The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 213

This vest made of Vermilion Bird feathers was a sophisticated alchemy item. It was made of such a special material, and etched on it was a very complicated protective alchemy formation. This combination automatically protected the wearer from Menqi and magic.

However, even a formation like this wasn’t unbreakable, nor could it work forever!

An attack with a huge amount of force could break this formation, though its impact would be weakened in the process. It might not guarantee the wearer’s complete safety, but it would decrease the effects of an attack!

At the same time, if its energy depleted too quickly, and the formation hadn’t had enough time to recharge, its defence mechanism would disappear too!!

That was why Princess Longji had to use her own martial art skills to dodge attacks and protect herself. She knew that the vest was only insurance, but it wasn’t complete protection!

Coldblood One was very clear about this point, that was why he sent the spirit girl for the assassination. This was the only way to kill her in one swipe, not like what was happening now!

To assassinate a person like Princess Longji was difficult. If they didn’t have a method to kill her immediately, then the process would be as difficult as entering the heavens. The price to pay would be very, very huge too!!

Now, the Coldblood Group had already exposed Coldblood Seven and the spirit girl, and all these people.

That’s right. These people were Coldblood members. They had already infiltrated the guards, and wouldn’t usually communicate with the Coldblood Group. They were exactly like regular guards. Secret weapons that would never be used unless absolutely necessary!!

Right now, the Coldblood Group had sacrificed the Marge family and these guards. The cost was rising every second, and it wasn’t the end yet!

Coldblood Seven continued raining her attacks, while Princess Longji retreated backwards. When it seemed like she was about to reach a safe area, something happened!

Did it mean that this assassination was planned by him?

Facing Princess Longji, he jabbed his sword, dashing towards Princess Longji like lightning!

“Longguang!! You…” roared the emperor in fury. He couldn’t continue his sentence, because he was utterly speechless.

Longguang was the last plot twist. This man who was thrusting his sword at Princess Longji was part of the royal family, Princess Longji’s own brother, and of course the emperor’s son!

However, Longguang wasn’t part of the Prince Party, nor was he part of her group. He’d always been a lone wolf, always neutral and never interfering with the conflicts between the royal members!

And that was why no one would’ve suspected a person like him. Although when you think about it, anything could happen within a family like the royals.

She couldn’t dodge this unexpected jab, only trying her best to move and at the same time praying her Vermilion feather vest still worked.

The heavens seemed to be helping Princess Longji. She successfully avoided danger, for the vest worked its last drop of power by halving the impact of the thrust.

It only helped her avoid fatal wounds, she was still hurt. With this one thrust, she suddenly lost her strength. It was a deep cut!

Prince Longguang’s sword stopped in her body, but the prince didn’t. Instead of pulling the sword out, he used the fastest attack by pushing her towards Coldblood Seven with the full force of a palm. The Coldblood Group’s assassination team was there.

Pfft… She spat blood, her wounds becoming more severe. It was her turn to feel what Coldblood Seven felt. More importantly, she was now within range of the team.

“Kill her! Hurry!” said Prince Longguang coldly, as if he was giving orders to Coldblood Seven and the rest.

They didn’t have time to think about that. Right now, all they had to do was to kill the princess and finish the mission!!

“Longji!!” shouted the emperor, the empress dowager and everyone who cared for Longji in panic. This time, everyone knew she was about to die. It looked certain!

However, it seemed like no one was wondering why Princess Longguang wanted her dead.

No one had to speculate, for everyone knew Princess Longji had many enemies. Many wanted her dead, but few could find opportunities like this.

If Princess Longji hadn’t been alone, if she hadn’t accidentally strayed a little further from the crowd, if no one had known about her vest, if…

Without this accumulation of coincidences, it would have been impossible to kill her!

Every single thing that happened seemed to direct Princess Longji to death itself.

“Is it fate? Perhaps. I should let everything go…”

Princess Longji looked at everyone mid-air. The world seemed to be in slow-motion, everyone moved very slowly. Perhaps this was the last time she could see this world!

She knew that with her current condition, she couldn’t escape another attack from the group. And it didn’t matter which of Coldblood Seven’s attack hit her- any one of them would be fatal!!

Glimpses of her past flashed before her eyes. Flashes from her childhood, her family, her friends, she saw them all before her mind’s eye…

“Actually, death is not scary at all!” Princess Longji seemed to have understood something at the last moment. There was nothing she couldn’t let go in this world.

She had power and influence, something many people envied, but she wasn’t attached to it. She wouldn’t miss it one bit!!

Family? Although she would miss her parents, she knew her parents would be cared for by many people. Her presence or absence wouldn’t have made much of a difference anyway. She still had many siblings.

Siblings? Of course not. Let’s not forget her own brother just tried to kill her!

At this moment, Longji surrendered herself. She calmly accepted the attacks of these people. The assassins’ swords were approaching her body, and Coldblood Seven’s attacks…



People who loved Princess Longji screamed in agony, their heart broken. The people who wanted her dead were waiting in anticipation as if they needed the clock to turn faster.


Princess Longji closed her eyes. But the moment she did, an innocent face appeared before her mind’s eye. She suddenly realised she had someone she couldn’t let go...

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