The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 271

“ killed our boss…” A member of the mercenary group roared, not aware of his own place. Almost immediately, he was dragged into the crowd and beaten. 

Now, the quick-witted members had already escaped. The raging crowd was using this reason to fight the mercenary group members. They would beat up any member that came into sight without mercy!!

The power of the masses was beyond imagination. They crushed the violent mercenary group who used to rampage the town in just a short period of time !!

Ye Lang, who had just finished his noodles, wanted to carry on with his business but he had to wait due to the buzz. He had to wait for them to calm down first, then he could continue to do his business- buying supplies!!

The commotion stopped suddenly. And it was all thanks to the Duke himself. The Duke had been one of the crowd, shoving people away from him. 

“Everyone, please stop! Enough!” said the Duke as he straightened himself up. 

“Kick him! I’m not done yet...Ahh, it’s the Duke…” Initially, no one was aware of this voice but when someone discovered it was the Duke speaking, they stopped. Eventually, everyone got a hold of themselves.

Slowly, everyone dispersed a little, forming a ring with the Duke in the middle and waited for his orders.

“Our small town has finally gotten rid of its scum. I’ll admit, I am to be blamed for this as I do not know the commander was such a person! His crimes, perhaps, deserved more than this. Also, we would like to thank this gentleman...May I know your name?” said the Duke after everyone calmed down.

His words made the people realised that he wouldn’t look into the commander’s death. This was absolute good news to the people.

At the same time, the Duke was also apologising for his mistake. The people acknowledged that the Duke was compassionate and worth their respect.

Lastly, Ye Lang, the peculiar gentleman among these refugees- he deserved the ultimate gratitude from everyone! 

“I’m Ye Lang!” Ye Lang announced his name. Everyone including the refugees knew his name now. 

“Ah, so it’s Mister Ye. Thank you for everything you did today. Are you free to come by the town? Let me do the honours of bringing you around town!!” invited the Duke politely. 

“Apologies, I’m afraid not. I don’t have much time to waste!” replied Ye Lang. This wasn’t an excuse, it was a fact. He wanted to rush the refugees to Sheng City and help more refugees, then he still had to join the qualifying match. He didn’t want to be nagged on due to his tardiness.

Not only he did he buy these supplies for this group of refugees, there were others out there who also needed his help. 

His choice of words was a little too direct though, and it was awkward for the Duke. 

“Duke, we apologise on behalf of the gentleman. He’s just being him, so please don’t mind him. What he said was true though, we have to hurry to help those who are still suffering,” explained the Skinny Dark Man in a hoarse voice. Not only did he clarified the situation, but he also saved the Duke’s face.

“Oh, is that so? If that’s the case, you guys did great!!” said the Duke. He thought it was quite strange.

These people were refugees and they said they were going to help the other refugees as well. Anyone would’ve thought it was weird!

“Alright, you people just take whatever you’re selling over here and take the money. One by one, please. I want all of them!!” said Ye Lang to the merchants.

“No need for money. We’re giving these to you for free. Someone else will pay for you.” replied the merchants.

“How can I not pay? You people just take whatever you have to- you can take a little bit extra- it’s okay. I’m a prodigal son, there’s no need to save money!!” said Ye Lang. He refused their offer.


What was this? Everyone was speechless as they tried very hard to understand. They couldn’t seem to accept what he said.

Immediately, everyone understood one thing- this Ye Lang was the ultimate prodigal son. He was the complete opposite of everyone-he didn’t want to save, at all!

So they put their goods down cautiously and started taking the money. Of course, they took the amount of their original cost. If someone were to take extra, he’d be judged and he’d also hate himself.

This time, the deal was done orderly. Everyone was aware of what they wanted to sell and kept to their promise so a lot of time was saved.

“Hey, what are you doing? Leave your goods and take the money!”

Some merchants thought their goods were useless to other disaster victims and were starting to leave when Ye Lang stopped them. 

“But Sir, this is iron ore, you’re not going to use it…” said the person sheepishly.

“Who says I’m not going to use it? I say I’m using it! So just leave it here and take the money!!” said Ye Lang.

“Mine are construction materials…”

“Leave them, take the money- say no more!”

“But I sell…”

“Just leave it- leave all of them, I don’t want to repeat myself anymore!!”

Ye Lang bought every single thing sold. He purchased all of them despite their practicality!!

In the end, there was a huge pile of goods outside the town gates. Although it was a small town, the sight of every single good in town piled up together was still incredible.

“Mr Ye, do these goods need any transportation?” asked the transport businessmen enthusiastically.

“Nope, I have a space ring!” said Ye Lang while emptying everything into his ring.

“...” Shit, how could they forget? Would everything fit in the ring though?

While space objects were good for storage, they still had their limitations. Only the more advanced versions had large storage space. 

Of course, relatively speaking it was still ‘not big enough’ !!

“Let’s go, onward to Sheng City!!”

Thousands of them went along on their journey...

After this day, the whole town was celebrating and the town was decorated with bright lights for days. Every passer-by wondered- what day was it today?

Then, the town changed its policy towards refugees. They welcomed and helped the refugees with whatever they could spare, even allowing the refugees to live with them. This drastic change definitely delighted the refugees who arrived much later!!

The name Ye Lang was also recorded amongst famous people in the history of the town and his good deeds were to be passed down for generations.

And the main character himself- Ye Lang wasn’t even aware of his good deeds. He was still as clueless as always- to him, he only remembered buying something and eating a few bowls of noodles there. 

“Mister, why did you buy everything… Most of them are quite useless…” Skinny Dark Man couldn’t help but ask.

“It may be useless now, but it’ll be useful when the time comes,” said Ye Lang softly.

“And when is that?”

“Err, when the time comes…” waved Ye Lang, the other hand digging in his ear. 

“...” Skinny Dark Man was at a loss for words.

It was so obvious Ye Lang didn’t know either, but yes, it would definitely be of use when the time comes. Every single thing had its own value.



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