The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 249

“You don’t have to pay me. I’m a prodigal son, I love giving people stuff! Also… Things like this book are only valuable when they’re in the appropriate hands. I have no use for it!” Ye Lang placed the book in Li Shiba’s hands. 

“I can’t accept it, I can’t take your stuff without giving you anything!” said Li Shiba, shaking his head. 

“Then what about this- you’ll resign from this matchmaking activity. Not only will I give you this book for it, I’ll give you a weapon too! This Green Dragon Blade should suit you, and it’d also suit the Green Dragon fighting techniques,” Ye Lang retrieved a dagger out of his space ring. It was entirely green. Although it didn’t look like much, it was peculiar. 

Anything this prodigal son collects would definitely be interesting! 

“Hmm, alright. Deal!” To Li Shiba, the temptation of secret teachings and a priceless dagger was far stronger than Kesha’s. Between the two, he very quickly chose the former!

“...” Everyone was speechless- not only because of Li Shiba, but also Ye Lang! 

“Gentleman Ye, you’re too lowly indeed, to get someone to resign just like that!” The person who wanted to fight Ye Lang now leapt out to scold him again. 

“These methods are all the same, as long as I reach my final goal. You should all thank me, I just dealt with a very strong opponent for all of you!” waved Ye Lang cooly. 

“I will never thank you, and I’d never use a method like that to deal with my opponents! I am an honest man!” puffed that man with dignity. 

“Honest? Wasn’t I honest too? I used a very honest method to make a deal with him, didn’t I?!” exclaimed Ye Lang in a daze. 


In a way, Ye Lang WAS honest!!

“Hmmph, you’re talking your way out of this!” Come, let me correct your thinking!” he scoffed. 

“My thinking has always been on the right path, it doesn’t need correcting!” Ye Lang continued, still stunned, “oh, right, what do you want in exchange for leaving the event? Name a price!” 

“My conditions are: your death!!” said the man coldly, as if he was very, very cool. 

Ye Lang shook his head, “I can’t do that, next!” 


Did he not realise the guy was refusing his offer? 

The person was also stunned for a second, then said, “I’ve changed my mind. You need to screw off, out of this place and stop insulting out Lady Kesha?” 

“Screw off? I don’t know this one, can you demonstrate? Also, I’ve never insulted Lady Kesha, I’ve only insulted you all!” grinned Ye Lang in everyone’s faces. 

“You… I’ll show what pain really is!!” 

“Then what is it?” asked Ye Lang again. My cousin once said that, but she never answered my question.


That person was running out of patience. He hurled himself straight at Ye Lang for combat…



After a short ‘thud’, the person flew before even getting close to Ye Lang. He remained collapsed on the ground. 

And at that point, everyone saw Little Xin standing poker straight in front of Ye Lang. They all saw her deliver the punch that sent the guy flying. 

No one was paying any attention to her before this, and no one would’ve expected her to attack so suddenly. And because of this, the person who wanted to attack Ye Lang didn’t guard himself against Little Xin and was ambushed. 

“Ma’am, how could you ambush him like that?” 

The normal procedure would be to first accuse Little Xin, However, everyone directed this question onto Ye Lang first because anyone would’ve been able to confirm it was he who gave her the order to attack! 

And after he’d shown his lowly side, this was as expected of him!

“Gentleman Ye, what you just did, it was despicable!” said Johnny, staring at Ye Lang. While he tried to be polite in his tone, there was rage seeping through. 

This Johnny was not too bad. He could convey his anger without losing his composure! 

Ye Lang watched as Li Shiba was led away by the guards, smiled, then replied slowly, “Me? He attacked me. My Little Xin here was doing her job as a bodyguard!” 


Was that allowed? It didn’t feel like it! 

“Mr Ye, you’re competing with the rest of them here, this is not just a regular day. Only one person is allowed!!” frowned Lady Kesha. 

“Oh… One person… I’ll go rest first. Little Xin, you can deal with them alone!” Ye Lang started to leave, wanting to let Little Xin fight instead. 

“...” Everyone fell silent. 

“Gentleman Ye, it’s you, not your Little Xin!!” exclaimed Johnny, feeling a headache coming on. 

“Isn’t it the same, what’s the difference?” 

“The difference is, you’re the one who wants to marry Lady Kesha, not your Little Xin!!” 

“It’s the same. If Lady Kesha is willing, she can marry my Little Xin too,” answered Ye Lang stupidly. 

Hmm? I like that…

Everyone’s brains suddenly had the image of Lady Kesha and Little Xin. This only led their imagination further, it was too tempting!

Oh no, what nonsense am I thinking now! 

Cough cough, sir, please do not cause trouble. Please obey the rules, or you’ll be disqualified!” coughed the Duke. 

“Alright, then let me face everyone here alone. Do you all want to come together, or one by one?” Ye Lang made a very haughty face, further angering everyone there- other than a few who were exceptionally civilised. 

“Hey, Little Black, why are you glaring at me? Don’t forget, I’m helping you!” 

Ye Lang’s eyes fell on that ungrateful Edward, who’d joined the enemies’ ranks. Damn it, he’d stab a brother for a woman…

“...” Edward suddenly woke up from a daze. Why am I with these people? Don’t blame me, it’s your fault for being so irritating!” 

However, one thing was certain. Ye Lang made isolated himself on the opposite team so he was the target, the despicable, shameless jerk! 

“We’ll never be as shameless as you, so we won’t bully the minority. We’ll battle you one by one!” spat one of them. They were already enemies now. 

“Isn’t that as lowly as before? You say you’ll be fighting me one-on-one, but that’s still a consecutive fight for me, no?” said Ye Lang with contempt.

The crowd thought for a moment, then said, “...Uh. We’ll pick a few representatives. If you win them, it would be the same as winning us!” 

“Fei, that Ye gentleman is so arrogant, I’ll die before I marry him!” exclaimed Kesha to Fei, the girl next to her. 

“Mm, he is very shameless. He’s like the other guy, they’re both evil. Hey, he seems to be…” The girl stared at Ye Lang, brows furrowed as if trying to recall something. 


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