The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 23

“Miss Lanyu, please keep an eye on Ye Lang. He got hungry after I made him wait. Let me go get some food,” Tigress instructed and went in the middle to get food. 

It was a school cafeteria, so all food and beverages were free. You were free to take as much as you wanted, but they had a zero-waste policy. 

“I don’t get it, why didn't you go to Zhuxing? Why stay here? That’s the top academy, many people can’t get in even if they wanted to,” questioned Ye Lanyu, frustrated, at seventh princess after Tigress left as if she’d forgotten that she didn’t enrol there either.

“Didn’t you reject them too? You don’t have the right to tell me anything!” said the seventh princess very directly.

“It’s different! I had to take care of my younger brother. Also, I don’t think there’d be any difference if I studied in either school. I’ll still be the best magician ever!”

“Me too! I had to take care of my fiance, and I also think it wouldn't make any difference. I’ll still be the best magician ever!” imitated the seventh princess.


“What are you guys arguing about? You both share the same opinion! I don’t see a need for you guys to argue,” interrupted Ye Lang, confused. Why did they need to argue? Both the girls had no conflict to begin with and even shared similar intentions. 

Ye Lang was not the only one confused. The Ye household and the royals also had no idea why they bickered constantly. Was it because of that one time they insulted each other’s body? That didn’t seem likely though.

Perhaps, it was because of their natural attributes. The seventh princess had the Fire attribute, whereas Ye Lanyu was of the rare “ice” attribute evolved from Water element. She was the only one out of the four siblings who had inherited Long Anqi’s rare attribute. 

The laws of nature destined Ice and Fire to never make peace! 

"Who’s sharing the same opinion?" they argued sarcastically at the same time.

"Oh, I guess I'll start eating," muttered Ye Lang wolfing down the food that Tigress had brought back. 

"Hmmph……" the two ladies glared at each other then started eating too. 

Tigress shook her head in helplessness, thinking about how Ye Lang had always been surrounded by strange people. Lanyu already had a very strange personality, which worsened around the even stranger seventh princess. 

No one knew what the seventh princess liked in Ye Lang. She didn’t ‘like’ him that way, but enjoyed hanging around with her silly Ye Lang. 

"I'm full now! Time to play!" Ye Lang exclaimed. He patted his belly and wiped his lips, then immediately left. He left the girls who were slowly chewing behind… excluding Tigress who took longer only because she had a greater appetite. 

"Ye Lang!" exclaimed Tigress as she hurried to wipe her lips and followed along with Ye Lang. It was already good enough for her to feel eighty percent full. 

Eighty percent full?! It is not surprising that she was from the tiger tribe as this portion could have fed an average person several meals full. 

"Come back here you little jerk, wait for me!" Ye Lanyu shouted in frustration, irritated he’d left her behind again. 

Although she knew that her little brother had always been this way, she was still annoyed every time.

Before she could even finish her sentence, a surprising incident happened, rendering an unexpected turn of events to embark between two people who should not have any interactions.

At that moment, Ye Lang was holding a bottle of fruit juice in his hands, the kind he liked. However, this was the cause of the following awkward scene...

When people saw Ye Lang was “left alone”, they took advantage of that situation by using the age-old trick to trip him over.

The clumsy Ye Lang tripped and collapsed onto the ground, while the juice spilt everywhere.


“It hurts, it hurts so much.”


“Little brother!”

“Ye Lang!”

A loud scream, combined with the painful call of Ye Lang and screams of the three girls including Tigress all echoed through the whole restaurant lobby.

The calls were expected, but where did the first scream come from?  

It was from a young girl, about fifteen or sixteen, dressed in white with a pure, innocent-looking face. She had skin as white as snow, so white it was like eating an icicle with your eyes.

She was standing right in front of Ye Lang. Her scream was not because Ye Lang suddenly tripped in front of her but because of the fruit juice splashed on her face and chest. Indeed, the fruit juice was from Ye Lang. 

An innocent young girl, as clean as snow, now had a splotch of fruit juice down her front. She looked bedraggled. 

“...” The young girl frowned, looking very angry. However, her anger would soon hit the roof.

“Master, are you alright?” Tigress helped Ye Lang up from the ground.

“My nose hurts… White underwear… Tigress, she’s literally white everywhere, pretty!” said Ye Lang while covering his nose. He said that as if it was something very ordinary, in a very normal tone.

“...” The entire hall fell silent.

At this moment, the person who tripped Ye Lang over felt a pang of regret… He wished HE was the one who tripped over. All the boys thought the same.

It was over for him. How could he say that? Even if he saw her underwear, he shouldn’t have said it out loud. 

Ye Lanyu retracted her magic she intended to release earlier on. If it wasn’t due to the shock, the person who tripped Ye Lang over would’ve been turned to ice already. 

“Heh, I am so sorry! My brother is an idiot. He did not look at your underwear on purpose, he was tripped over by someone,” Ye Lanyu attempted to cool the young girl down before she exploded in anger. However, what Ye Lanyu said was a problem too… She mentioned the underwear, which currently was a trigger. 

“You’re dumb too!” muttered the seventh princess to Ye Lanyu, immediately stepping forward to talk to the young girl. “So sorry about that. These siblings don’t know how to use their words properly.  Ye Lang was tripped over by someone but he’s at fault too. Please don’t be angry. Ye Lang, come over quickly and apologize!”

“Oh, I’m very sorry,” apologized Ye Lang. At least he was being very honest. Although he was tripped over, he did think he was in the wrong for spilling juice over someone, so he should apologize. 

“Just because he got tripped over, just because he apologized… Would that make everything better?!” the young girl spoke in a tone as cold as ice. She obviously did not accept the apology!