The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 212

The emperor was raging now. Not only were the guests he personally invited problematic, but even his guards were also suspicious too! He was furious!

If anything had happened to Princess Longji, he would be ready to chop these people into pieces!

The emperor loved Princess Longji. Among his potential heirs, if she wasn’t a girl, the throne would definitely be hers.

Letting a girl take the throne was a problem in this era. People thought women might be emotional. Of course, it wasn’t like men wouldn’t be, but chances would be lower. That was why the throne was always passed to princes first. Princesses would always be the second choice!

That was why Princess Longji was in conflict with the Prince Party. Both sides often fought over the issue of rights over the throne.

No matter what, the conflict between the siblings never affected the emperor’s love towards them. They were his children, he would always care and love them!

The emperor rushed towards them. He could no longer trust anyone else. The people attacking his daughter were exactly his own palace guards. Now, it was up to him to save his daughter.

When the emperor started moving, many people approached too. You could already distinguish between the true and fake supporters of Princess Longji.


The princess roared, then with a Menqi move, pushed her attackers back. She broke out of the circle through a crack that appeared between the people!!

However, it wasn’t this simple. After pushing back the group, more people came to fill up space. Even the attackers who were pushed back returned almost immediately.

Looks like these people worked very well with each other, they had great chemistry!

Princess Longji was forced back. At this point, there were already swords near her body. These people didn’t change their attacking styles upon addition of other people.

Looks like these people had practised many times to prepare for any situation!

When she was surrounded by enemies in all directions, her body twisted in a peculiar manner, slipping through the cracks in the crowd!

Then, her fists and feet started to counter the attacks…

Thud! Thud!

In a second, Princess Longji’s kicks and punches had pushed everyone back. However, these people seemed unusually resilient. After taking a hit, they got up as if nothing happened. They readied their Menqi attacks, then rushed towards Princess Longji again.

Wind. Fire. Water. Earth. Menqi of the four elements formed a magical web, trapping Princess Longji within it!

These people seemed to work well with each other to form the Menqi formation. When they each released the attack together, its force increased a few folds. Princess Longji couldn’t solve the formation in time. Or at least, not completely!!

She could break a part of it, but not its entirety!

Princess Longji’s decision was to look for the most advantageous method to break this formation. It had to cause the least harm to herself, but she didn’t have much time to think.

This was because, the longer she thought, the more likely she would be hit!!

Hence, at this moment, Princess Longji decided to do something her instinct told her to do. She prepared her strongest Menqi attack. She didn’t need to hold back now, for she only needed to hold a little while longer. Someone would come help.

A powerful explosion erupted, and the ballroom exploded to bits!

We can see that Princess Longji was a Fire-type. She was also a rare martial arts prodigy. This combination allowed her fire Menqi skills to attain an unimaginable level of mastery. Her capabilities far exceeded people of her age!

If Princess Longji was holding her best weapon, the Fire Dragon Whip, these assassins would never be able to trap her. And she wouldn’t struggle this much.

However, she didn’t have time to get it. Fortunately, she knew enough hand-to-hand combat to face them. For this, she had to thank one person. If it weren’t for one person, she wouldn’t have cared much about training her hand-to-hand techniques.

“Dragon Tail Attack!”

Princess Longji spun, with one leg in a kick like a tornado. Her fire Menqi was concentrated in her leg, ablaze like a dragon’s tail!

The path of her kick formed a trail of fire like a dragon!

Everyone realised that it wasn’t a regular spin kick. As she spun, she was releasing Menqi to her surroundings!

She rotated so fast no one could see her clearly.



Consecutive explosions could be heard. The impact between her Menqi and the assassins’ Menqi attacks could be seen, and the explosion was enough to push the rest out. The assassins flew outward, and the formation was almost completely broken.

Looks like the rest of the formation could only be broken with more force!



The rest of them were also flung outwards. Don’t forget that Princess Longji had a tool to repel all Menqi attacks.

The assassins could barely get up, but that didn’t mean Princess Longji would be able to rest!

Coldblood Seven sent another wave of attack, this time Princess Longji didn’t have time to dodge. However, Coldblood Seven didn’t think it would work because the tool would continue to deflect the attacks.

Lo and behold, an invisible barrier repelled her attack!

“Thank god!” The emperor was relieved that Princess Longji had this thing. However, he was worried too. He knew that this thing wasn’t invincible. It would lose its powers upon meeting a particular condition.

How did he know? Nonsense, this thing belonged to the Vermilion Bird Empire’s royal family. It was something the emperor gave to the princess to protect her.

It was a magical object, for the emperor of the Vermilion Bird Empire to protect themselves since centuries ago. This object had helped the emperors escape countless assassination attempts. Now that the emperor had passed this to the princess, you can see how much Princess Longji meant to him.

This thing was called the Vermilion Vest. It is a piece of clothing, so light the wearer wouldn’t feel it. It was like wearing an undergarment.

It was a rare magical object. There was only one of it in the whole mainland, and it had been very useful in protecting the royals.

Right now, it was with Princess Longji!

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