The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 278

“Hey you scammer over there, let me ask you again. Where are your people? Bringing them out would also mean saving their lives!” said Ye Lang to the psychic. 

“First of all, please watch your words,” replied the psychic.

“I’m not a scam, please call me Bishop Eden.”

“Bishop Eden, please answer my question. I don’t have all day to play games with you.” 

Ye Lang changed the way he addressed him. After all, he had always been a very polite person. Even if he was talking to the scum of the earth, he’d still mind his manners. 

“My child, you’re being rude. You should at least...” said Bishop Eden, flaunting his seniority. Perhaps he didn’t like how Ye Lang was talking to him, that’s why he continued spewing nonsense.

“You’re a load of crap! You just had to get on my nerves!” shouted Ye Lang.

Ye Lang rushed towards Bishop Eden and went in for a punch.

At this moment, Bishop Eden and Ye Lang were standing right in front of one another. Bishop Eden should’ve flinched when Ye Lang went mad, but he didn’t. It was because he and the rest of them had the exact same thought - it was impossible.

Conveniently, a magical border was materialised between Ye Lang and Bishop Eden, separating both of them. Bishop Eden had a grin, thinking of many ways to mock Ye Lang’s idiotic attempt. There was no way for Ye Lang to penetrate the magical barrier - or so he thought.


Bishop Eden’s grin disappeared. He saw a few ripples in the magical border right before him as Ye Lang’s fist appeared in front of him. He wanted to dodge but it was too late. 


Everyone was surprised by what they saw. Ye Lang’s fist broke through the magical border and punched Bishop Eden directly in the jaw.

“Ah…” screamed Bishop Eden. A few of his teeth flew from his mouth as he fell backwards. 

‘How did he do that? How did his fist break through the barrier?’ wondered everyone. 

That was just a small matter because Ye Lang’s entire body soon passed through the magical border. 

After Ye Lang went straight through, he grabbed the collar of Bishop Eden and did a few hand gestures. A few ripples appeared again on the magical border then he dragged Bishop Eden back inside. 

This magical border was completely useless against Ye Lang. He was able to enter and exit whenever he wanted to. 

“What are you doing? Let him go!!” shouted the people outside, witnessing everything. They wanted to open the entrance but they feared the consequences. 

If they opened a doorway now, the people inside would definitely rush out and the epidemic would start spreading again… 

“Since he refuses to hand the people over, I’ll make a new patient myself,” said Ye Lang calmly. 

What did he mean? 

Everyone couldn’t understand but they soon figured it out. Ye Lang had removed all the protective clothing that Bishop Eden was wearing. 

He wanted Bishop Eden to be infected, then there would be a newly infected patient!! 


Everyone was staring at Ye Lang. They never thought Ye Lang would have the guts to do such a thing, using the Bishop of the Sacred Teachings as a guinea pig. 

Wasn’t he afraid of his disciples’ revenge after the epidemic? Was it so someone else could take the blame with him? 

Probably not. He could easily find more people if he wanted a scapegoat as he could enter and exit the magical border freely. 

“What...What are you doing...” Bishop Eden had turned as purple as an eggplant!! 

He understood that he was already infected, they didn’t need to check. There were so many infected people here.  

“Save them! And if you’re not here to help, then I’ll do it. Just get out and do whatever you were supposed to be doing.” said Ye Lang faintly. 

“It’s not that we don’t want to, we have no choice! I’ll be honest with you- It’s not the first time a doctor was infected, there are already five or six incapacitated doctors. We’ve just hidden this from all of you because we’re afraid it might cause mass panic! ” Bishop Eden was blurting everything he knew at this point. 

He believed that he was going to be dead for sure, and he didn’t have high hopes on Ye Lang saving people. 

“Why are you talking so weird?” asked Ye Lang suddenly. 

“...” Everyone fell silent. 

Because of you, you idiot! You knocked his teeth out!

Bishop Eden was utterly defeated at this point. First his teeth got knocked out and then he even swallowed them because he didn’t know if this boy was going to go insane again. 

Where did this boy come from? 

Oh right, I still have questions!

“Who are you again? Sir?” asked Bishop Eden while covering his mouth. He was afraid Ye Lang would punch him again. 

“Oh, my name is Ye Lang. A good man who loves to help people,” Ye Lang was calm. He was monitoring Bishop Eden’s pulse, observing how the epidemic virus invaded a human’s immune system. 

“A good man? Evil would be a better word!” cursed Bishop Eden privately.

“Mr Ye Lang, why are you here? You don’t have to die here with all these people,” Bishop Eden, as well as everyone else, was very curious about this. 

“Didn’t I just mention? I’m a good person, I just want to save people, do I need a reason for that?” asked Ye Lang strangely. Did he need a reason to save people? 

Yes, did he? 

Everybody was secretly asking themselves the question. They found the answer, no, they didn’t need a reason. They’d never be like Ye Lang though, sacrificing his own health and life to save people. 

The doctors outside had proven this point! 

The people from Sheng City were even more ashamed. They were the believers of the Goddess of Light, pledged to save all the believers of the sacred teachings in this world. Instead, it was the boy in front of them who were doing all the work! 

After being in contact with  Ye Lang for some time, they realized that Ye Lang had something they didn’t. It was simple yet hard to do. 

Later on, people liked the usual dopey and confused Ye Lang. They also liked the simple and natural aura of him. 

“You are a strange person!” said Bishop Eden with a sigh. “You can leave anytime, but you chose to stay. Knowing that this epidemic can’t be cured, yet you still want to save… ” 

“Who said there’s no way to cure? There just isn’t one YET, I’ll figure it out!” said Ye Lang, brows furrowed. 

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