The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 269

It must be beef noodles because that boy was stuffing noodles into his face. He was eating noodles. 

Wait, what? Was he still eating? 

Everyone stared at Ye Lang, stunned. He devoured the bowl of noodles uglily, mouthful by mouthful…

And because of how he looked, no one could relate him and the word ‘aristocrat’ together. They treated him like just a boy-next-door. He had another layer of friendliness to him, this made him even more approachable. 

“Don’t use douqi, I still want to eat my noodles,” Ye Lang finished his last mouthful of noodles, took a look at everyone, then turned around. Carrying the bowl, he returned to the beef noodles stall. 

“Boss, get me another bowl of beef noodles.” 


The ones who knew Ye Lang were speechless, while the rest were confused. They didn’t know what this boy was doing, but the girl next to him was very pretty. 

This was what the commander noticed too. His attention fell on her, disgusting thoughts forming in his head. At the same time, he was also thinking about his plan to defeating Ye Lang. 

At this point, everyone was still confused about Ye Lang’s identity. When they finally came to, they wanted to ask who this person was. 

However, at this point, someone finally revealed the answer. A very surprising answer. 

“Boss, it’s him. He’s the rich boy from the bunch of refugees,” shouted one of the sellswords. 


People gasped, as if not able to imagine Ye Lang would choose to make his first appearances  Like that. To them, Ye Lang was someone of high status, a very, very elegant aristocratic boy. How could he walk with a bowl of beef noodles in a random street? Also, he looked disgusting inhaling the bowl of noodles in front of everyone. He didn’t care how he looked at all. 

If Ye Lang knew what they were thinking, he’d say…

What? My looks? I’ve never had a ‘look’ anyway. I’m starving to death here, I don’t have time for that. 

“You, the one eating noodles, stop there,” roared the commander after a moment of stunned silence. At the same time, the immediate area between Ye Lang and the commander immediately emptied. 

No one wanted to stand between them. 

“??” Ye Lang looked up at the commander with noodles hanging from his mouth, his eyes asking, ‘is he talking to me?’ 


Ye Lang sucked the noodles up, chewed, swallowed, then continued chewing. He turned to continue walking to the noodles stall. 

I don’t think he was calling for me. If he was, why isn’t he talking? -This was Ye Lang’s logic. 

“Stand there! I’m talking to you,” The commander was stunned again. This time, he was deeply insulted. This boy had ignored him twice now, this was plain disrespect. 

Ye Lang swallowed a mouthful of noodles, then asked, “Are you talking to me?”, then continued eating. It felt like he was in a hurry to eat and this question was absentmindedly thrown at the commander. The commander was embarrassed. 

“Of course I’m talking to you. Are you the one who instructed these filthy ones to kill my nephew?” asked the commander coldly. 

“No, I didn’t instruct any filthy ones. I was leading a group of regular commoners, you must have been mistaken,” said Ye Lang, surprised. He continued eating his noodles. 

“Are you pretending to be stupid?” growled the commander. 

“No, I am stupid. My sister calls me that sometimes,” answered Ye Lang. He turned back to shout, “Boss, I’m done with this one! Get me another bowl, with egg!” 


Why not add yourself in there, you stupid egg! 

“Your appetite is.. Amazing. This is your third bowl,” said the noodle seller as he served another bowl of noodles. 


Three bowls. 

Ye Lang didn’t usually eat that much, he wasn’t Zhen Xiaoyan. However, you could see he was practically starving. If Zhen Xiaoyan saw him like this, her heart would’ve ached for him. 

Then again, this noodle seller was one special man. He didn’t look around even when there was a huge commotion outside, merely minding his business and cooking his noodles. 

“Your noodles are delicious, even better than the fat lady… but I don’t think your other stuff would be better than hers,” said Ye Lang as he ate. 

He was what they called a ‘specialist’. As a person who specialised in making noodles, his noodles would definitely be as good or even better than celebrity level chefs. 

“Have more if you like it, I have lots here,” said the noodle seller. He didn’t mind what Ye Lang said, and at the same time wasn’t egoistic after the compliment.

“I can’t, I’m too full. I’ll finish this bowl though. Cook more, I’ll treat all of them to a bowl each, and I’ll take a few more bowls to go… Slurp, slurp…” Ye Lang slurped more noodles. 

“Oh come on, are you done yet? Stop that,” the commander’s vein throbbed in his forehead. He was now furious at Ye Lang- he’d been utterly disrespected and ignored! 

“I’m not, but I’ll be done after this bowl,” replied Ye Lang from his bowl. 


At this point, almost the entire town had arrived to watch. They all watched as Ye Lang devoured the noodles with vigour, feeling a little hungry themselves. Once this entire commotion was done, they’d definitely come back for some noodles. 

Once again, Ye Lang had brought infinite fortune to a stranger. After this, the noodle seller’s business prospered and the noodle seller became a rich man. 

“You can eat all you want when you’re dead,” spat the commander. He was about the erupt soon. 

“You’re dumb. How could I eat when I’m dead?” Ye Lang pointed out the flaw in his logic. 

Ye Lang, what are you doing? He means to kill you, and you’re provoking him? 

“I’ll kill you!!” The commander erupted. He didn’t care about anything else, directly charging at Ye Lang with a powerful aura of douqi. A strong current rippled around him, and the empty space around them quickly widened. 

At the same time, everyone saw deep craters at every footprint where the commander stepped. 

This power, his rippling douqi…

He was a warrior with Earth attribute, a rare find among expert martial artists. He could afford to have a little fame in the real world with his skills, it was no wonder he acted like a little king in this town. 

Of course, he was still at the lowest level among experts. Perhaps just a newcomer. If the seventh brother were here, he’d definitely beat this commander. Although the seventh brother was also only still at the doorstep of this level, he’d still win. 

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