The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 202

“Lady Marge, you don’t have to make a decision now. Please consider this offer, we can still negotiate!” frowned the emperor. They could take their time with this, the treasure had always been there anyway.

He would let the spirit girl go, but also send people to watch her. They won’t let her leave the capital unless she gave the cube up!

“Consider? There’s no need for… Hey, I almost forgot. I think I can consider, as long as you promise to let me attend granny empress dowager’s birthday ceremony. I need to be able to meet granny, and the prince and princesses. Perhaps then I would give this to granny as her birthday gift- but I’m not sure yet!” Ye Lang suddenly remembered his mission.

“...” the emperor mulled over the offer, then nodded solemnly.

It wasn’t a difficult thing to accept, it was just adding one more person to the party. And putting one more person at his table wouldn’t be a problem.

However, when Ye Lang made a request like that, he was declaring to the world that he had some secret motive!!

Sigh, you idiot! How can you be so dumb!! Coldblood Five was facepalming.

“Alright, deal. A spot will be reserved for you in two days. However, you must come alone!” the emperor agreed. Even if Ye Lang’s offer sounded sketchy, he had to agree because he wanted the object.

As for potential problems, he believed they could be dealt with later!

Wasn’t she just a girl? Even if she had three heads and six arms, what could she do, all alone in this palace?

Then again, we all know she has her motives now. She’ll be even easier to watch!

“Only one person? I have a cousin too, can she come?” begged the girl.

“...” This idiot wasn’t so dumb after all. At least he knew how to get a spot for Coldblood Seven.

Although she might not attend, at least she had a spot reserved for her!

“...Alright, you and your cousin can come!” frowned the emperor.  One more person would still be manageable.

“Thank you so much, your Majesty! Can I leave now?” asked the spirit girl politely.

“Yes, you may leave!” waved the emperor, feeling a headache coming on.

“Goodbye!” the spirit girl excused herself- not before taking a few more pastries with her.

They wouldn’t mind…

“...” Everyone almost collapsed. And with the shock, Ye Lang left the tower alone. Visitors usually had two palace guards to guide them.

Ye Lang ran out of the palace. Since the emperor didn’t seem alarmed, the palace guards outside didn’t stop him. Then when the emperor came to, he decided to let Ye Lang leave just the same.

Under regular circumstances, there wouldn’t be a problem. Or at least everyone thought the path was very obvious. No one would take the wrong path- unless on purpose.

Unfortunately, Ye Lang was always the exception!

“You idiot, where are you going?” after a very long time, Coldblood Five felt like something was wrong. Why weren’t they out of the palace yet?

It didn’t take them this long to reach the tower, unless…

Coldblood Five stuck her head out, only to realise they were in a strange, deserted place. There weren’t even guards. She didn’t know how Ye Lang could’ve reached here, nor how the guards would let him arrive in such an area.

“I want to go back, but I can’t find the path…” answered Ye Lang. He was utterly lost, again.

“You are so dumb…” Coldblood Five blamed herself now. She should’ve watched Ye Lang. This idiot was clueless, and it was a foreign place- he had a 99% chance of getting lost!

He’d never get lost in familiar places- at least back in Soaring Sky Empire!

“Little Five, where should we go now?” asked Ye Lang, not embarrassed. He knew he was lost, he wasn’t going pretend to be smart.

“How would I know? Just walk around, we’ll ask for directions when we meet someone,” said Coldblood Five, frustrated. She was stuck in the bag, how would she know?

“Oh, alright!” Ye Lang led the spirit girl down a path. Coldblood Five didn’t hide in the clutch anymore. This time, she sat on the edge to watch the outside world.

“This way, this way...” shouted Coldblood Five when they arrived at a place.

“?? Where?? You found it?” Ye Lang walked in the direction Coldblood Five was pointing at, excited to finally leave. However, that was not the case.

Coldblood Five didn’t find the way, nor did she see anyone. There was a nice scenery though.

“Little Five, there isn’t a path here. It’s just a yard, with three walls…” He thought there must be a secret pathway that only Coldblood Five knew about.


“?? Then why did you let me come here?”

“To see the flowers!” Coldblood Five leapt out of the clutch, then ran around to look at the pretty flowers. They were already so pretty to a regular human, but from her angle, they looked even better.

And this wasn’t a regular garden either. It was the palace garden with rare, exotic plants. The prettiest flowers and plants of the empire were all planted here.

A place this beautiful would’ve caught any girl’s eye- including Coldblood Five. She was more like a regular girl at this moment.

In the past, in the middle of an assignment, she would’ve never voluntarily walk towards a garden like this. However, there were only the both of them. She felt like she could do whatever she wanted.

Then again, without Ye Lang, if she were alone, she wouldn’t have done this. She felt like she could be a regular girl when Ye Lang was by her side.

“Hey, these plants are very rare, I haven’t seen these in my life! Ah, this is something I’ve been looking for, I need this for alchemy!” Ye Lang had only wanted to admire the flowers, but he’d found something he needed. He ran off.

Coldblood Five didn’t stop him either. She was used to it. At this point, she was fully enjoying the feeling of being a regular girl.

When Coldblood Five came to her senses, a long time had passed. At this point, she finally remembered to look for Ye Lang. When she found him, she was stunned.

Ye Lang was standing next to a pot of peculiar flowers. It was supposed to be very pretty, but it had been unfortunately defaced. He had uprooted the whole plant! He was covered in soil, from head to toe.

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