The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 214

“You little troublemaker! I need to hit you again!!”

Princess Longji gave one last cry as if she needed her voice to travel to the owner’s ears. However, with a voice only she herself could hear, she whispered…

“I’ll want to be your guardian angel, to protect you…”

Little troublemaker? Who?

At this point, a question formed in everyone’s minds. No one knew who she was referring to. They’d never heard her call anyone a little troublemaker.

This nickname was something she thought of at her last moment. This person must not be a regular person. This person must be someone closest to her!

However, no one had time to think. They could only watch the drama unfold!

Another incident happened. No one would think that anymore!

When one of the assassin’s swords almost touched Princess Longji, when the rest of the attacks were approaching, when Princess Longji was about to die, there was a plot twist!


The assassin was thrown backwards by a shadow. At the same time, the shadow caught Princess Longji, facing its back to the crowd, receiving the brunt of the attacks in its back!!

And that shadow was…

“Little brat?”

“Little idiot?”

“Fair maiden!”

“Mean woman?!”

“Lady Marge?”

A whole string of names was called out, but they were all directed at one person-- Ye Lang’s spirit girl!

This shadow was the spirit girl, who moments ago was still bent over the table without a sound. If she was moving, it meant Ye Lang was awake!

However, why did he do it?

Was he still drunk?

Everyone was shocked that the spirit girl used such a method to block the attacks. No one could believe a person would use their own body to block attacks like this unless they were willing to give their life.

But why was she willing to sacrifice herself? Theoretically, she was supposed to kill Princess Longji. Let’s not forget that she was Coldblood Seven’s ‘cousin’.

And obviously, Coldblood Seven was someone of a higher position among the assassins- you could tell from her techniques!

Everyone was confused. What was going on?

“Why are you saving me?” Princess Longji didn’t understand. She didn’t understand why the spirit girl would save herself. Wasn’t she here to kill her too?

Also, didn’t she just knock this lady out? Why was she still moving?

“I will be very sad if you die. I’ll cry!” answered the spirit girl gently, then punched the nearest assassin. The person flew backwards.

Why will you be sad? Why will you cry? Do I know you? Princess Longji was puzzled, but the more confusing part was when she witnessed the punch. There was no recoil as if she had used pure muscle to deliver the punch.

However, with the power of that punch, if it was just pure muscle, it was terrifying!

Also, when the spirit girl turned, Princess Longji and everyone else realised she had no wounds on her back. Her tattered clothes were the only proof that she was attacked.

Why was this lady unhurt?

Only very few people knew the answer. This lady was a reanimated spirit, regular attacks wouldn’t hurt her. And that was why she could directly use her back to block them all.

“I’ll kill you all!!” said the spirit girl coldly, dashing towards the assassins. Since they didn’t know this lady, her appearance would be treated as another enemy. So she had to be killed.

Another dramatic battle scene unfolded. The spirit girl relied on its agility to move quickly, dodging all attacks. Then, with every punch, it defeated every single assassin.

Her fighting style was puzzling. She didn’t use Menqi, but Menqi attacks didn’t affect her. She could directly disrupt the force fields, pass through them, then attack.

Could it be…

“A reanimated spirit fighting style?”

That’s right. This was the fighting style of a reanimated spirit. Reanimated spirits weren’t only created for impersonation, they were often created for battle, to protect alchemists.

Ye Lang’s spirit girl wasn’t just flawless in appearance, it had flawless strength and power too. Ye Lang created this perfection for himself. The battle abilities of this spirit were exactly what he needed.

Everyone has different demands for strengths. We all have different definitions of perfection too. However, in general, the entire structure of this spirit girl would be considered relatively perfect.

Ye Lang had altered this spirit’s structures too so that it would suit his fighting style better!!

Not many people in the crowd knew of spirit reanimation. Masters of using spirits in battle was even fewer. And the people who knew these were certain of one thing: Lady Marge was a reanimated spirit!!

“This fair maiden is a reanimated spirit? Then where’s the person who controls her?” The empress dowager stared at the spirit girl, puzzled. When she first met the spirit girl, there wasn’t anyone with her.

There was a limited range for a spirit to be controlled. The owner couldn’t be more than a hundred meters away!!

This fact alone caused doubt, so no one was willing to confirm that she was indeed a spirit or just a human very talented at martial arts!

Perhaps some sect of martial arts used pure muscle like this. It’s a huge world out there, anything was possible.

“You little brat! What are you doing!! Are you even awake? Why are you saving her?” shrieked Coldblood Seven angrily. The mission had failed at the very last moment, and it was ruined by Ye Lang, who was supposed to be on their side. She wouldn’t have guessed.

Not only Coldblood Seven and the Coldblood Group, but the rest of the attendees also didn’t understand either.

The emperor had arrived by Princess Longji’s side now. He ordered his men to secure Prince Longguang. The odd thing was, the prince showed no signs of struggle.

Not only was the emperor there to protect the princess, even the empress dowager personally came forward too. She was secretly an expert, although not many people knew.

Princess Longji was safe now, but she was still staring at the spirit girl in confusion.

“I saved her because it was the right thing to do, what do you mean why?” said the spirit girl to Coldblood Seven after disabling the last few Coldblood members.

At this point, Ye Lang didn’t know Coldblood Seven had also participated in the assassination too, or he wouldn't have been so kind!

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