The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 231

“Sir, we think you should stay. You’d be worth much more. After we receive your ransom, we'll let you go,” said the leader peacefully.

“I’ll pay you the ransom now. How much is it?” asked Ye Lang. He didn’t mind being robbed at all. Money was just an object, it didn’t matter if he spent it all. It wasn’t worth fighting for his life with this group of criminals.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Ye Lang would lose if they fought. It would only be very inconvenient and it might cost him more than money. He would rather spend money to save himself trouble.

The leader stretched out an open palm, rotated then closed them into a fist. “I want everything you have! I want your family to pay for your ransom too!”

“I can consider the first condition you mentioned, but you can forget about everything else. I can only squander what I have. My family spends their own money, they wouldn’t let me squander theirs!” frowned Ye Lang. Although he was a prodigal son…

During these few years, he’d made the habit to only squander his own money. He was a prodigal son who spent money during appropriate situations. He didn’t want to trouble the Ye family with what they were going through right now! If the Ye family were still in Soaring Sky Empire, perhaps he would’ve considered…

“That’s not for you to decide. You’re ours now, a bird on an arrow, a turtle in a vase!!” The leader sneered, then gestured for his people to come forward.

“I’m not a...Bird… And I’m not a…. Turtle… I’m very capable so I suggest you be happy with what you have or you’ll get hurt! HAARGH…” he roared loudly, then shot into a position. He pointed, then wiggled a finger…

“...” Both the robbers and martial artist fell silent. Then again the martial artist was unable to speak so he had no other option.

“Now!!” commanded the leader. The group hurtled towards Ye Lang from all directions. All eyes focused on Ye Lang. They wanted to see how he’d retaliate to gauge his capabilities appropriately.

Ye Lang didn’t move, remaining in the same position.

Was he that good? Good enough to be so calm now?!

The robbers were close, very close, then their weapons and fists were about to touch Ye Lang when they’d realised Ye Lang still wasn’t moving! Something startling happened then!

Thud… Thud…




And that was how the attacking robbers all flew out of the circle once again. Like before, no one could see him clearly. No one saw Ye Lang move either!

From the beginning till the end, all eyes were dead on Ye Lang especially the exact moment everything was about to touch Ye Lang. Their eyes focused on him to take in every single movement.

However, Ye Lang was surrounded by everyone so whatever he did couldn’t be seen by many people. At least this was what many told themselves.

What about Little Xin? She was still standing in a corner as if she hadn’t moved at all. It was impressive. Such a huge commotion and this little miss didn’t even move a muscle- not even a little shriek. She was way too calm. Did it mean she knew the brat would be fine? The crowd didn’t understand. It didn’t hurt to watch this Little Xin too!

However, some of them felt like there was something off with her too. It felt like she had moved… But not really.

“Hehe, as I said, I’m awesome!” Ye Lang smiled, opening his arms wide. He waved a hand at the people in front as if teasing them.

“Interesting. Attack!!” commanded the leader. This time he sent the more powerful fighters while the weaker ones stood aside.

Soon, as per before, everyone was thrown back once they touched Ye LAng!

The only difference was this time, someone realised the reason. They were all watching one person--- Little Xin! Little Xin was the one who’d shoved those people at a very high speed, so fast it was difficult to catch her!


They fell silent. Although they now knew it was Little Xin and saw her move, not a single person could clearly see her attacking techniques so they weren’t sure what techniques she’d used to send them flying.

At the same time, they understood this: Ye Lang’s dramatic movements were to attract their attention so Little Xin could attack without anyone noticing.

“Impressive. I didn’t know the miss here would have such moves. You sir, are sly indeed!” glared the leader. He clenched his jaw. They’d just lost ten men, he hated Ye Lang for it.

“Sly sounds negative. If you’re giving me a compliment, please use ‘smart’, ‘intelligent’ or something along those lines, thank you!” Ye Lang laughed.

“Compliment?! Are you dumb?! I’m insulting you!” raged the leader.

“We haven’t had any trouble with each other, why would you insult me? You’re the dumb one, looking for trouble without a reason!” Ye Lang replied.

“Catch them both, I don’t care how you do it as long as they’re alive!” The leader was too lazy to continue talking to Ye Lang. He directly instructed his people to proceed with the attack. This time, they knew which direction to attack first.

The target moved from Ye Lang to Little Xin. Violence glinted in their eyes, sneering as they charged. All willing to sacrifice themselves- they’d catch Little Xin and Ye Lang if it was the death of them!!

Thud… Little Xin’s fist fell heavily on a robber’s chest.

“Pfft….Ah…” The robber spat a mouthful of blood, shrieking as he fell backwards!

Little Xin kicked towards her side, landing on a robber’s abdomen this time. Like the other person, he flew backwards too! A punch here, a kick there, a shove, another kick…



One by one, they flew back…

“This is awesome!” thought Ye Lang secretly. He was controlling Little Xin after all. This scene reminded him of Stephen Chow’s kung-fu. And this felt much more powerful than what he saw in the movies.

Everyone stared in stunned silence. They didn’t expect such a perfect, gorgeous girl to have such brutal capabilities. What surprised them, even more, was that she used purely kicks and punches, without any aid of weapons. This girl was very violent indeed!

At the same time, they noticed that the techniques she used seemed to be different from what they’ve seen in the mainland. Not only were the styles different, but she also didn’t use any Menqi techniques- not even once!

There were very, very few people on the mainland who got by without dependence on Menqi techniques- maybe even none!

She didn’t use Menqi techniques and yet her attacks were very powerful. This made them very confused. What was going on? Did she have some godly powers?

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