The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 217

Ye Lang suddenly recalled that he need to do this thing. He didn’t know that the Princess Longji he needed to kill was his own cousin. 


At this moment, everyone fell silent. They didn’t know what he meant. Why did he even declare his intentions to kills Princess Longji at a moment like this? Did he not know who she was? 

However, one thing was certain. Ye Lang was in the same group as Coldblood Seven and the rest! 

“Little Five, hurry up, we need to go kill that Princess Longji!!” Ye Lang controlled the spirit, preparing to go kill the princess. 

“Come back here now!!” Princess Longji grabbed Ye Lang, then hit his head in exasperation. 

“What are you doing? I need to carry out my mission. Oh yeah, you haven’t told me. Why are you here?” Ye Lang suddenly recalled this question. To him, the assassination mission was still very important- although not as important as his cousin. 

“You’re so dumb! I AM Princess Longji!! Do you still want to kill me now?” she knocked his head again. 

“Ah…” he stared in shock. 

“Longji, does he not know who you are?” asked the little princess. This was a question many people wanted to ask. 

The two of them seemed to be very close, but he didn’t know who his own cousin was. It was unbelievable. 

Of course, other than the empress dowager and the emperor, for they knew why. 

“He doesn’t know. If I had known something like today would happen, I should’ve told him earlier. So this little idiot wouldn’t help murder me!” laughed the princess. Even if he’d killed her, she wouldn’t have blamed him. 

“Cousin, are you really Princess Longji?” he asked, still in shock. 

“Yeah. What about it? Still want to kill me? 

“No, how could I kill you? It’s the Coldblood Group’s business anyway, and I’m not even a member. I want to cut all relations with the Coldblood Group!” he declared coldly. At this point, everyone had an odd feeling. No one suspected if he had the abilities to abandon the group, but felt like he could probably succeed in it. 

“Coldblood Group?” Princess Longji’s brows furrowed tight. She’d heard of this organisation, but she couldn’t think of why this group would be coming for her now. 

“Little Five, please don’t see me as your enemy, I’m just abandoning the Coldblood Group!” he said to the spirit girl. Ye Lang didn’t care about anything else. 

He didn’t have to wonder if Coldblood Five was there. She was definitely following Ye Lang, she’d already been hiding on the spirit’s body! 

“Who are you talking to? Isn’t this your reanimated spirit?” asked the princess curiously. 

“I won’t see you as my enemy, but I don’t want you to see the Coldblood Group as your enemy!” came Coldblood Five’s voice. At this point, Coldblood Five appeared before him. 

She wasn’t good with words, but she could tell him her deepest thoughts. No matter what, she would never see him as her enemy because she knew she could never bear to kill him. 

At the same time, she didn’t want the Coldblood Group to have problems, she was still a part of them!! 

“This is impossible, there’s another little thing like you! You’re so cute, you both look like a pair of…” Princess Longji stared at them in surprise, already forgetting about the Coldblood Group. 

“Longguang! Why does the Coldblood Group want to kill Longji?” The emperor finally understood everything after hearing them talk about the Coldblood Group. No wonder the guards suddenly attacked Longji. He’d already known of their existence within the guards, 

Let’s not forget who owns the entire Coldblood Group-- the emperor! The real person controlling the Coldblood Group was the emperor. An organisation like this would only be allowed to exist if it belonged to the emperor himself!! 

That was why the emperor knew who Coldblood One was. It was the person he’d appointed--- Prince Longguang!! 

“That was because after some investigation we found Princess Longji had bad intentions towards us. She wanted to manipulate people at grandma’s birthday ceremony to get the throne!” said Prince Longguang calmly. 

“What proof do you have?” interrogated the emperor. 

“I found that she’d enter the Soaring Sky Empire every now and then, and she would never bring another person with her. The last time she went, Xiao Yarou immediately had a drastic change in her government, killing her father! That was why I suspected that she would do the same!” said the prince. 

“I used to ask Princess Longji why she’d go, but I guess we don’t have to ask now. Longji, you were visiting little Ye Lang and Aunt Anqi right?” interjected the empress dowager suddenly. 

“Mm!” nodded the princess. 

“How did you know about your Aunt Anqi? And how did you know she was in the Soaring Sky Empire?” asked the empress dowager curiously. 

“Do you remember when I was young, I went into some trouble in the Soaring Sky Empire? Aun Anqi was the person who saved me, and that was how I knew she was there. I only knew of this little dumbo’s existence at the Ye home! Grandma, do you know that this little dumbo was adorable when he was little? Even cuter than right now. However, he’s still cute now…” she poked Ye Lang with a finger. 

“Hey!! Touch me again and I’ll bite you!” roared Ye Lang. 

“Try me…” laughed Princess Longji. 

“I’ll bite!” Ye Lang bit down indeed.

“Bite me, bite me…” Princess Longji knew he would do it. She knew him very well, so she’d already retracted her hand. 

At this point, everyone realised Ye Lang, who was being provoked by Princess Longji, was indeed adorable! 

“You’re still so dumb…” The princess crouched on the table, playing with Ye Lang, not caring about anything else. This was something very few people had seen her do. 

To them, Princess Longji might not even have this side of her at all. She was a powerful, independent lady, she wouldn’t waste her time on something so trivial. Of course, this was what they thought!
The empress dowager watched them both, smiling. Her heart warmed…

Now the empress dowager finally understood why she the spirit girl felt so familiar. Ye Lang was controlling it, and Ye Lang was her…

“Longguang, I know you would never make a move unless you had evidence. Who brought you this evidence!” asked the emperor. If it was just a speculation, the Coldblood Group wouldn’t have acted. 

Unless there was a problem with Prince Longguang!! 

This didn’t seem possible, but it did… It was confusing! 

That was because Prince Longguang was personally picked by the emperor to manage the Coldblood Group as Coldblood One. To be able to sit on Coldblood One’s seat meant he didn’t care too much about power. The Coldblood One had to be truly faithful to the kingdom, and little conflicts and power temptations should all be left behind! 

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