The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 216

Everyone waited outside the room. After a very long time, they finally saw Princess Longji walk out. She took a seat, put Ye Lang on a table then crouched on it to watch Ye Lang being very angry.

“Alright, alright. Calm down. I won’t lock you up next time, at most you’ll get to see my gorgeous body!!” laughed the princess.

“What gorgeous? I don’t see it,” replied Ye Lang in confusion.

“... You’re still young, you don’t know how to appreciate all of this!!” Princess Longji gently poked Ye Lang. To her, Ye Lang looked very peculiar and it was very fun!!

“You guys… Longji, you mean you and him…” The empress dowager frowned. Even cousins should have boundaries-- and they weren’t even sure if they were actual cousins!

“What are you thinking? I’ve even given him a bath when he was little!” Princess Longji’s face reddened. She knew what everyone meant, so she had to explain immediately.

“Longji, who IS he?” asked the emperor. Everyone wanted to know.

“He is my cousin!”

“...Cousin? Why don’t we know about him…”

“You all don’t. I didn’t either. I can only say that he’s the thirteenth son of the Ye family, you should understand now!” She frowned again, not sure how to explain the entire situation.


Upon hearing this, the emperor and empress dowager fell silent. They stared at Ye Lang for a very long time, their expressions getting increasingly complex.

“Who? Who? Does the thirteenth son of the Ye family relate to us?” the little princess peered curiously at Ye Lang. She wanted to touch him but was attacked mercilessly by him!

Ye Lang directly controlled the spirit girl, who pulled the little princess away, “Don’t disturb me, leave me alone!”

“Little troublemaker, you…” Princess Longji wanted to say something, but she suddenly recalled how the little princess mentioned the spirit girl had bullied her. She now understood that there were some conflicts between them both.

She didn’t have the time to play mediator now, so she only smiled at Ye Lang, “Little troublemaker, why are you here all of a sudden? And why didn’t you tell me? Didn’t I tell you to look for me when you get here? Are you looking for trouble, you’ve forgotten what I said!!”

“No, I didn’t!!” Ye Lang shook his head. This seemed to satisfy her, but what he said next provoked her…

“I’ve forgotten about YOU!”


She fell silent, then gently pinched his face. Don’t think that she gently pinched him because she loved Ye Lang too much to hurt him, it was because even a gentle pinch would hurt a lot!!

“Ahhhh ouch…” he shrieked in pain, struggling.

“We’ll see if you’ll forget me again!!” she huffed, letting go.

“Even if I’d remembered, it’d still be useless because you never told me where you were!” whined Ye Lang innocently.

“I didn’t tell you, but didn’t I give you an amulet? You only need to show it to someone, and they’ll bring you to me!”

“Would it really work? Wasn’t it just a broken amulet?” asked Ye Lang, taking out a broken jade amulet. He didn’t think it was anything special.

Jade amulet? Is it… Longji, did you give THIS amulet to him?!!!

“What do you mean broken amulet?! This represents my status. If you have it, it means you have my powers. You’ll be able to do anything I can do.”

Even the princess’ closest circle never had this amulet. That was why so many people were shocked. The Prince Party now had ideas to approach Ye Lang.

However, Ye Lang didn’t even change his mind. He said airily, “It’s still a useless amulet. What’s the use of it? I have you, why would I need to use your powers.”

Yeah. To Ye Lang, his cousin was here. He could just talk to her!

“You’re so dumb…” Princess Longji knocked his head, exasperated but still smiling in her heart. She liked him for it.

At this point, everyone finally knew which cousin he was!

Princess Longji was the cousin who visited Ye Lang every few years, the one he didn’t even know the name to. No one would’ve expected his cousin was Princess Longji of the Vermilion Bird Empire!

No wonder she had to cover her face every time she visited the Soaring Sky Empire and acted so mysteriously. If people had known her identity, it would attract a lot of trouble. Most importantly, there would be a lot of problems for Long Anqi.

To visit the Soaring Sky Empire alone for a person of her position was a very stupid thing to do, but she was willing to make stupid decisions- not just once.

That was because she had to meet her favourite person, the one she couldn’t let go--- Ye Lang!!

In the past, perhaps she’d never known that she couldn’t let him go. However, when she was almost dead, she could let her parents, her siblings, friends, power and even the entire world go--- but not Ye Lang!!

At the last moment, she wanted to hit his cute little head again…

Perhaps the heavens knew she could never let him go, so Ye Lang was sucked into all of this. That was also why at the very last moment, she called Ye Lang’s nickname. It woke him up from deep sleep to save her!

And at that moment, he was still drunk, chatting with the girl in his dreams. In the past, it was very hard to wake him up even if there was shouting all around him.

Although her shouts were loud, they shouldn't have been enough to wake him up!

Perhaps he’d sensed she was in danger!

And at this moment, Ye Lang instead became very calm, his senses infinitely heightened. In a second he’d brought the spirit girl in its highest speed over to save the princess!!

Her wounds had triggered much anger in his heart. It was an emotion that rarely surfaced within him. And at that moment, he didn’t think of anything else except to kill the assassins that had hurt his cousin.

Even if they’d been the highest masters in their martial arts, he would still be able to beat them into pulp!

That was why the people who’d surrounded the princess were already dead. Coldblood Seven was very relieved that she’d known Ye Lang beforehand and Ye Lang didn’t see her personally launching attacks. Thankfully she’d used far-ranged attacks.

If it weren’t for it, Ye Lang would’ve killed her without a doubt!!

“Little troublemaker, let’s not talk about it anymore. Why are you here?”

“Me? Oh, right, I’m here to kill Princess Longji!!”


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