The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 232

“Catch the little shit!” The leader grew excited as he stared at Ye Lang who was standing aside. They could catch him to threaten Little Xin.

Ye Lang must be one of those boys of rich families who didn’t bother to master any trade, thought the leader. He would be easy to deal with. And that Little Xin, she must be the rich boy’s bodyguard- an experienced fighter.

If that wasn’t true, how would this rich boy be able to pay a hundred thousand gold coins on the spot? Why would he be alone outside? The bodyguard he had was the only thing keeping him so calm.

“You want to catch me?!” Ye Lang was stunned for a moment, then huffed, “You’ll have to deal with my Little Xin first. And it won’t be easy.”

“If we dealt with you first, would we still be afraid of the little miss misbehaving?” the leader sneered.

“I’m saying that even all your men here are not enough to defeat her. If you break off some of them over here, wouldn’t you all be digging your own graves?” replied Ye Lang, still staring as if he was watching a movie.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we reach it. We’ll catch you first!!” said the leader, gesturing for men to capture him. He was beginning to approach himself, adding to the action.

“That’s interesting. As I said, you should deal with Little Xin first before coming for me!” reiterated Ye Lang with disdain. He completely ignored the fact that the robbers were surrounding him.

It wasn’t because he was too ignorant. At this very moment, Little Xin appeared next to him to deal with the approaching attackers.

“?! How did you…” The leader was shocked by Little Xin’s appearance. Turning back to look at the robbers who were initially surrounding her, he was about to scold his men but could only stare in shock.

He couldn’t scold them because they were already collapsed on the ground. Not a single man stood!

Simply put, they were all knocked out by Little Xin!!

“I said, you shouldn’t come here! It’s the same though. You’ll be struck down anyway!!” said Ye Lang gently, controlling Little Xin as she dealt with them one-by-one.

Very soon, all of them were on the ground including the leader!

Ye Lang didn’t usually leave his opponent’s leader standing. To him, the leader can talk to him lying on the ground!

“Little Xin, you’re absolutely perfect! I love you so much!!” said Ye Lang to Little Xin. Of course, this was him complimenting himself because Little Xin’s perfection was his doing.

Everyone thought he was praising Little Xin.

“I’m leaving. Reflect on yourselves. As a robber, wait, I mean as a person, you shouldn’t be too greedy. If you’d just taken the hundred thousand gold coins, you wouldn’t be lying here now!” Ye Lang threw his arms open.

Ye Lang’s word shook the robbers deeply. They regretted everything. Why were they so greedy? Wouldn’t it have been great if they’d taken the gold coins? Why did they have to be greedy?

Some people need a lesson to learn!

At this point, almost everyone thought Ye Lang would take his money back but to their surprise, Ye Lang ignored everything to walk straight towards the martial artist.

“Hey, are you dead yet?” asked Ye Lang from afar. He didn’t approach because he knew it would stink.

“Not dead! Soon though...How long more?” asked the martial artist weakly.

“You should be almost done!” he answered, counting.

“Almost?” the martial artist surveyed his body, then continued, “Why is my skin still black? Why haven’t I recovered?”

The martial artist felt like he’d sufficiently detoxed but he still remained in position after seeing that his body was still black. It was a drastic change from his fair skin.

That was why he felt like he wasn’t done yet. He had to work until he got his skin colour back!

“About that. Even if you’ve excreted all the toxins, you’ll still be black because you ate the Black Poison!” answered Ye Lang, “It’s one of its side effects. People who don’t die from it will still remain black for a few months!”

“What?! A few months?” he jumped up, shouting.

“Yeah, a few months! Don’t panic, you’ll recover gradually within this period. That’s because you weren’t careful when you ate the pill! This is the price to pay!” lectured Ye Lang solemnly as if telling him not to eat random pills he found.

“...Not careful?! You were the one who gave me the pill!!” roared the martial artist, pointing at Ye Lang.

“Calm down… That’s odd...” He was still very calm.

“Odd?! What’s so odd about me being angry at you!!”  

“That’s not the odd part- although I do think you’re overreacting! I find it odd that you were severely injured just a few moments ago and even poisoned- plus you had to detox for a long time- How are you so energetic now? Theoretically, you should have fainted!”

“...” The martial artist was stunned, then soon collapsed as if his body suddenly caught up with logic.

“That’s the right response! You should faint! Alright, I’ll save you now!” Once Ye Lang saw the unconscious martial artist, he slowly slipped another pill into his mouth.

If he were conscious, he’d definitely refuse. The martial artist would never trust Ye Lang in fear of him prescribing the wrong one again!

Fortunately, it was the right one this time!

“Wake up!!” Ye Lang pinched his Ren Zhong acupuncture point. This action paired with the effects of the pill soon awakened the martial artist.

The young martial artist opened his eyes to see Ye Lang in his face, immediately taking a step back to keep a safe distance between them. He was very wary of Ye Lang now.

“Alright! Look for a horse and bring me to the nearest town!” Ye Lang had just lost a coachman so he grabbed the martial artist as a tour guide. He didn’t even ask where he was heading. What if he was heading in the opposite direction?

Ye Lang was in luck, fortunately. The path they both planned to take were very similar!

Ye Lang had always been a lucky person!

“Alright, I’ll bring you there to repay your kindness!” The martial artist frowned. Although he didn’t like Ye Lang very much, he would still remember this favour.

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