The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 248

“Sigh, I’m so tired. I thought I could start fighting immediately. It wouldn’t matter though, that Kesha will still make her choice anyway!” Ye Lang suddenly realised he could’ve done this in a much simpler manner. He was calling himself stupid now.

In reality, Ye Lang could use that method too, but the result might not be as good as this. And because of this, Edward and Kesha later would thank the heavens Ye Lang didn’t make rash decisions or they couldn’t imagine what would happen next.

A person leapt forward, “You, Ye, don’t be arrogant. Come at me, we’ll find out how good you actually are!!” he challenged coldly.

He didn’t rage, nor did he forget his manners. It felt just right, even made him look somewhat heroic. This person was not dumb at all to be the first one to step out. Perhaps he thought it was the right moment. He’d definitely leave a good impression on Kesha.

“Oh, alright. Let’s go outside,” nodded Ye Lang, who then walked calmly outside.

There was a courtyard as big as a basketball court outside. A huge battle was going on outside. The ones who’d left to fight early on were fighting excitedly among each other.

These people didn’t seem to realise Lady Kesha hadn’t even come out after so long. In short, these people wasted their time fighting so much.

However, there were still people observing them. The guards at the duke’s residences were there to keep the order, stop people from doing anything illegal and at the same time hunt for talent.

The last point was the least important. No one felt like there was any talent to be discovered here. The ones with talent have all become someone else’s men.

However, to their surprise, they did find someone!!

That was also something Ye Lang and everyone else didn’t expect!!

Among the chaotic fighting, there was one very eye-catching person who was making his opponents collapse one by one. If he continued, this person would be able to defeat everyone in the area!

The martial techniques used by this person was very common, skills that anyone could learn. However, he could utilise them to their maximum potential, showing that his foundations were very strong!

It didn’t matter if the person chose to fight first because of confidence in his own fighting skills or he didn’t like to think too much, this person was a rare talent worth recruiting!

This would probably be the Duke’s most valuable outcome from this event. Since it was an event without status limit, he thought of taking this opportunity to discover some talent. Too bad this was ruined by Ye Lang, who was the reason why most people couldn’t register.

Thank goodness this was only a side plan of the Duke’s, so he decided to not investigate further or he would’ve been so mad!

Clap clap…

At this moment, Ye Lang seemed to have forgotten he was about to enter the fight too. He started clapping for his man, and under his influence, everyone started clapping too.

To be able to master the basic martial art techniques so well was not an easy feat. Every generation has its own prodigies!

Even the people who were supposed to be his opponents- Edward, Johnny and the rest, clapped for him. Of course, some of them clapped because they didn’t want people to think they were this petty!

“Hehe, thank you!” thanked the person humbly with a chuckle once he was done.

If he was as nice as he seemed, then he was exactly the kind of person everyone would want to hire. That was why the Duke had already given the instruction to keep this man no matter what the results of the fight would be.

“Hi uncle, you were impressive. What is your name?” asked Ye Lang. Ye Lang seemed to have forgotten what he was supposed to do, he only wanted to get to know this person.

Fortunately, everyone else wanted to do the same or Ye Lang will be shunned!

“Uncle? I’m only 23 years old, I’m not an uncle!” lamented the person.

“What? You’re only 23? Did you make a mistake? Maybe 32!” answered Ye Lang very directly, his eyes widening.

“No, I’m only 23. I look a little old for my age, hehe…” said the person, embarrassed, while scratching his head.

“Mmm, you do look very old! What’s your name? I’m Ye Lang, nice to meet you!” Ye Lang soon forgot about this to ask for his name very politely. He even stretched his hand for a handshake.

He gave Ye Lang a long look, then finally replied, “I’m Li Shiba, nice to meet you.” He hesitated to take Ye Lang’s hand, but still shook it in the end.

That was because Li Shiba rarely came into contact with aristocrats. He felt like they weren’t very friendly, and didn’t like them very much. However, Ye Lang seemed friendly enough- at least he wasn’t the judgemental type.

Why was Li Shiba here? He was here because of his mother. She wanted him to marry the Duke’s daughter so they would no longer have to worry about finances, and even become one of the aristocrats!

Before this, Li Shiba worked as a construction worker. That’s right, a construction worker in the city. He was a very ordinary person!

What made him different from everyone was that he was very hard working!!

What about his fighting techniques? Those weren’t unique to him only, other people knew them too!

Yep, anybody would know these fighting techniques. Li Shiba wanted to be stronger to work better, hence he’d been practising Menqi fighting techniques to train his strength.

At that point, he was only eight- and he’d already started to earn money to support his family!! He had a few siblings to take care of. As the eldest, he had the responsibility to.

The poor often have massive responsibility since young…

Perhaps that was why he looked so old!

Why didn’t anyone notice this Li Shiba with such impressive skills? That was because even he himself didn’t think it was a talent. He thought it was normal.

This time, he was only here to try his luck. He didn’t have much hope for himself. If the Duke only met him once and treat him nicely, he’d be happier than if he got to marry Kesha.

“Li Shiba, your basic techniques are not bad at all! You don’t lack complex techniques, but the applications of these basics. With your style, I think battlefield fighting techniques would suit you a lot! I bought this ‘Green dragon fighting techniques’ book a long time ago, it’s for you!” Ye Lang liked Li Shiba a lot, hence decided to gift him a manual of secret techniques. A book he bought with gold coins a long time ago.

“Thank you, but it’s alright! It must be very expensive, I can’t afford it! I wanted to buy it a long time ago, but even the cheapest edition costs a silver coin. I couldn’t bring myself to buy it!” chuckled Li Shiba.

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