The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 280

These problems were discussed alongside the plague, seeing that the two were somewhat related. 

As curing the plague is of utmost urgency, other tasks were, of course, put in second priority. Should there be any form of delay, they would be deemed as sinners!

Many a time questions were held back so as to not interrupt Ye Lang’s train of thought. 

And it was believed that once all has been resolved, they would be able to catch up with Ye Lang and have late-night chats!

The production of the medications was done relatively quick after alchemy refinement had been completed. It didn’t require seven thousand seven hundred and forty-nine hours - just one.

This was one of the advantages of pure alchemy as opposed to alchemy extraction - the gap was too wide and obvious to narrow down.

Though advantageous, the method of production was relatively complicated. If not for Ye Lang’s amazing techniques, physicians would have needed three hours to complete it.

Through this, large crates of medicinal herbs were shrunk down to a palm-sized box of a hundred pills with the same effectiveness!

“Yes! All done!” Ye Lang exclaimed, took the drugs and headed to an ill patient. He then took the patient’s pulse and began treating him with acupuncture. Acupuncture was used to speed up recovery, not because the medication was ineffective. 

People had always questioned Ye Lang’s like for acupuncture - they could not understand why he liked to poke and prod people with needles!!

Ye Lang always responded: acupuncture is a form of stimulation that could trigger various energy potentials - he recommends everyone to try it out!

Someone did try and pricked himself with a needle, as seeing is believing. And everyone who tried it agreed with Ye Lang - it WAS a stimulation, triggering the potential... to beat someone up as it was EXTREMELY painful!

Ye Lang hesitated to teach acupuncture simply because he didn’t want anyone to know of it - it would be troublesome, according to him. The art of acupuncture was a complicated one and various skills and knowledge are to be acquired. By the time it had been mastered by the people, he would need a walking cane, so why waste his time?

Besides, it would be best to let those who didn’t belong to this world to return back to the earth. The world has its own set of laws and systems, and an additional item may not be welcomed. 

Alright, I’ll admit it! I was a little selfish - I just don’t feel like teaching them! 

After administering the medication, Ye Lang took the patient’s pulse to observe and analyze any pharmacodynamic effects of the medication, keen to find out if the medication worked.

The crowd stared on as Ye Lang took the pulse. They were utterly confused as to why Ye Lang was holding his patient’s hand. The crowd did not know of pulse-taking, and Ye Lang had not clarified it to them either. 

Though they knew nothing, they were indeed certain of one thing -  this method allowed Ye Lang to diagnose a patient. They waited anxiously and prayed that it would be successful.

The anxiousness was not only with the crowd. The physicians, patients, clergy - everyone in Sheng CIty were also praying, hoping the Ye Lang will accomplish the nearly impossible task.

Everyone now waited with their hearts in their throats, waiting for the solution to be announced...

While the main reason everyone waited anxiously for was for the medication to be successful, the people also wanted Ye Lang to rest. He had worn out his body finding a cure and everyone wanted him to rest. If he did continue on with no rest, he would collapse!

After what seemed like an eternity, Ye Lang finally spoke.

“...It worked!”

“Yahoo!” Everyone cheered and sighed with relief.

“Congratulations, sir!! You’ve done it!”

The excitement and news spread through the crowd, the refugee camp and eventually to Sheng City. Everyone cheered for Ye Lang’s miraculous success - seventy to eighty thousand lives can now be saved. 

The world was beaming with joy and happiness!

Everyone stopped their tasks and headed to the area of Ye Lang’s alchemy formation, silently cheering for the youth.

“Ye Lang? The prodigal son of the Ye family? Yes, I’ve heard that he is a genius alchemist, but him possessing such amazing medical skills was completely unexpected! Being an alchemist is not an easy occupation, and not many are able to bring it to such heights!” An old man spoke on the Holy Mountain while stroking his beard, looking down at the people below.

“Perhaps, we should allow him to meet our Sacred Lady. Maybe he has the means to heal her…,” said another man sat beside him, looking very much like the first man, wearing the same type of clothing. Their robes showed that they were highly respected members of the clergy.

“You! Carry on the production of the remaining drugs and distribute them to everyone, including the ones outside for prevention! Make sure you take the drugs as well! I’m going to find a place to sleep, I’m TIRED!!” exclaimed Ye Lang. He passed the medications to be distributed to Alvin.

The later matters didn’t require Ye Lang at all since everyone available would be able to help. Through this, the refugees had a moment of self-realization - they were going to work hard for this too!

“Sir, you rest, we’ll handle this ourselves! A carriage is ready for you outside and you’ll be escorted to the most-”

“No, thanks. I’ll....just...zzz…”

While talking, Ye Lang had gone to a nearby tent and fallen asleep inside. The tent was set up by Alvin for Ye Lang to rest while making the medication, but this was the first time he’d used it.

The people noticed something too. Little Xin too entered the tent where Ye Lang had fallen asleep in.

Little Xin had everyone’s mind running with questions. She was a girl perfect in all aspects, except that she would not talk or eat. She would only do one thing - which was to accompany Ye Lang.

Everyone was happy for Ye Lang - many were envious of him!

How would people react if they knew that Little Xin… was actually a reanimated spirit?

Perhaps they’d be indifferent. Maybe they would think a spirit would be the same or even better than a human. Owning a reanimated spirit was also something that many were envious of. A spirit would never annoy you, just accompany quietly and never leave for a very, very long time.