The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 237


The bellboy stared at Ye Lang, as if wanting to say something but stopping himself. If his colleagues saw him, they’d definitely be very pleased with themselves.

Looks like this ‘generous’ master had forgotten something. And it wasn’t something he could ask for blatantly either- it was up to the customer’s discretion.

However, if he didn’t say something, then he wouldn’t be able to get any tips. And it wasn’t going to be a small amount- probably equivalent to a year’s salary. He couldn’t let this chance slip away!!

After staring at Ye Lang for a long time, he finally made a decision. He was going to beat around the bush for it…

“Uh, sir, anything else?” he asked sheepishly, trying to communicate with Ye Lang through his eyes. However, Ye Lang didn’t look up, focused on Little Xin.

“Nothing, thank you! I’ll call for you if I need anything!” answered Ye Lang, turning around. He then turned back towards Little Xin.

“Sir, are you forgetting something?” reminded the bellboy carefully, frowning.

“What?” Ye Lang looked up in confusion, then shook his head, “Nope!”

“...Think harder!” The bellboy rubbed his hands together, looking at the food on the table, then at Ye Lang.

Ye Lang turned to the food on the table, then as if suddenly understanding everything, “Oh, I know! You don’t have to bring my breakfast up tomorrow. I’ll eat downstairs!”

What do you know? You know nothing!!

The bellboy was about to cry. All that effort for nothing! He felt like he’d probably gotten a lot more if he had served  Edward!

He wasn’t about to give up though. He couldn’t let his efforts go down the drain. He must work harder. It didn’t matter if it was shameless, or against the rules. He had to get the money.

He believed this opportunity would be unforgettable. If he missed it, he would’ve regretted it for the rest of his life!

Based on Ye Lang’s spending habits confirmed this!

Hence, the bellboy started to speak again, “Sir, you’re forgetting about this!” He pointed at the coin pouch tied to his waist.

This was almost blatantly asking for money! Anyone must understand what he was hinting at!

Of course, that’s a regular person. Others might not…

“...” Ye Lang regarded where he was pointing at, “Oh…”

His wiggled a finger as if saying ‘I know, I know!’

The bellboy was moved to tears. A moment later, he almost wanted to kill himself…

“You have a problem with your hip? I can take a look…”


Brother, are you pretending to be stupid, or are you truly stupid?

The bellboy was about to directly ask Ye Lang about the tip but soon changed his mind. Perhaps he could later say he’d ‘just remembered something’.

Ye Lang declared solemnly, “There’s a problem with your kidneys, that’s why it’s affecting your hips. If you don’t do something about it soon, you’ll have kidney failure. It’s fatal!”

“Also, even if that didn’t happen, it would affect your reproductive abilities. You might not be able to have children…”

Was it THAT severe? If someone asked, Ye Lang would’ve said, ‘No, it’s just a small matter. He just needs a little adjustment in his lifestyle.”

He was still giving diagnosis by the book though. It was true. If small matters were not fixed, they could end up becoming something very serious.

“Sir, can you save me then?” asked the bellboy, panicking. He did feel like there was a problem with his body recently. After hearing what Ye Lang said, he was scared to death.

“You’ve met me, therefore you’ll definitely be saved. I’ll prescribe a little medicine for you. Take them punctually for a month. Then remember to eat more vegetables, lesser meat. Jog at least 30 minutes every morning, then take a 10-minute walk. Regulate your breathing…” said Ye Lang as he took a pen out and started to write on the hotel’s complimentary notepad.

Anyone could do all of this and benefit from it!

“As long as I do this, I’ll get better?” asked the bellboy, tearfully grabbing Ye Lang’s hand. He got the answer he wanted.

“Yep! I promise you’ll get better!” nodded Ye Lang. He only had to eat the medicine and the boy would get better. The rest was just him keeping his body healthy so he would get stronger.

“Thank you, sir! If you don’t mind, this is just a small payment for your troubles!!” The bellboy gave all the money he had on him to Ye Lang, emotional.

Seeing the doctor was expensive, and would definitely cost him a lot more than what he had right now.

“No, I don’t accept money. It was a small matter, no worries!” answered Ye Lang as he refused the payment.

“Sir, you must accept it! You’re basically my second parent. Without you, there’s no me!” The bellboy was now so emotional he was bawling.

Really? Was this necessary? Ye Lang didn’t understand. What did he say that scared this boy that much? It seemed like he’d just saved a dying patient’s life.

“If you insist, I’ll accept it,” he accepted the payment. Although he was a prodigal, it didn’t mean he couldn’t ever accept cash.

If he didn’t, then his assets wouldn’t have grown as much as it did!

He was merely against taking advantage of another person, only accepting money he deserved.

Although it wasn’t a severe illness, it still took effort on his side. A doctor would usually cost a lot more than this- and might not even be as good as himself. Therefore, Ye Lang felt good about accepting this payment.

Things took a peculiar turn very soon…

“Hmm? Why did I…” It was only after this incident that the bellboy realised he didn’t earn a single tip but rather paid for a diagnosis.

Then again, it wasn’t a complete loss for him. It hurt his pride though...

The only thing the bellboy could confirm was that this very generous rich man was a doctor. Although he didn’t know how good of a doctor Ye Lang was, he should be decent- decent enough to cure his illness!


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