The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 251

“Are you really an alchemist?” People began to raise their doubts. 

“Yeah!” nodded Ye Lang, though his reply didn’t sound convincing to everyone. 

“Can I have a look at your registration form?!” Johnny extended a hand, asking to check Ye Lang’s registration form. Although the form was filled out by Ye Lang himself, it was written before all of this. At that time, he didn’t expect he’d be using alchemy weapons. 

“Here you go!” Ye Lang didn’t mind giving the form to Johnny. 

“A prodigal son?!” While Johnny already knew that it wouldn’t be any good outcome according to Ye Lang’s attitude, he didn’t expect such a ‘career’ at all. 

“Yup, my main occupation is being a prodigal son, being an alchemist is my second job.” Ye Lang nodded. Being an alchemist was only his second job. 


“Stop talking so much. Hurry up and send me your people. I’d like to settle this problem as soon as possible!” said Ye Lang a little impatiently. He didn’t like to wait.

“My turn! You’re no match for me!!” A person leapt out in front of him. 

“You? I think it would be better if I fought someone else. Uh… What’s his name? Yeah, you. Come!” It wasn’t because he was a threat to Ye Lang, Ye Lang just felt like the person’s skills were poorer than Edward’s. Edward could deal with him on his own. Ye Lang only chose the ones whose skills were much higher than Edward’s. 

Other than the two guys, the ones left were only Johnny and the other person whom he didn’t recognize. 

What Johnny said was just a small matter, I’ll let him wait a while longer. The last one would be him!

At that moment, Johnny was frowning, deep in thought...

“You, with the surname Ye, are you insulting me now?” The guy Ye Lang left hanging was furious. 

“Yeah!” Ye Lang nodded. He was very honest and had never lied about these matters, even if the opponent would be triggered. 


“Since this Prince Ye has such high expectations of me, I guess I’ll go for it!” The person who was appointed by Ye Lang emerged on the battlefield. It wasn’t the time for him to draw back now, he wanted to show off his abilities in front of Lady Kesha. 

“Yes, yes, you’re the tallest here anyways. Uh, there’s something I want to ask,” Ye Lang asked the Duke of Alexandria, who was standing nearby, in a sudden.

“?? What is it??” asked the Duke.

“May I assign Li Shiba to fight on my behalf? I’ll give him ten thousand gold coins!” asked Ye Lang.

“.... No, you may not!!” the Duke sulked. 

Everyone was getting increasingly mad. They all wanted to get rid of the abominable Ye Lang very badly. 

“Sigh, if it was allowed, I’m sure Li Shiba would’ve been able to defeat you all! I’m just a weak alchemist, I really don’t want to fight all you martial artists…” sighed Ye Lang as he shook his head. 

Weak? More like despicable!! 

Almost everyone had the same thoughts…

“Alright, come on, I want to use my secret weapons!!” challenged Ye Lang at the professional martial artist. 

The master pulled out his sword. Looks like aristocrats preferred swords to make them look cooler! 

However, just as the master was preparing to launch his attack, Ye lang raised his hand suddenly. “Wait!!” he shouted. 

“What now?” The master stopped doing whatever he was about to do. 

“I have a question. Aren’t you going to talk about your strengths?” 

“I’m not telling!!” said the fighter. He then rushed towards Ye Lang while watching him very carefully, fearing what Ye Lang might do next.

Fighting with alchemists was a headache for martial artists, especially magicians. They couldn’t anticipate what attacks the alchemists would use. Fortunately, there weren’t many alchemists who knew how to fight. 

“O wind, fire, water, and earth, the four elements fully activated...” After Ye Lang threw a few alchemy mines, he adjusted the alchemy bazooka to its maximum power and fired it at the fighter. 

This time, the master already knew Ye Lang’s attack tactics so he was prepared for it when Ye Lang fired. 

He dodged the flash of light at full speed!

“Boom!” The alchemy bazooka struck one of the corners of the building. The corner of the Duke’s residence began to collapse… 

The Duke was stunned for a moment, then he roared, “What! Kid, are you trying to demolish my house?!!” 

“Stop talking, I will compensate you for that. I’ll destroy your whole house if you continue talking!” said Ye Lang mindlessly as he kept the alchemy bazooka. He then threw a few grenades. 

All he had was money. He could no doubt still afford to pay compensation even if he destroyed the whole city. Of course, only the people who were familiar with him knew about this. And obviously, that didn’t include the people who are living here. 

“Can you afford it? This one of mine is… Eh, what is this…” 

“Ma…” As the Duke droned on, a black object flew across the sky. It looked like one of Ye Lang’s alchemy bombs. 

“What?! A bomb! Everyone out of the way!” 

Everyone around the Duke started to evacuate, including Lady Kesha and others. 

This little kid dared throw a bomb at Lady Kesha? The lady he was planning to get in a relationship with? Was he really here for a blind date? 

“My bad, sorry. My hand slipped. That was an accident,” apologized Ye Lang sincerely. 

“I’m sure you threw it on purpose!” shouted Lady Fei immediately before the Duke spoke. She gritted her teeth as she glared at him. She hated him very much. 

“It really was an accident! I’m done talking to you all, I need to get rid of this guy now. Hey, just lie down if you’re tired!!” shouted Ye Lang at the fighter. 

The master was in a rut. He was exhausted from dodging Ye Lang’s grenades and the ground was full of alchemy mines. It definitely wouldn’t feel good to step on one so he had to be extremely careful to avoid them. 

This kid wasn’t fighting using alchemy skills, he was fighting using his money! How much did it cost for him to get all these things? Could ordinary people even afford any of it? 

Everyone privately agreed on one thing- Ye Lang’s fighting style wasn't something other people could learn. At the same time, perhaps even Ye Lang himself didn’t know how long this fighting style would last because fighting like this was really costly. 

They weren’t exploding alchemy bombs, they were shiny gold coins!

He was right. His main career was indeed a prodigal son, and only a prodigal son would be able to fight like this. 

At this moment, everyone seemed to realize that money was actually a very powerful weapon!! 

Ye Lang’s attacking style wasn’t enough to inflict fatal wounds to the fighter. It even gave him a chance to get closer to Ye Lang. After avoiding the last grenade, the master thrust his sword at Ye Lang! 

The blade of douqi generated by the thrust was powerful. It was as if he was ready to slice Ye Lang’s body into pieces!


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