The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 273

Alvin’s exquisite tanned skin was naturally beautiful, it was aesthetically pleasing.

Perhaps many would even say he looked like a girl. That would’ve been true in the world of humans, but if he was truly an elf, then it would be quite normal.

“I’m not really an elf, I’m half-elf!” He explained.

“Even if you didn’t tell me, I would’ve also guessed you were an elf. You have very weird ears...” Ye Lang said while he looked at Alvin’s strange ears.

This was why Ye Lang offered to help restore Alvin’s ears to normal. He wouldn’t have offered if they were just elven ears though.

The problem was…

When Alvin said his ears were normal, Ye Lang immediately interrupted to say, “This is what you call normal? You have a human ear and a pointy elf ear on the other side, that doesn’t look normal no matter how I look at it!”

“…” Alvin suddenly became quiet.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re only half-elf... Offsprings usually inherit a complete set of their parent’s traits… Both their ears would be the same! Not like yours… Alvin, I think you might be a special kind of half-elf!!” Ye Lang continued.


“Anyway, I still think it’d be better to make your ears the same, It’d make you look so much better!” offered Ye Lang again.

“Never!” refused Alvin, shaking his head.

“Alright, alright. It’s unique anyway, something special only you have!” waved Ye Lang. Not once did he mention the ears again that day.


The name ‘Alvin’ was also a topic of controversy between them. Back when Alvin said his name, Ye Lang wasn’t paying attention and it sounded vaguely like Alvin to him.

And since Alvin didn’t disagree, the name stuck.

Seven days later, Ye Lang and his team were finally approaching the Holy Mountain. They had passed numerous villages, passed many people who thought they’d never make it this far.

There were many too who thought it might take a few more days to arrive. To their surprise, they were already there!

Very soon, Ye Lang and two thousand of his men met with the other refugees. They found the other refugees easily, too easy.

There were over a hundred thousand refugees, how hard could it be?

Ye Lang was astonished at the size of the crowd. Looking at all of them, he and all his men felt tiny compared to all of the refugees.

“I knew there would be a lot of refugees, but I did not expect so many of them here!!“ blurted Ye Lang...

It was easy to imagine what a hundred thousand refugees would look like. However, when they were there, right in front of his eyes, everything felt very different.

“I agree with you sir, then what do we do now?” Alvin and the rest felt powerless. All confidence in being able to help them vanished, including those who wanted to help and even the ones who wanted to play the hero.

Looking at the crowd, they felt hopeless.

“We will do everything we can! It is not about the quantity, but about the quality! We’ll do what we are able to, and that will be enough!” Ye Lang confidently said.

Everyone got to work to help anyone who needed them!

Ye Lang and his two thousand men drew the attention of people living around Holy Mountain. All the refugees, the believers of the Holy Mountain, and even the spiritual workers living in the area came to meet them. 

They all thought it was weird at first, for Ye Lang and his followers did not look like refugees at all, rather people who wanted to help refugees. But who in the world would be able to recruit two thousand people to help refugees?

The strangest part was, who would think that the people in Holy Mountain needed help? What was there that they could not achieve?

Their questions left as quickly as they came when Ye Lang did something very surprising... He had Little Xin empty out their rings and arrange everything nicely.

After that, what was once a plain field became a land of gold and riches. Everything you could ever think of was there!

The number of goods on the ground was unbelievable to their eyes…

At this moment, no one wondered how Little Xin was able to arrange everything at such speed and within such a short period of time. They only cared about one thing...

What the hell, did they move an entire city here?

Are they going to build a new city here?

They must be so rich...

If it wasn’t for the fortune he received from the emperor of the Vermillion Bird Empire, Long Anyang, Ye Lang would’ve never been able to afford all this. He didn’t want the gold at first- it was the money for the magic cube- but he was tricked by Princess Longji into accepting it!

Only a person like Ye Lang would have to be tricked into accepting money!

When the Vermillion Bird Emperor gave Ye Lang the gold coins, he did not give it in the exact amount, throwing in a little extra. 

Ye Lang didn’t mind too much at that time. He even insisted on accepting only the gold coins, saying it felt better when he spent in gold coins. It definitely shocked people. 

Who would’ve thought he’d spend every single gold coin from this fortune? And not only that, he completely emptied his own personal fortune too! Even at the end, he still wasn’t sure how much gold the emperor had given him. 

Oh, how the emperor cried when he heard this story...

“That’s odd, why do I feel like they’re trapped?” Ye Lang suddenly noticed a huge boundary separating a portion of the people from the rest of the crowd. 

With a rough estimate, there were about fifty to sixty thousand people in the middle!

If you looked closely, not only would you see segregations within the alchemy formation- there was also something separating this entire crowd of hundred thousand and Sheng City. 

All these refugees were locked outside the city, no one could get in! 

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