The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 28

“Shut up! I will throw you out if you dare speak another word. Also, don’t misunderstand, I stayed because of the thirteenth prince. I don’t care who you are or what your status is, please make sure the thirteenth prince is protected from any harm. Otherwise, I will make you pay for it!” cried Tigress. She didn’t hold back and nobody could make her step back on this matter.

She was either truly fearless, or she was just being a newborn calf, unafraid of tigers. [Note: a Chinese idiom: newborn calves are not afraid of tigers = young people who dare to take risks]

Everyone understood from this incident that the thirteenth prince was Tigress’ top priority. She would never forgive anyone who put Ye Lang at risk, royal or not.

This made everyone question something everyone had forgotten, her background. To this day, people knew nothing about her, not even her last name. That was probably why no one had any other information about her. 

Beastman was a very unique race. Although they did not officially build an empire and existed only in tribes, their powers could match up with the other empires.

Of course, that referred to their combined power. Usually, they would divide and conquer. One or a few races would form a tribe. Some of the larger tribes would only consist of one race. They were basically the biggest tribe within all the beastman.

Conflicts and wars would happen between different races but if there were any enemies, all the beastman would team up to destroy them.

It was similar to the human race. They had their own ruling system but the only difference was that the human race had their own internal wars despite having a common enemy at the same time. Countries would just stand back and watch another country to be attacked, even if it was nearly destroyed.

Among the beastman, Tiger Race was a big and powerful tribe that combined with the fox race. With the help of the fox race, their power was up another level.

Perhaps Tigress was someone important in the Tiger Race. If that was the case, she was definitely in the place to speak to the seventh princess in such a manner!

There were more than one or two princesses in an empire, maybe ten, or more! 

A princess in an empire wasn’t necessarily more important than an important person from the Tiger Race. They were of equal statuses.

Then again, the beastman never cared about status. To them, strength was the most important thing. Someone could immediately become an important person if they were strong.

Tigress had been with the thirteenth prince since young, which meant she wasn’t an important person in terms of power and influence.

So, it might be because of her family’s power. When a family’s powerful enough, its family members would eventually have a different character. This rule applied to the beastman too!

Perhaps Tigress had a background no one could ever imagine!

Of course, those were just guesses. Maybe Tigress wasn’t anything but only a fearless person who had no regards for status! 

Among the beastman, most of them did things without thinking about the consequences. They would do things that had to be done. They would still do it even if it would end with death. 

The tigers were brash and impulsive. If it wasn't for the fox race, with their strategy and planning, they would've been at war all the time.

Seven days passed, and the thirteenth prince was still unconscious. There was no sign of him waking up and this made people anxious, wondering if this would be for the rest of his life. If you watched a person lie unconscious for as long as 7 days and 7 nights, you might've thought so too.

The thirteenth prince was in Ye Residence now, moved out of the palace back home. Throughout these 7 days, Tigress was always beside the thirteenth prince, she even slept next to his bed. Even his mom, Long Anqi, could only last for three days before leaving Tigress to take care of him again.

But, Long Anqi would come every morning and would go back to sleep in her room late at night. Every day was the same for her and Ye Lanyu.

During the day, Long Anqi and Ye Lanyu would let Tigress rest and have a bath while they took care of him temporarily.

Tigress was initially reluctant but finally accepted this because she knew it might be a long way before the thirteenth prince woke. She knew she couldn't fall sick now, she wouldn't be able to care for her master if she wasn't in good condition herself.

Throughout these seven days, the seventh princess too would visit the thirteenth prince every day and often stayed for half a day.

Today, Tigress, Ye Lanyu, the seventh princess and Long Anqi were all at the thirteenth prince’s side, hoping he would regain his consciousness. They were waiting for him to wake up and say something silly once again.

They had really high hopes and were always surprised when the thirteenth prince had any reflex movements. Every single time, they would be disappointed after being surprised. This drained them mentally and physically.

Every single day through the seven days felt like a year. 

Suddenly, the thirteenth prince’s hand moved a little. Tigress, who was holding his hand, trembled and looked at him immediately, but he didn't move at all. She was disappointed, thinking this was like the previous times.

The next moment, he sat up and opened his eyes, then he shouted a sentence. Although no one understood it, nobody bothered and everyone just happily ran over to hug him. The thirteenth prince looked confused. 

What was the sentence? According to four ladies who witnessed it, it was a weird sentence. It was something that the thirteenth prince would never say.

“Aargh! What the heck, I just left! A meteor?! A freakin' grand welcome indeed!”

What the hell? A meteor? He just left? What did he mean?

Had the thirteenth prince lost his mind after being struck by lightning?

Or maybe, he had experienced it. Maybe he had a dream about it. Who knew what kind of dream he had when he was unconscious?

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