The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 282

“Mom, we’re here. Sheng City. I’ll bring you to the genius doctor now, you’ll feel better soon,” said Chen Pi innocently, his tone full of hope. 

“Yeah, I’ll be well in no time… Then you won’t have to suffer so much for me,” sighed the old woman. At this moment, she didn’t seem to worry about herself, but her son Chen Pi.

A patient sometimes worried more for their family compared to their own illness. They didn’t want their condition to be a burden to the family. 

Most of the time, they longed for their illnesses to be cured not for their own sake, but for their family’s!

The old woman was in such a situation now. Chen Pi had been suffering for five, six years due to her illness. Not only had he spent all his savings on her, rushing around to care for her also affected his personal life and work.

Chen Pi was still at the prime of his life right now, he’d already spent six years of this time on his mother. How many six years did he have left?

This was the main concern of the old woman. She didn’t want to ruin her son’s life- even contemplating suicide multiple times. However, she couldn’t bear to leave Chen Pi alone- he was too innocent, too gullible! 

At least she could watch out for him while she was still alive. She was very worried he wouldn’t know how to care for himself if she left. 

At the same time, Chen Pi also gave her hope by bringing her for treatment in different places. Although these consultations had all ended in disappointment, at least there was hope. 

Take Sheng City for example. Chen Pi had already been here once, this was the second time they were here. 

It wasn’t a big deal the first time. In this mainland, anyone with any incurable illnesses would eventually seek help from Sheng City.

That was why Chen Pi sought help there in the beginning, his wish was just unfortunately unfulfilled. 

This wasn’t because Sheng City’s doctors ignored them- they wouldn’t reject anyone who sought help. They would send the best physicians to attend the patients without charging them as the doctrine of the Scared Teachings was to help every single person in this world.

Other than the devil and heretics, everyone under the heavens could seek help from them. 

Unfortunately, it was just that Sheng City wasn’t capable of curing all illnesses. Even they couldn’t do anything about a handful of terminal illnesses and all they could do was say: ‘We’re so sorry but there’s nothing we can do.” 

While Sheng City indeed had the highest concentration of medical professionals in the mainland, this still didn’t mean the illness was incurable. There were many hidden experts among the common people who might have their own ways of treating these illnesses. These were often seen as obscure or traditional practices. 

However, even the effectiveness of folk medicine still depended on a patient’s luck. 

No matter what, this brought them hope. And this glimmer of hope was enough to keep the patient going. 

This time, Chen Pi had rushed over immediately after hearing rumours of a ‘confused genius doctor’. People have claimed that this confused doctor had such awesome skills even top healers in Sheng City couldn’t compare!

Furthermore, he heard of how this doctor stopped the plague- the same plague the doctors had given up on. This doctor was the one who turned the tide and saved thousands of lives. 

While Chen Pi didn’t understand what good the doctor did, he just knew this doctor did something very, very good for the people. He was only sure of one thing: he’ll be better than the doctors he’d consulted previously! 

Therefore, once he received news, he immediately took off to Sheng City like many others who also needed medical help. 

Even Ye Lanyu and the rest heard of this doctor. That was also why they brought Chen Pi and his mother with them here. They were so deeply moved by Chen Pi’s love for his mother, that not only did they allow the mother and son to tag along, they were willing to bring them both to seek medical help. 

Chen Pi and his mother’s journey was a community effort!

Ye Lanyu had another reason for being here. After listening to all the rumours, she suspected the doctor to be her baby brother. 

The seventh princess and Zhen Xiaoyan also had a similar gut feeling. They, especially Zhen Xiaoyan, thought this doctor sounded very similar to Ye Lang because Ye Lang had treated her before.

They still had one question though: was Ye Lang really THAT skilful? So skilful even the doctors of Sheng City bowed before him?!

They were very doubtful about this!

Although Ye Lang displayed some medical skills while healing Zhen Xiaoyan, the techniques he used were too vague to gauge his true capabilities. And from their experience, he’d never really showed much talent in the medical field. 

Well, when Ye Lang was at the Soaring Sky Empire, there were already plenty of skilled doctors present- there was no need for him. If his skills weren’t needed, why would he use them? 

Then again, Ye Lang also spent money on hiring doctors for others as an outlet to squander his riches. That was why people underestimated his medical skills. To them, even if he had some medical knowledge, he couldn’t be THAT skilful. 

The bottom line was: no one believed Ye Lang would have such great medical skills!

To other people, no one would even relate this doctor and Ye Lang after solely hearing of his deeds. Only the ones closest to him suspected so after listening to the rumours. 

It was an inexplicable feeling… A woman’s sixth’s sense, perhaps!

“Teacher, Little Seven, Little Yan and I are going to accompany Chen Pi to take a look. Could you help contact Sheng City to see what arrangments they have for us?” said Ye Lanyu to Strongman. She sounded so graceful.

Ye Lanyu was still an elegant aristocrat lady after all- when she wasn’t angry. Even a princess might now have such elegance. She was very gracious and ladylike, always minding her manners. 

While she was cool-headed most of the time, she was still a little like Ye Lang in the sense that both of the actions could sometimes be very unpredictable. 

Fortunately, Ye Lanyu’s problem wasn’t as serious as Ye Lang’s. To everyone, Ye Lanyu was still a very elegant lady as long as you didn’t touch her baby brother. 

“Alright, the problem will be dealt with soon enough if you go now. And if it isn’t, well, we can’t do much about it either,” said Strongman. 




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