The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 209

Coldblood Seven and Coldbood Five were now paying close attention to their surroundings, preparing for Princess Longji’s assassination!

They’d already given up on Ye Lang, knowing he would be of no help in this assassination. However, his luck was exceptional, unexpectedly bringing them straight into the event. This was something even the Coldblood Group didn’t imagine would happen.

To them, this had been a major problem. They hadn’t expected it to be this simple!!

Even if they’d left Ye Lang, they wouldn’t ever guess what would happen to Ye Lang next!

Coldblood Five was already making preparations after surveying the area. However, she noticed that Ye Lang, still in the clutch, wasn’t moving at all. In his hand was a small pastry.

Initially, she thought Ye Lang had fallen asleep and wanted to kick him awake. She had to remind him not to fall asleep at a moment like this.

However, no matter how hard she kicked, he didn’t get up.

“You little idiot, what happened to you?” Coldblood Five was puzzled. Based on her experience, even if he was sound asleep, he’d at least respond a little (respond, not get up!) but this time there wasn’t any response at all.

“Little idiot, why is your face so red… Have you been drinking?” she suddenly realised he had the symptoms of a drunk person, but the problem was she’d never seen him take any wine. And Ye Lang would never touch alcohol.

“The pastry? This is rum cake...You dumbo, you got drunk just from this?” she realised the cake in his hand was an alcoholic pastry, but its alcohol content was very, very little.

Ye Lang was the type to get drunk by touching alcohol, many people knew this!

Coldblood Five recalled Ye Lang once said he couldn’t drink because he’d get very drunk. She’d never imagine he was this lightweight, that he could get drunk from a pastry.

What now?

“Coldblood Seven, we have a situation…” She peeked her head out to shout, “Do you have a sobering pill?”

“What happened? What situation? Why do you need one?”

“That little idiot is drunk, I can’t wake him!!” answered Coldblood Five, exasperated.

“Drunk?? Are you joking? Where’s the alcohol?” asked Coldblood Seven, confused. There weren’t any alcoholic drinks nearby, and she didn’t see the spirit girl hold any drinks.

“About that...He ate some rum cake, and it was only a bite…”

“Rum cake... And only a bite... Did he get drunk off that? Are you lying?” It was hard to believe.

“You think I’d lie to you?!” remarked Coldblood Five coldly.

“No...But it’s just unbelievable!!” Coldblood Seven quickly added. She believed Coldblood Five wouldn’t lie just like that, especially not during a moment like this!

“I’ve heard him mention that he’d get drunk from just a sip! Do you have any sobering pills?”

“No, who would? If anyone had one, it would be him!”

“What now? Although we don’t need the spirit girl, we still need a cover. And her being like this would attract attention. They’d know she isn’t human! This little idiot, why does he always have some weird problem at moments like this!” Her exasperation was skyrocketing. She was angry but found it hilarious at the same time.

“It’s fine, let him stay here for a while. We’ll cover him. When Princess Longji arrives, it’ll be up to us to deal with her. When the time comes, as long as my cover isn’t blown, there wouldn’t be a problem with him. No one would notice her!” said Coldblood Seven.

If Coldblood Five succeeded in the assassination, even if someone noticed the spirit girl, no one would suspect a thing. She’s so tiny, it would be very easy to blend into the crowd.

And if the spirit girl didn’t move from her spot, and based on the predicted chaos, no one would notice her, and definitely not suspect her!!

“That’s the only way, I guess! This idiot…” Coldblood Five hit Ye Lang in frustration. He didn’t respond.

Ye Lang was in deep sleep as if nothing in the outside world was his business.

Of course, the storyline in the outside world continued to unfold. Almost everyone invited to the ceremony had already arrived. This place had concentrated the most powerful people of the kingdom. Other than the people who couldn’t leave their work, and some with personal reasons, everyone was present.

However, Princess Longji had yet to arrive. The emperor and empress dowager had already made their speech to the kingdom’s people so the entire city had already begun celebrations without her.

The royals and the officials were already used to this. It wasn’t the first time!!

Only a handful of people knew the exact reason. It wasn’t only because she had a lot to do. Even if she was very busy, she could always make arrangements to arrive on time.

Princess Longji was late on purpose only because she didn’t want to talk to the Prince Party. She didn’t want people to see conflict between her and her siblings!

In the past, at every birthday ceremony or other official events, their members would annoy her at every opportunity. The princes would argue with her. She hated this conflict, so she finally decided to just be late.

Princess Longji was a tolerant, easy-going person. She didn’t really mind other people having different opinions, as long as they were happy. Of course, that was if it didn’t hurt anyone.

She was a capable enough person to be able to tolerate these opinions too. Regular people would never criticize her capabilities, while the rest would never pick a fight over something so petty!

However, late didn’t mean she wasn’t attending. She’d always be there!

“Princess Longji is here…”

At this moment, not long after the commencement of the ceremony, she arrived. It was earlier than what everyone had expected.

Her appearance attracted everyone’s attention, as usual. All eyes were on her for a few moments before they unwillingly tore away.

“The rumours are true after all! She’s so pretty!” whispered Coldblood Seven gently, looking at the spirit girl up and down, unconsciously comparing them both.

The spirit girl was flawless, of course physically more perfect than the princess. However, Princess Longji emitted a unique aura of elegance, and this point was enough to make her more attractive than the spirit girl.

You might think it’s weird, but Coldblood Seven felt like it was normal. The spirit would always be just a spirit, it wouldn’t have the aura of a real human being.

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