The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 272

After that, not only did Ye Lang buy everything in this small town, but he would also buy large amounts of things from each town. When he sees people that treat refugees poorly, he would buy just about everything there, disrupting their economy.

With his vast amount of gold, he lured the greedy merchants to sell everything, even their own backup supplies, leaving them with nothing but gold. Ye Lang wanted the greedy merchants to understand what it was like to be a refugee, with the disrupted towns in chaos, no supplies and huge inflation…

After continuously doing the same thing, Ye Lang emptied all his money, but the sheer number of things he bought from the many cities he visited was enough for him to use for many lifetimes. 

Of course, those things were meant for the refugees and not him…

Ye Lang could finally announce that he was broke, thus succeeding in being a prodigal son!

He learned that to become the best prodigal son, one had to do a lot of good deeds, as that can also help a lot of people…

“The wind blows away the eggshell, I’m at peace with my wealth gone…” Ye Lang happily exclaimed as he finished his last gold.

[Note: it means the wind blows away meaningless material things]

His followers were baffled by what he was doing and could not understand the meaning of his doings.

“My prince, why do you feel so comfortable spending all of your money? Your thought process is very bizarre!”

“Is it? I do not think so. Ever since I was young, I have wanted to be a prodigal son, it is what I was born to do!!” Ye Lang blurted out with confidence.

“...” What was there to be proud of in being a prodigal son? How did his family raise him to be like this? And what was it that caused him to want to be a prodigal son?

For this, Ye Chengtian and Long Anqi said, ” Let him be, we are wealthy enough for him to do it anyways, as long as he does not get in trouble.”

Ye Lanyu mentioned that she would stand by her brother in being a prodigal son.

The seventh princess responded by claiming she would take care of him after he was done.

Tiger race voiced out by saying everyone has a hobby, and being a prodigal son was his hobby.

Princess Longji declared, ”The faster he becomes prodigal, the better. That way there can be an excuse for that brat to be by my side…”

The seventh brother and the others said, ”Prodigal? The real question is will he be able to become one? If he doesn’t, there will be another problem…”

Zhen Xiaoyan:  ”……”

Ye Lang and his bunch were not always together, rather they would split up and help as many refugees as they could every day. Finding and helping people was what they did along the way.

As a refugee, one must know how to save oneself, and not wait to be saved. This was the most valuable lesson that Ye Lang had taught them.

So what if one was a refugee, did that mean they had to wait to be saved? Of course not, they must unite to fight against all disasters.

Because of the ways of Ye Lang, their team became bigger day by day. By the time they reached the edge of Sheng city, the number of people had doubled, reaching around two thousand people.

All these people were already self-sufficient and did not need help from anyone else, what they needed was a place to stay.

Of course, to help other refugees, they still needed to enter Sheng city and see if there were anyone that needed help, for they believed that they could help other people.

“The Holy Mountain is right over there!” Skinny dark man said while pointing at the mountain.

This was a strange mountain. The strange part was not the mountain itself, for no one batted an eye at the mountain. The strange part was that the mountain area was right next to the plain fields right where they were.

The mountain being in the middle of an endless field was what made it strange!

If we were to say that the mountain was a little bit tall, it would make it sound normal, but this mountain touched the clouds! It felt as if it was not supposed to be here, which was why this place was also known as a miracle.

“This holy mountain sure is interesting, standing there all alone. Alvin, Don’t think that that mountain is far from us, it is in fact only a few miles away!” Ye Lang looked at the mountain and felt that it was very close to them, but this was an illusion. An illusion that many had experienced, and an illusion that many understood.

Alvin, the skinny dark man, nodded his head, “That’s right, there is still quite a bit of walking to do, but at least we are able to see it”

“You are correct! I say, Alvin, are you sure you don’t need my help getting your ears back to normal?” Ye Lang simply asked while looking at Alvin.

“……Sir, I have told you many times, my ears are quite normal!” Alvin told Ye Lang, regretting showing Ye Lang his ear.

When Ye Lang left that little town, they had camped near a river at night for everyone to take a bath and change their clothes.

At that time when Ye Lang was acquiring everything from towns, there were many clothes to choose from, but because of the sheer number of people, there was still not enough clothes for everyone. Nonetheless, Ye Lang had extra cloth lying around, so the people who could make clothes started sewing more.

“What? You don’t have a sewing kit? I am full of kits! Do you not remember me buying everything from the sewing shop?”

“Do you see now? There’s a time and place for everything! And now we have put the tools to good use!”

Back to the topic, Alvin showered as well on that night, and even changed his clothes, although he didn’t remember much of it.

Even so, Alvin was still wearing his worn-out hat, while a few people found that weird, some thought it was important to him, and did not bother him about it.

But Ye Lang thought the hat was ugly and prepared a new hat for Alvin. He pulled off Alvin’s ‘hat’, which was just a piece of cloth.

Alvin’s hair was elegant, as soft as silk- the silkiest hair Ye Lang had ever seen. It matched his gorgeous eyes. Ye Lang didn’t care though. He was only focused on Alvin’s pointy ears.

Those were obviously the ears of an elf!

“Are you an elf? No wonder your eyes and skin are so perfect! But you’re darker than an elf!” At that time, Ye Lang blurted it out without thinking.

Just as Ye Lang noticed, Alvin’s dark skin is not because of dust, but because he was naturally darker-skinned (though he was indeed cleaner after his bath). He was tanned, a healthy kind of tan though -unlike Edward’s unnatural poison-induced coal-blackness. 

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