The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 279

“Can you? Are you a doctor?” 

“I’m an alchemist, I have some knowledge of medicine,” replied Ye Lang. His reply didn’t seem persuasive, but at this moment, it was as if the people had been given reassurance. 

They didn’t know why they’d believe the words of Ye Lang, a stranger, at this point. Perhaps Ye Lang was their only hope, and they didn’t want to lose that hope. 

“Whoever who can, bring all everyone with the most severe infections here. There isn’t anyone else helping us now, so we can only rely on ourselves!” said Ye Lang to the infected patient standing by the side. 




In a matter of time, the infected patients nearby started their tasks as instructed by Ye Lang moving the severely infected patients. It wasn’t a small number of patients either. Even if Ye Lang used the Golden Needle Acupuncture technique to the point of exhaustion, he would still barely save a tenth of the patients.

Therefore, finding a cure would be the best solution! 

There hadn’t been an epidemic like this before. Observing the patients gave him a massive headache. Why wasn’t he familiar with the disease? It was his first time practising his medical skills, why did he have to solve such a difficult problem?!

The story of a teenage boy trying his best to cure the epidemic spread like wildfire within Sheng City. Even if he failed, he would still be considered legendary for attempting to cure the disease that plagued Sheng City.

Everyone in Sheng City knew that this youngster could’ve kept himself out of this affair. Yet at the same time, they also knew he was the one who punched and dragged Bishop Eden into the quarantine area, infecting the bishop.

Although many clergies were angered by the incident, they didn’t dare turn against the youngster simply because he was doing something very important, something no one had the courage to step up to do.

And if this problem was solved, no one would give a damn about Ye Lang punching the bishop. It was because this youngster would’ve been a hero at that time, his name would be praised through the ages as the saviour of Sheng City.

Could he not have the right to do so if he was able to save the lives of seventy to eighty thousand people? 

Time went on and soon, three days had passed. And after three sleepless days and nights, he had finally figured out every stage of the virus’ attack! 

Fortunately, the period of the disease and the incubation period of the epidemic virus was sufficient enough for Ye Lang to observe the virus and perform experiments. Otherwise, there’d be more people dying. 

“Start refining medicine!” 

Ye Lang drew an alchemy formation on the ground and began processing, purifying and concentrating the ingredients. They were all processed using the alchemy formation as it was more convenient that way. 

If it was done using the traditional Chinese medicine method, the medicine would need to be refined. This would take a longer time, and it wouldn’t be as effective as wasn’t easily absorbed by the human body. 

That was the benefit of using alchemy formations. The essence of the drug could be directly refined by alchemy formations, then made into various alchemy medicine or pills. However, it was more difficult to process them, and it couldn’t be done unless you were an alchemist. 

Ye Lang had already integrated the alchemy formation into Chinese medicine. With his medical skills from the mainland, his current medical skills were a self-sufficient system that combined the advantages of both aspects. 

Because of this, his medical skills had surpassed those from this generation. His medical skills had already exceeded the healers of this contemporary era in some aspects. 

“You should take a break sir, even if you fail. You need rest,” said Alvin worriedly.

Alvin wasn’t the only one. The rest of the patients’ hearts ached as they felt Ye Lang’s sincerity during the three days- he wanted to save them so badly.

“Yeah sir, you should rest, we won’t die so soon,” joked the patients.

“I know you won’t, but you will soon. I don’t have much time left. The medicine I gave you can only delay your condition for a short time. I believe the medicine that I’m making now can cure your disease!” replied Ye Lang while refining the medicine. 

Previously, Ye Lang had used a type of medicine to stop the spread of the disease temporarily, to buy himself more time. This medicine was made by the doctors outside. 

It was impossible for Ye Lang to produce this much medicine for seventy to eighty thousand people alone! 

The doctors were all deeply impressed when Ye Lang talked about the ingredients for the medicine, what alchemy formation should be used for refining etc. 

This youngster was definitely a medical genius, judging by his ability to conjure a medicine with such properties.

Everyone admired Ye Lang’s medical skills more than ever. Their eyes beamed whenever they looked at Ye Lang. 

No one doubted Ye Lang! 

Yes, it was just a matter of time!

Perhaps it was because of the confidence that Ye Lang gave everyone, the doctors in the Sacred City had re-entered the magical border. They discussed how to cure this epidemic with Ye Lang and expressed their own views, telling him what they had observed so far. 

Ye Lang didn’t mind having a discussion with them. After all, the strength of one person was, in fact, limited and there would be flaws in the observation of one person. Therefore, with the help of other people, it would be less likely to make preventable errors.

Many doctors contributed to helping Ye Lang find out the characteristics of the virus quickly. But of course, people would only remember Ye Lang, the confused doctor.

It wasn’t clear who gave him the nickname “confused genius doctor”, but it stuck. Being called confused was not to belittle him, it was how they showed him love.

This name, unfortunately, fit him. He was a doctor, and he was always confused! 

The cluelessness of Ye Lang wasn’t just in his personality - he would often make mistakes while treating his patients. Sometimes, he would even prescribe wrong medications to the patients- Edward being one of the unlucky ones.

Though these mistakes weren’t fatal, it was indeed unfortunate for these patients as it made them feel even more helpless and uncomfortable. Those who knew Ye Lang’s personality knew that they should always double-check the medicine he prescribed. 

At this moment, Ye Lang was refining medicine. The doctors were watching by the side, memorizing each step and noting them down on a book. It was because they would have to use these procedures in the future. 

After Ye Lang succeeded, the job of refining medicine would then be handed over to them! 

They benefited a lot from memorizing the procedures of refining this medicine as it increased their knowledge of medical skills. They’d already begun asking Ye Lang for advice in secret about the problems they’d encountered. 

What surprised them was that Ye Lang could always give them an unexpected answer!