The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 257

What happened in the last chapter caused a misunderstanding between Fei and Ye Lang. To Fei, Ye Lang was an absolutely shameless, lowly, scummy, pervert!!

“A-choo…” Ye Lang rubbed his nose, then gazed ahead. He mumbled, “Am I sick? No, I don’t think so. Someone must be thinking of me…”

Ye Lang was sitting in a rented carriage, heading towards Sheng City! 

After the end of the Edward incident, Ye Lang immediately flagged a carriage upon leaving the Duke’s residence. He didn’t want to stay in Alexandria at all, he’d been planning to leave that day. 

That guy was indeed willing to do whatever it took for his girl. Ye Lang soon realised he’d been led off course by Edward. Alexandria wasn’t on the way to Sheng City, it was in a completely different direction!! 

And the previous coachman took so much of his money, he lied! That jerk must’ve bribed him!!

I curse both of you! I hope your carriage falls into a latrine hole!! And you, you’ll always be a little black- you’ll never fully recover!!

“Ahhh which idiot dug a latrine hole here?!! And they didn’t even cover it up…” A coachman and his carriage fell into a latrine hole. 

And that man looks like the one Ye Lang cursed…

“Was that jerk Ye Lang lying? It’s been three months, why haven’t I fully recovered?” wondered Edward. He looked more healthy than not though, just a little darker than before. 

However, Edward was still uncomfortable, perhaps because of the trauma involved! 

It looked like anyone Ye Lang cursed would very often come to unfortunate ends. That was why no one allowed Ye Lang to throw insults around. There’d be trouble if something he said came true. 

“Sir, there seems to be something going on in front. I’ll check it out, you just wait here,” said the coachman when the carriage passed a huge crowd. 

“Oh, alright!” grunted Ye Lang. 

Very soon, the coachman ran back to the carriage, panicking, as if he was running for his life…

“?? What’s going on?” asked Ye Lang quizzically. 

“Sir, they’re refugees. They’re fighting for some food, it’s best we circle around them.” The coachman leapt onto the carriage, getting ready to avoid the crowd. 

“Refugees?” Ye Lang stopped for a moment, This was a very, very foreign word to him. He’d never met one in his life.

Especially in this world. He’d always moved among the top classes of society, never coming into contact with this world, let alone see them! 

Every society had its own refugees. Natural disasters were a problem one cannot run away from. There was a saying: a natural disaster will always affect someone. 

Then again, compared to natural disasters, man-made ones were scarier!

“You don’t have to, let’s check them out!” said Ye Lang calmly. This tone confused the coachman. What was he doing? Hadn’t he met refugees before? Or was he doing it for fun? Or was he suddenly touched in the depths of his heart, wanting to save all of them? 

However, regardless of his reasons, the coachman said, “Sir, don’t. There’s nothing to see there. I know rich folks like you haven’t seen them in your lives, and you’re all curious! Nothing good will come of this. Once they notice you, you’ll never be able to escape. 

This coachman was an experienced traveller, he’d seen this happen before. Although he pitied the refugees, they were still a nuisance! 

And among these refugees were some who’d ignore all advice to hurt the rich, usually to snatch possessions or food. 

There was proof right in front of them. They were fighting for some food. If it wasn’t enough to satisfy them, something even more terrifying would happen. This was the main reason why the coachman wanted to avoid them.

“I know, but I still want to see. You can leave, it’s alright,” waved Ye Lang as he leapt off the carriage so the coachman could leave. 

The coachman frowned, staring at Ye Lang in confusion. He didn’t understand what this rich boy wanted. Was he about to play the hero? If that was the case, then he won’t be staying. It’d be best to leave as soon as possible. 

Then again, based on his impression of Ye Lang during the journey, he didn’t feel like Ye Lang was one of those fake heroic people. This aristocratic gentleman was different from some members of his class. He was very low-key and he never used his status to threaten anyone. 

He did throw money at people though, but that person would usually leave very happy because he gave them too much. 

And because of that, the coachman hesitated. He wanted to stay because something interesting might happen. It might even make him famous- but it was just a feeling!! 

It was tempting, but there was a risk of death too. The coachman struggled to make a decision…

Ye Lang didn’t care for the driver’s reaction. He stood quietly in the sun with Little Xin by his side as he watched the refugees. They seemed to have lost all self-control as they fought for the food they needed! 

This scene felt like death was coming. It resembled a painting of hell…

“Hoi… There’s one more there…” Someone within the crowd suddenly yelled. This attracted the attention of the ones outside who didn’t stand a chance - or more accurately, had a very small chance of getting some food- their attention focused on Ye Lang. 

Then, a huge crowd of refugees rushed towards Ye Lang, fighting to get to the front. They didn’t want to lose the advantage of being in front again! 

“Ah, run, sir!!” The coachman panicked and ran immediately. The hesitation he had evaporated because he’d made his choice! 

Of course, as a responsible driver, he did warn Ye Lang too. It didn’t concern him if Ye Lang ran. 

“You may leave first!” When Ye Lang replied, the coachman was very far away with his carriage. We don’t know if his words ever reached the coachman. 

“Hurry! Don’t let that carriage leave, forget about this idiot!!” The refugees panicked when they noticed the bolting carriage. To them, Ye Lang and Little Xin weren’t of much use to them. What they wanted was the stuff in the carriage. 

They thought the carriage should have some things in it. Even if Ye Lang and Litte Xin had food on them, it would be very little! 

Also, even if there wasn’t anything in the carriage, they still had two horses! 

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