The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 228

However, based on what was happening now, it looked like the former was more likely!

Then again, if the robbers knew he was an expert, then they wouldn’t ambush him here like this, losing so many men in the process!

That was why meeting the youth was probably an accident. Like how Ye Lang and the rest met them- just a coincidence!

“Why would you run? They’ve spotted us so we should just stay. We’ll give them however much money they demand,” said Ye Lang, pointing.

Some of the robbers were already approaching. If they ran, they’d definitely be hunted down- that would just end with unnecessary accidents.

Ye Lang would be a very cooperative robbery victim. He would give them however much money they wanted. There was so much money he didn’t know what to spend it on, so of course he’d be happy to have someone help out!

If they wanted his life, then obviously he wouldn’t give them that!

Unfortunately, Ye Lang’s dream didn’t come true as he hoped. The robbers glanced at the carriage, then at the coachman.

Many of them walked away then, only leaving behind a few who said with the same nonchalance---

“We know you don’t have much from your broken carriage. Pay us a small tax and leave us!”

Obviously, the robbers treated them as commoners or even some poor people. They didn’t think anyone would be using this as a disguise.

Even if they were faking it, they’d have someone with them- not just one lone carriage!

After robbing so many people, they were experienced enough to know that the people in this carriage were either 1) someone very poor and didn’t need any protection or 2) someone you cannot afford to cross and also didn’t need any protection.

No matter who they were, taking a little protection money was fine. Even the commoners would have a little money while the ones they couldn’t afford to offend would usually pay them to not waste time.

However, this time they had indeed encountered someone they shouldn’t have offended. This one was an exception though, for he didn’t pay them a little and then leave!

“This is what I have…” The coachman clenched his teeth, paying what little money he had in exchange for his own safety. He’d forgotten that Ye Lang could’ve covered this fee.

At this point, he just wanted everything to end. He could talk to Ye Lang later!

However, Ye Lang was upset. He shouted from inside---

“What? Who dares look down on me, the master prodigal son of a rich family! You think you could just demand a small fee to chase me away?”

“?!” Everyone didn’t understand. What he said was odd, very odd!!

“It’s fine, you all can pass through, you look very poor. Don’t waste our time, we have bigger clients!” waved the robbers after a moment of stunned silence.

According to their understanding, the guy inside must’ve mistaken or he wasn’t sane. Yeah. If that were the case, then they should just let the crazy man leave as soon as possible.

In the past, they’d consider teaching the passengers a lesson but they had no time now.

The coachman was ecstatic. He almost whipped his horses to rush away from this problematic area!


“What? Pass?! You let us pass just like that? How did you even become a robber, why are you so unprofessional!!” Ye Lang stuck a head out, accusing the robbers loudly.

“...” Everyone fell silent, looking at each other to make sure they hadn’t made a mistake. What did this man mean? Did he really want to give them money?

What did he mean unprofessional? If you saw what we’d done just now, then you’d know how professional we are! We’re not afraid of drawing blood, nor are we afraid of dying! We always finish the raid!!

Look at that young fighter. Under attack from their noble fellow robbers, he’d already been cornered. He was about to be gone soon!

That’s why we’re professional, it’s undeniable!!

“I’m sorry, our master has some issues. We’ll leave immediately, immediately…” said the coachman nervously, immediately picking the reins up to leave.

“What are you leaving for? Stay! We need to make this clear! Are you looking down on me? I’ll show you what a rich man looks like!!” Ye Lang stopped the coachman, jumped out of the carriage while Little Xin followed close behind.

“...” The coachman looked around, then made a decision.

“Sir, you can have your fun but I can’t afford to play this game. I’m leaving!” The coachman left Ye Lang to flee the scene. This was something they’d discussed previously, so Ye Lang didn’t object.

At this point, the robbers also followed to chase down the coachman although they didn’t know for what, or even what was going on.

“Don’t move! Let him go. Also, don’t kill him!” Ye Lang pointed at the heavily injured youth, “I’m in a good mood today, so I’ll buy his life. Tell me how much money you want!!”

“??” Everyone stared in shock. What did he mean by ‘buy his life’?

“Sir, we can tell you’re not a commoner from your clothes but what you just said was a little confusing. What did you mean?” The people still didn’t stop though, they were still fighting. A few others were in charge of the situation here with Ye Lang.

“I said, tell your people to stop. I’ll buy that person’s safety, just name a price!” answered Ye Lang.

“Buy? What?” They didn’t seem to understand.

“How are you so dumb? I mean, how much do you need to let go of him!!” Ye Lang shook his head as if he’d never met such a stupid person.

If anyone who knew Ye Lang knew of this, they’d howl with laughter. It was hilarious that Ye Lang was calling the robbers dumb!

Only other people would call Ye Lang dumb…

“Never! He killed many of our brothers, we need him to pay with his life!!” they shook her head, rejecting the offer.

“Someone once said that there aren’t many impossible things in this world. There aren’t many problems that cannot be solved by money either, the price just wasn’t high enough! I’ll offer a hundred thousand gold coins, let him go!!” said Ye Lang casually.

“Hmmph! You think we would… Wait, what did you say? A hundred thousand gold coins?” The robber’s initial disdain faded when they heard Ye Lang. They started to stare as shock rippled through the group.

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