The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 256

Everyone seemed to have forgotten something. The shorter the distance between them, the shorter the distance Ye Lang’s energy bullets would have to travel. They’d be faster too, and harder to dodge. 

This was different though. Nothing changed because Ye Lang slowed down the tiniest bit, and adjusted the firing speed. The pistols he had allowed for velocity and power adjustments. 

And during this time, Ye Lang continued to fire while standing in the same spot so no one was paying attention to him, especially not when he slowly adjusted his firing position. They only knew trouble was coming for him!

However, when Edward was three meters away from Ye Lang, something happened so suddenly that it startled everyone-- including Ye Lang. 

This wasn’t planned, it was purely an accident…

Ye Lang’s dual-wield pistols jammed, they couldn’t fire. He wrung the pistols, but there were no sparks.

“Uh, I think it’s out of power… But I remember charging it…” announced Ye Lang, stunned. 

This also seems to be one of the weaknesses of using alchemy weapons. Without replenishing its magical energy levels, the energy will run out and the weapon would be useless! 

If Ye Lang truly wanted to ‘charge’ it, he would’ve had his ways. He only needed to change something or meddle with it, it was like reloading a bullet to him.

However, no matter which method he used, he’d definitely need time to deal with it. And at this moment, everyone thought Ye Lang had no way of solving his problem because Edward would be able to reach him before he could do it. 

They all expected Ye Lang to pull a trick, but they definitely didn’t expect this…

“I… Surrender!” declared Ye Lang directly. Two tiny white flags appeared from the barrel of his pistols. 

Where did the flags come from?

Edward was stunned for a moment, then realised Ye Lang had surrendered. Just like that! 

Everyone there was like Edward, stunned. They were first wondering about the two flags, then realised Ye Lang was surrendering. 

However, as an alchemist, he should surrender in a moment like this because if he proceeded, he’d lose! 

And the result would just end up with him getting hurt. Admitting defeat was the best way to go, everyone understood. 

Of course, Ye Lang didn’t think that. Since his pistols were dead, it was coincidentally a good excuse for him to leave. 

“You surrender?” asked Edward stupidly, staring at Ye Lang. 

“Yep, you’ve won! You got lucky, but I am a person who accepts defeat. Even if you only won through luck,”   Ye Lang, looking for something random to say. It was good for him to leave like this too, and it gave Edward a chance to insult him. 

This also made Edward look like the good guy. This was the first time he realised Ye Lang sometimes knew the right thing to say too. Unfortunately, Ye Lang’s next sentence shattered that hope. 

“But I want to say this, I don’t know how you have the guts to come here looking like a black lump. I don’t know how Lady Kesha would like an ugly thing like you.”

“...” Edward and Kesha fell silent.

Everyone, including the Duke himself, agreed. They felt like Edward shouldn’t be there, even if he helped chase away that shameless jerk Ye Lang. 

Hence, someone asked Edward another question. Edward felt a headache coming up, privately cursing Ye Lang. How could you help me, then hurt me like that? 

Ye Lang seemed to have heard his thoughts, for his voice rang, “It’s your turn now. I’ll have to give you the chance to show off or how would they be satisfied? Your father-in-law wouldn’t agree either! These people are tools for you to make yourself look good, show them what you can do!” 

Edward understood it was up to him now. He’d already expected this anyway, he was mentally prepared for this. Even if he had to fight everyone, he wouldn’t even furrow his brow. 

For Kesha, he would do anything!!

Just wait!! I’ll beat them all!!

Edward quietly swore to Ye Lang, but he didn’t expect Ye Lang to leave immediately. He didn’t plan to stay behind to help Edward at all, not even to cheer him on. 

What use would that be? You’ve got this, and even if you lose, your Kesha would definitely choose you. 

She said herself it didn’t matter if you won or lost. She might choose the loser! She’d paved the way for him so no matter the result, the right to choose fell back on her. 

“You all should proceed. I should get going, I’m in a hurry!” Ye Lang excused himself, then left. It seemed like he was talking to Edward too. I’m leaving this city for Sheng City immediately.   

This was his goodbye. 

Edward wanted to stop Ye Lang, but he’d run out of excuses. Also, he had to deal with the subsequent matters, he didn’t have the time. 

Everyone wanted Ye Lang to leave, so no one stopped him. However, there was an exception. She shouted to stop him.

And that was the Fei girl…

“You pervert, you can’t leave!!” shrieked Fei. 

Did she call me a pervert? What’s going on? Did I make a mistake?


Ye Lang continued walking as if he didn’t hear her. Pervert? Was there a pervert here? 

And just like that, Ye Lang left. Fei only shouted once, she didn’t try to call him a second time. Perhaps she didn’t have the courage, or perhaps because she didn’t know what to say if she stopped Ye Lang. 

Once he left, many thrilling battles ensued, so thrilling everyone’s opinions of the star changed. The star of the show was Edward, and Edward paid a huge cost for this fight. However, he got to embrace the beautiful love of his life, and to him, that was already the best thing in the world. 

After Edward and Kesha’s wish came true, they seemed to have temporarily forgotten about Ye Lang, the major catalyst of this incident. They were as close as two coats of paint, always together like each other’s shadows…

And because of that, Fei never knew about Ye Lang helping Edward- even Kesha didn’t know. He’d forgotten a brother for a girl! 

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