The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 199

So she was here for the necklace after all. The empress dowager seemed to love her little princes very much. After losing the necklace to Ye Lang yesterday, she immediately complained to her grandmother, wanting her to get the necklace back.

Naturally, the empress dowager agreed, preparing to send someone to talk to this Lady Marge. However, she heard Lady Marge was invited to the palace so she had to come over on her own.

Before meeting her, she was still quite angry. After, most of her anger had subsided. Lady Marge was such a perfect, cute girl- she was definitely well-suited to wear the expensive diamond necklace. Although the princess liked it, this Lady still had the right to keep it.

At the same time, looking at Lady Marge’s expression, she felt like they were very close already. She couldn’t help but treat her like family!

Then again, she would never say such a thing just to anyone, not even some of her grandchildren.

Were they really destined to meet like this?

All the officials and ladies-in-waiting were stunned, a little jealous of this Lady Marge. How could she enjoy such a privilege!

This was their first meeting, and they looked so close already. Oh, the wonders she would experience if they met more often!

Did this mean the empress dowager loved kiss-asses? Didn’t Lady Marge just say she looked young?

Then again, this was a celebratory moment. Coldblood Five and Seven would be very proud. At this point, Lady Marge could be invited into the ceremony to get closer to Princess Longji.

All he had to do was to give the empress dowager the necklace, say a few nice things, then everything would be settled! He’s too lucky!

However, Ye Lang didn’t go in that direction but rather ruined the entire scene.

“The necklace? I’ve given it to someone else. Just tell your granddaughter to let it go, she’ll never get it,” said the spirit girl very honestly. She was so direct it startled everyone.

Coldblood Five suddenly recalled the necklace was given to herself. Then again, she didn’t feel like letting go of her necklace. Hearing Ye Lang making the decision for her to keep it, she was very happy.

In the past, Coldblood Five would definitely not let one mere necklace hinder the progress of her assignment. Right now, she wasn’t sure.

If Coldblood Seven were here, she would’ve stepped on Ye Lang. How could you ruin yet another perfect chance!!

Everyone around thought the same thing. They all wanted to punch this Lady Marge. Her Majesty was already here to ask for the necklace herself, and you refuse her??

“I…” the empress dowager suddenly didn’t know what to say. She didn’t expect Ye Lang to refuse her. She felt like she should be angry, but somehow, she wasn’t. This matter should be settled between themselves.

The young ones should settle matters themselves!

Young ones? Why do I feel like Lady Marge is ‘one of the young ones’? Perhaps I like her a lot, maybe enough to be my granddaughter-in-law? Wait, that’s not a bad idea at all.

The empress dowager stared at the spirit girl, feeling herself liking the girl more and more. The perfection of this Lady Marge was enough to make anyone like her.

From her perspective as a female, perhaps if she were a few decades younger, she would probably have been green with envy. Maybe even hating the girl. How could such a perfect woman exist?

It was different this time. The empress dowager was thinking from a grandmother’s perspective, choosing a wife for her own grandson. This time, obviously it would be very different. The more perfect, the better.

“Auntie, why are you looking at me like that? Don’t beg me, please, it’s not mine anymore. I really can’t promise you anything!” exclaimed the spirit girl, causing everyone to roll their eyes again. As if the empress dowager would BEG her.

“It doesn’t matter, you can settle this with the little brat later. Fair maiden, do you have a betrothed?” asked the empress dowager, smiling.

What?! Why did Her Majesty ask?! Everyone was puzzled.

“Me?! Uh, no!” the spirit girl was a little stunned, but she shook her head.

“Anyone you fancy?” she continued.

“No!” the girl shook her head.

“Let this auntie recommend a few boys for you!” smiled the empress dowager.

“Ah…” Everyone was stunned. What was she up to? Playing matchmaker now?

Everything was getting weirder by the second!

“It’s alright, I’m not here to look for a match. Auntie, you have some single sons?” asked the spirit girl. People of this spirit girls’ position & upbringing would never take advantage of situations like this.

“My sons are married, but I still have a few grandsons without a match. I think you and the ninth one would be perfect together!” she laughed.

“Ah?!” What was happening to Her Majesty? Recommending a few matches was acceptable, but this time she was referring to the princes! It was unbelievable. She wanted this Lady Marge to be a princess!

“... You have grandchildren? How old is he? Still breastfeeding?” asked the spirit girl. She/Ye Lang still thought the empress dowager was very young.



This again. The spirit girl continued, “Such disrespect!”


“Jokes, my grandson…” The empress dowager was still talking when the emperor arrived. She was interrupted by ‘HERE COMES HIS MAJESTY…”, the announcement of His Majesty’s arrival.

Since she didn’t get to continue, Ye Lang thought she said ‘jokes’ referring to herself. He thought her grandson wasn’t even born yet, and she was looking for a match for her son.  

When the emperor arrived, other than Ye Lang and the empress dowager, everyone bowed in respect. Kneeling was a rare custom in the mainland unless it was for praying or for special occasions.

The emperor was stunned for a moment to see the empress dowager. Why was his mother here? However, he recovered very soon.

He smiled, “Mother, why are you here?”

“I’m here to ask for something from this fair maiden. Since you’re here, you both should talk first,” said the empress dowager, smiling, “this girl is adorable, don’t bully her!”

“...” The emperor fell silent. I am the benevolent ruler of a huge empire, why would I bully a girl like this? My mother treats me like a child.

“Uncle, but you’re so old…” blurted the spirit girl, when Ye Lang saw the emperor.

“...” Everyone fell silent. The emperor was confused. He looked a lot younger than his actual age, and everyone had always said he looked young. Why would this lady think so?

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