want to do this,” Coldblood Five had obviously seen what this slingshot could do.

When she did, a while back, Coldblood Five’s jaw was on the floor. She stared at Ye Lang, then made a request-- she wanted this slingshot!

However, Ye Lang said it had been with him for a while now and it was of sentimental value to himself. He couldn’t give it to her, but he was willing to make her something similar.

Where was that something now?

Coldblood Five never received it. Ye Lang would always say it was a work-in-progress, and he would tell her when it was done.

He said, “I’ll make one for you, don’t worry! I just don’t have enough time!”

Time. You’ll probably give it to me twenty years later. She was exasperated, but she had no choice.

“Oh, then not this, I’ll use… This!” Ye Lang took a tiny crossbow out.

“What’s the difference? Just sit and don’t move. I think the emperor would be here soon. You should get ready, don’t embarrass yourself later,” Coldblood Five knocked his head.

“I’ve seen emperors too often, it’s not a problem,” said Ye Lang casually, then immediately crawling out. Coldblood Five wasn’t quick enough to catch him.

“You idiot, where are you going?” Coldblood Five had no choice but to follow him.

“I’m getting some food, it looks so good,” said Ye Lang as he climbed across the spirit girl’s body, then onto the table.

Exotic food prepared by the royal chefs, surely it would be awesome. Ye Lang was bored and the food was a distraction. He’d forgotten about everything else.

“You’re an idiot! People will see you,” Coldblood grabbed Ye Lang, stopping him from leaving the spirit’s body. At least he would be covered a little bit.

“No they won't, I’ll be careful!” Ye Lang freed himself, then ran in broad daylight towards the food.

“... That’s you being careful?? Are you TRYING to get caught?”

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