The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 277

Sheng City also issued a warning about the epidemic to the Ai La Empire. They hoped Ai La could help pay close attention to the refugees, even send supplies to the Sheng City since there were also citizens of their empire inside. 

As soon as the Ai La Empire received the warning, they first dealt with other places and found that there wasn’t any occurrence of the epidemic outside Sheng City. However, they were no less alert after this. 

They then sent people to deliver supplies, but the supplies would only get to the refugees after this ‘Ye Lang incident’. At least Ai La didn’t have to worry as much since the Sheng City had already received the supplies. 

After experiencing the horrors of the epidemic, Sheng City would never let anyone leave the place as they wished. Ye Lang’s appearance was now the focal point of their attention. 

“About that...” Alvin didn’t reply because he’d be very happy if Ye Lang wanted to leave. Why would he want to stop Ye Lang from leaving this place? 

At this moment, Ye Lang said imprudently, “Don’t worry, we won’t leave. I’m going to find out what this disease is.” 

Everyone could see that Ye Lang was still holding the patient’s hand at this point. He was still checking his pulse, assessing the symptoms. 

“What now? My teacher has been running tests for a few days now and to no avail. Who do you think you are, coming in like this?” said a doctor nearby with disdain.

“Me? Oh, I’m Ye Lang!” answered Ye Lang. He’d taken the question literally.

“...” The crowd fell silent. 

Their conversation could have continued if not for something that interrupted the chat. 

An emergency alarm sent people rushing towards the entrance. 

Even the members of the Sacred Teachings at the magical border also stopped what they were doing to gather at the entrance. 


The alarm had caught everyone’s attention. Ye Lang didn’t understand what was going on but he was forced to go take a look at it because the patient that he was treating also went to the entrance out of curiosity. 
Soon enough, the answer appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. The crowd made way for someone. 

“They’re giving up on us!!” 

A voice could be heard at the magical border, and the crowd sank into chaos. 

Although they had expected such a thing, they didn’t think it’d really happen. They couldn’t accept the fact of it at this moment. 

Were they really going to die here? 

“Don’t leave us here!!” 

Those infected patients who could still walk screamed as they rushed towards the entrance… 

“Calm down everyone!!” shouted a clergy. He had a sense of prestige in his tone. He sounded like authority. 

“He must be some kind of psychic here!” said Ye Lang to Alvin who was standing at the side.

“Yeah!” Alvin agreed. 

They thought that because the entire place fell silent as he spoke. It was obvious he was proficient in talking to such crowds. 

The psychic then started to coax, comfort and sway the people, telling them how great the Sacred Teachings were and that the infected patients who were being quarantined were heroes. Hearing this made them excited. 

He then said how him people must evacuate, but they would never give up on the quarantined patients and would continue to think of ways to solve the problem. In the meantime, everyone needed to wait patiently.

The believers of the Sheng City, even non-believers were deeply moved by this psychic. At this point, They’d be willing to die if the psychic told them to.

The speech by the psychic ended after about half an hour as the members of the Sacred Teachings began to leave. Even the infected patients were there to bid them farewell. 

At this moment, Alvin realized how language could be so powerful. In fact, it was more lethal than any weapon- still, it was a weapon humans used ruthlessly.

“Hey you, the conman over there, don't leave just yet. Where are your infected people?” shouted Ye Lang. 

“What infected people? What are you talking about?” The psychic stopped. At this moment he’d forgotten to deal with Ye Lang for calling him a conman.  

“Why’d you quit so suddenly if no one got infected? Tell me where they are now, let me take a look at them. It’ll be easier to find the cause of the disease from a new patient,” said Ye lang directly.

The psychic's face took on a ghastly expression after hearing Ye Lang’s words. He hadn’t mentioned this because he was afraid people would realize they were being abandoned. There were indeed doctors who were infected, and the medics were already giving up- or at least giving up until they had better methods of protecting themselves.

“There’s no such thing, we’re just…” The psychic was thinking what to say next but he was interrupted by Ye Lang. 

“Stop lying, if you dare to play with the lives of thousands of people, I’ll spread the epidemic in the whole Sheng City. Don’t think I wouldn’t!” Ye Lang’s voice turned cold. His words were as though a knife had just stabbed into the psychic’s body. 

The colour of the psychic’s face changed as he escaped! 

At this time, the medics of the Sheng City had already left and the psychic was already at the door. He rushed out and shouted towards the alchemists outside. 

“Close the door!”


Everyone inside had already realized that the epidemic was getting worse and more serious at this point that the doctors who had the possibility of saving them were also infected. The doctors and Sheng City had already given up. 

The only thing they could do here is to wait to die!

They gathered at the door and yelled outside. Although the magical border isolated space, it didn’t isolate sound. The sound coming from inside could be heard outside clearly.

The doctors outside couldn't help but turned their heads around and shed a tear for the people inside! 

Perhaps it was this shed of tear that saved them. It made Ye Lang felt that people still had a conscience. Everyone was afraid of death, and what scared them more was that they died a meaningless death. 

These people still hadn’t found a solution to the problem. They’d already lost hope! 

Ye Lang walked towards the front door and shouted at those people, “All of you, head to the back. As long as I’m here, you won’t die that easily!!” 

Everyone was stunned. They looked at Ye Lang and didn’t understand how a teenager wearing a thief’s mask had the guts to say that. If Sheng City couldn’t cure them, how could he?

“You… can you cure us?” asked someone weakly while looking at Ye Lang. This kid was their last hope. 

“Yes, I just need some time. Everyone back off, I still have something to say to this conman!” Ye Lang nodded, giving everyone the last flicker of hope. They relived even for the thin thread of hope, even if it was Ye Lang.

They then went to the back obediently to make way for Ye Lang, who was heading to the entrance to talk to the ‘psychic’. 


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