The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 233

The martial artist walked slowly towards the herd of horses to pick a robust stallion. He flung himself on the horse, then trotted slowly towards Ye Lang.

At the same time, Little Xin led a horse over to Ye Lang’s side.

“Let’s go!”

Ye Lang got on the horse to sit behind Little Xin. They were on the same horse but instead of Ye Lang holding the reins, it was Little Xin!

The young martial artist was a little perplexed. Forget about the fact that they’re both riding the same horse- Ye Lang should be the one taking the reins, how could he let the girl do it?

He didn’t know that Ye Lang didn’t know how to ride a horse at all!

Then why could Little Xin do it? It was a lot like modern computer games. You’re a world-class race car driver in the game but you might not even know how to drive in real life!

This situation was like Ye Lang controlling an avatar in a game. She could ride a horse but Ye Lang couldn’t!

Another example would be how Little Xin could do many expressions and movements a girl would do. No matter how realistic, how seductive she looked, Ye Lang could never do the same himself!

The martial artist looked at Ye Lang, then said, “You’re leaving just like that? Aren’t you forgetting something?” Although it was weird that they were both riding on the same horse, there were other pressing matters.

And that was the heaps of shiny gold coins Ye Lang left on the road!

“What?” asked Ye Lang, confused. He didn’t think he’d forgotten anything.

“ coins…” reminded the martial artist, cocking an eyebrow. He was almost speechless to have to remind Ye Lang about it. Anyone would be exasperated.

“Gold coins?” Ye Lang turned to look at the heap, then gave a dramatic look of sudden realisation, “Oh, that? I almost forgot!”

Little Xin turned the horse around towards the gold coins…

Clip-clop. Clip-clop. Clip-clop.

The thuds of the horse’s hooves echoed within the mountains, piercing through the hearts of the robbers. They realised that the shiny, golden coins were about to disappear soon!

This was meant to be theirs! And they were about to lose it! Sigh, why did they have to be so greedy?!!

And when everyone thought Ye Lang was going to take the coins back, he did something very shocking. Not only did he not keep the coins, but he also threw a few more gold pieces into the heap…

“I’ve forgotten to pay the protection fee. Little Xin and I beat you all so we don’t have to pay the full amount. I’ll give you a hundred gold coins for it!”


Did we make a mistake? Why did this feel like a dream?

Everyone stared in stunned silence, their brains shutting down.

Ye Lang quickly left the scene, leaving behind one hundred thousand and one hundred gold coins…

“What… What do you mean? Weren’t you going to take the coins back?” asked the martial artist, testing the waters.

He wrung his hands, “Why would I take it back? I’ve given it to them, it’s theirs. I never take money I’ve spent back!”

That was true. He would never take money he’d given away back. Even if he was swindled, he wouldn’t take it back either!

However, he would use other methods to punish the conmen if he knew who they were. He’d never let them go.

“You turned around just to spend a hundred more gold coins? To pay a fee you didn’t even have to pay?” interrogated the martial artist.

“Yep! I didn’t even want to pay but you wanted me to. So I paid a little.”

“Me? When did I want you to pay?”

“Just now, didn’t you say I forgot to pay the protection fee?”

“...” Beads of sweat sprung from his forehead, “I was about to ask you to take the hundred thousand gold coins back. You beat them all, why did you still want to pay them for nothing?”

“As I said, I never take back money I’ve given away!” Ye Lang waved, “Bring me out of this place quickly. I don’t have time to waste here, I’m very busy!!”


Not taking the money back?! That was a hundred thousand gold coins! Who are you? A hundred thousand didn’t seem to mean much to him. Even prodigal sons shouldn’t be THIS reckless!!

Although the martial artist wanted to lecture Ye Lang, it was still Ye Lang’s business after all. So he held his tongue and left with Ye Lang!

From this, we can tell that the martial artist wasn’t a regular person. A regular person would never let this incident go easily, perhaps even going back to take some coins. They wouldn’t leave just like that.

A hundred thousand gold coins was a test of morality!!

As they were leaving, Ye Lang suddenly turned to ask, “What gang are you all?”

“Dianfeng!” [巔峰= dianfeng means peak]

While some were considering answering Ye Lang, someone had already blurted the answer because at this point they weren’t very sane.

Why were they in shock? Ye Lang, as usual. He’d left the heap of gold coins with them, and now they could keep the riches they thought they’d lost!!

“Dianfeng? That a very interesting name! I’ll remember it!” Ye Lang laughed, then continued riding ahead.

[ 癲瘋= dianfeng (sounds the same as previous dianfeng) = crazy/insane (person)]

So what if he remembers this name? Even if you were the emperor of the Ai La Empire, you wouldn’t be able to take revenge. After a few days, no one will know which corner this gang will disappear into.

At this moment, this very brief moment, everyone thought Ye Lang was going to send someone back to take revenge but very soon gave up on the idea. If he really wanted revenge he’d do it now, why waste time?

Then why did he ask for their name?

After riding for a long time, the martial artist started asking questions- though he had to first start the conversation appropriately…

“Thank you, kind sir, for today. I, Edward Jean, owe you my life. Please, what is your name?”

“Ah, it was not a problem at all! My family name is Ye, and my name is Lang!” said Ye Lang generously with a customary covered fist salute.

“...Ye Lang, it’s an honour to finally meet you!” Edward was sweating. This Ye Lang was a very interesting man indeed.

“You’ve heard of my name?” Ye Lang asked curiously, “am I THAT famous?”

“...I… No, I haven’t…”

“Then why did you say that? Why can’t you be a little more honest?” said Ye Lang as if lecturing this Edward.

“I… This is just a polite greeting, its something people say…” Edward was now sweating like a madman. Didn’t this Ye Lang know of any etiquette?

“Really? Then it’s an honour to finally meet you too!” replied Ye Lang.