The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 226

“Curse you! I’ll recover soon!!” Coldblood Five kicked Ye Lang’s neck. She had to inflict serious pain on him if he was going to jinx it.

“No, I’m serious! If you think about it, you shrank 3 days after I did. I’ve been starting to grow a long time ago and yet nothing is happening to you. It’s hard to tell!!” said Ye Lang solemnly.

“...” Coldblood Five fell silent. She had already considered this and was actually a little worried. She hadn’t dared ask questions so when Ye Lang mentioned it, what worries she had intensified.

“Hahaha, you stupid, see if you’ll kick me again!!” Ye Lang howled with laughter, “Let me tell you this. I’ve been shrunk many times before, that’s why I recover faster. It’s not the same for you because this is your first time!!”

“...” Coldblood Five was stunned for a moment, then her tiny head started to smoke.

“I’ll just flick you away…” Before she exploded, Ye Lang had already flicked her far away with a finger.

“...” Princess Longji and Coldblood Seven didn’t know what to say. How could he bully a girl? And she was so cute too!

“Hmmph!” Coldblood Five did a spin and landed gracefully. Then, she rushed up Ye Lang’s hand to bite down, hard.

She did all of this in one breath without stopping- as if she’d been practising!

That was true. She had been practising, because she’d been tossed and flicked many times- Ye Lang definitely wasn’t treating her like precious treasure at all!

“Aargh, ptui! Ptui! Ye Lang, what did you do!!” Coldblood Five had just bitten down when she let go immediately because there was an unidentifiable taste that disgusted her so much.

“Nothing? Oh, right, I was conducting a small experiment this morning, it probably splashed on me,” Ye Lang gave a look of I-don’t-know-either.

“You… You did it on purpose!!” she shrieked, clenching her teeth.

“No, I didn’t! It was an accident!” he explained sincerely.


“Alright, stop fighting, both of you!” Princess Longji knew arguments between them would not have any conclusions, so she stepped up to stop them.

“Ye Lang, you said you were leaving. When is that?” she asked, looking at Ye Lang.

“Now!” he replied. He grabbed Coldblood Five, carefully wiped her mouth but then casually flung her onto the table.

“What? Now? You weren’t kidding?” exclaimed Princess Longji immediately. She knew he was leaving, but she wasn’t emotionally prepared for a sudden departure like this!

“Why would I be kidding? I’ve told you that I’d leave when I recover. If I don’t leave now, I might not make it. What if I get lost again?” said Ye Lang. He had also taken into consideration the possibility of him getting lost.

“... Alright! This day was going to come anyway, sooner or later. My realm needs me too. I’ve taken some time off too, coming out this time!” Although she couldn’t bear to part with them, it had to be done. At least they got to spend some time together.

“Mm! The ones that need to leave will always leave, it would be meaningless to linger any longer!” he said gently. Suddenly, his expression turned deep and thoughtful.

“?!” Princess Longji and the rest were stunned. The three girls had never seen him make such an expression before. Not everyone could notice such an expression so it felt like they’d made a mistake.

This person here, was it still him?

“Hehe, I’m leaving!” when the three girls were still stunned, Ye Lang brought the spirit girl away with him. He sprinted far away and didn’t stop even when they shouted for him.

Everyone seemed to understand that the little troublemaker faked such a deep expression just for this reason.

“You little troublemaker… Stop!! Stop…”

“Princess, do you want us to bring him back?”

“It’s fine, there’s no need!” Princess Longji shook her head.

She knew that Ye Lang had rushed off so quickly because he knew that every moment dragged out was another moment of sadness.

She knew that Ye Lang didn’t want her to be sad!!

Every time the both of them had to leave each other, Ye Lang would look for methods for Princess Longji to forget her sadness. Even if there was a possibility that it was by accident, she still felt warmth in her heart.

Coldblood Five wanted to interrupt Princess Longji’s bliss at this moment when she remembered something…

“Your Highness, I know what you’re thinking but you seemed to have forgotten that he’ll get lost. Are you sure he should be going alone?”

“Ah...Right! How could I forget?! Quick, bring that little troublemaker back, don’t lose him!!” Princess Longji jumped up. They were used to her departure, but this time it was all about Ye Lang. 


However, Ye Lang deliberately didn’t want Princess Longji to find him. Her riders still couldn’t find him after searching the entire Dragon City.

At this point, he had made a quick decision to rent a horse carriage. Of course, it came with a driver too. That’s why he would definitely reach his destination now. Other than the problem of not having protection, he should be alright!

If there weren’t any surprises, Ye Lang would arrive at his destination!!

Right, surprises!

“What?! He left?! That little troublemaker, how could he leave just like that? I haven’t even gotten the chance to see how he looks like now,” When the empress dowager received news, she was a little upset, “He really does what he wants! Alright, I should go too!”

Soon after, the empress dowager started to leave too. She’d initially wanted to leave but stayed just to spend more time with Ye Lang.

A month later within a famous mountainous area in the Ai La Empire!

The area was well-known not because of its beauty, its rich minerals or its legends.

It was notorious for mountain robbers!!

Although it was within the borders of the Ai La Empire, it was still neutral grounds. It was festering with criminals but people who wanted to enter the empire must travel through this road. Even traders and tourists had to pass this area.

These traders only increased the number of robbers in the area. The more traders, the more the robbers earned, and naturally, their numbers increased too.

That was how the different robber groups were born under such circumstances. Some robbed the rich to help the poor, some did it because they didn’t like foreigners while others robbed purely for the cash…

A place like this wasn’t supposed to be allowed to exist in the Ai La Empire. Logically, the authorities should have cleaned this area out. Unfortunately, it was too remote of an area for authorities to reach the people so none of the operations succeeded.

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