The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 242

When he approached, he immediately realised the orphan was severely ill, practically waiting for death because he had no money for treatment. Hence, Ye Lang saved him.

The techniques he used were Traditional Chinese Medicine and local alchemy techniques, mainly acupuncture. Edward thought this was a very strange technique, but there were many different medical fields and each alchemist had his own methods so it wasn’t very surprising.

With Ye Lang’s treatment, he very quickly cured the orphan’s sickness. Uh, more like half of it. The rest was up to the orphan’s body to slowly regulate itself back to health.

Finally, Ye Lang left some gold coins with the orphan so he can buy some medicine. At the same time, Ye Lang gave him an alchemy manual. Although it was a normal one, it was enough for the orphan to be strong and healthy!

What Ye Lang didn’t know was that this orphan became a known child prodigy after this incident, and the orphan never forgot this man, always remembering him as his teacher…

That’s another story to tell. It won’t have anything to do with Ye Lang.

“I don’t have a solution, but I think it’s even better for you to enter like this!” said Ye Lang, looking at Edward.

“How is this better?” asked Edward quizzically, “Kesha might even say I’m not taking this seriously, that I don’t appreciate her!”

“What are you afraid of? You’re a man, and you don’t rely on your looks for money! Show her how macho you are, win your Kesha back. Let her know that you’re the manliest man of them all! She’ll definitely love you more!!” said Ye Lang casually.

“Hey, don’t talk to me with that know-it-all tone! Nothing will happen to you, the one who’ll get hurt will be me!” cried Edward.

“Don’t worry, I’ll participate in the matchmaking too!”

“You? Why? Oh no, are you going to compete for Kesha too? Ye Lang, you can’t do that, no matter what we’ve still been through a lot together!” panicked Edward. He didn’t want Ye Lang to be his opponent, especially not now.

He seemed to have forgotten that Ye Lang didn’t have a reason to steal Kesha from him. They didn’t even know each other! But anything related to Kesha agitated him now.

“Why would I steal your Kesha? Is your brain broken? I’ll be helping you. I can help you defeat a portion of the opponents, paving a road for you! Forget it, if you’re not happy, I won’t go!” Ye Lang shook his head as if he couldn’t help Edward.

“No! I was wrong! Please come!!” begged Edward, immediately grabbed Ye Lang’s hand.

“Go away! Don’t be disgusting!” Ye Lang shook him off. He felt like Edward was being disgusting, no, more like VERY disgusting!

“So you’re helping me?” he asked meekly.

“Yeah, I’ll help you,” nodded Ye Lang. Other than curiosity, he was also moved enough to want to help this pitiful couple.

Edward had to take this opportunity to say, “Then cure me!”

Ye Lang shook his head, “No, didn’t I say this is better? You’ll have no place in their eyes, so no one would treat you as a true opponent. This is the best!”

“...” Edward fell silent, mulling over his words. He soon understood.

Edward regarded Ye Lang. This clueless, prodigal son wasn’t always clueless after all. Sometimes, he was smarter than everyone else.

It was very obvious from what he said that Edward would be a very insignificant participant, while he would be flashy enough to attract all the attention, hoping for others to come challenge him.

And Edward would be able to win a surprising victory!

Sigh, you should never cross this guy, you might die a very horrible death.

“I understand now. Do you have any ideas on how I can pass?” asked Edward.

“You’ll be fine. Even if Kesha doesn’t recognise you, I’ll help you deal with it. Just a little money and everything will be settled!” Ye Lang held his head high, and the prodigal son appeared once again.

“Oh right, Kesha would recognise me, and let me pass!” Edward suddenly realised Kesha was the person making the decisions. He didn’t need to worry about the little things.

“The worst thing that could happen is that she immediately kicks you out after seeing your face. Then this fake matchmaking would turn into a real one!” said Ye Lang, gesticulating.

“Fuck, go away!!” Edward gave a kick, which was very easily dodged by Ye Lang.

“Let’s go register!” Ye Lang immediately opened the doors to exit when Edward stopped him.

“Ye Lang, you’re going to register in this?”

“Why? What’s the problem?” Ye Lang looked at his clothes. They weren’t anything inappropriate.

Edward looked towards Ye Lang’s side, “Will you be bringing Little Xin?”

“Of course, she’s my darling! I’ll bring her everywhere I go,” said Ye Lang. He would never toss Little Xin aside. As he said, she was his darling.

Of course, the ‘darling’ he meant was different from Edward’s understanding!!

“But you’re going for a matchmaking event! Don’t you think you’d attract a lot of opinions of you bring a girl?” reminded Edward.

Why would anyone bring a beautiful girl along to meet their potential partner?

It would be fine if she were his sister. Although Little Xin also had the Ye surname, Edward knew she wasn’t Ye Lang’s sister. She wasn’t his servant nor lover either.

Sigh, Edward could never figure out what their relationship was. It was very confusing!

No matter what, if Ye Lang brought Little Xin along, people would definitely find it very weird, or perhaps think he was disrespecting the event, disrespecting Lady Kesha.

“Isn’t attracting attention a good thing? I’m going to exactly attract everyone’s attention! Also, I’m not actually going for the matchmaking. I don’t care what they think. I just have to defeat them when the time comes,” said Ye Lang, indifferent.

Edward nodded, “I guess you’re right, but you’ll be attracting hate…”

“One takes a knife for their brother!” cried Ye Lang, patting his chest.

“Brother…” Edward was very emotional, but…

“One knives their brother for their woman!” continued Ye Lang. It was a known saying.


Ye Lang perhaps didn’t know these words would soon become a common saying. It’s true, some people lose their sense after knowing the opposite sex!