The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 283

Strongman’s words echoed in their minds. They knew it. If even Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess couldn’t find someone to solve their problems, it might be impossible for them. 

It wasn't because Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess were more superior with their impressive family backgrounds. You must remember that among these young people, most of them were either from the Ye family or had escaped from Soaring Sky with the Ye family. They were all equally capable. 

This group representing the newly founded Ye Academy consisted only the most talented youths of the Soaring Sky Empire, here to participate in the qualifying competition. There weren’t many people more powerful than them from where they came from. Even if there were, their talents couldn’t be discovered within such a short period of time after the academy was founded. It takes time to discover talent! 

“Don’t worry, I’ll settle everything with this doctor!” assured Ye Lanyu. She looked at her hands, which were surrounded by a thin veil of cold mist. She’d been toying with her ice attributes. 

“...” Everyone fell silent. 

Alright, alright, we’re taking back the compliments. This woman is obviously going to turn violent if there were any disagreements with the doctor. 

Everyone prayed the treatment would go smoothly- and that the ‘confused’ doctor would still be smart enough to not annoy Lady Ye!

They agreed with Ye Lanyu’s way of doing things though. When negotiating didn’t work, sometimes violence was the answer! They had no choice. 

Ye Lanyu and the other two girls followed Chen Pi and his mother to visit the doctor… Ye Lang.  He was currently based in a now well-known place- an area within the newly built settlement called Miracle District. 

It was impossible for Sheng City to hold the tens of thousands of people who survived the plague. It was difficult even if they had years to plan, let alone a sudden surge of visitors like right now. 

Although Sheng City could solve this issue given time, under Ye Lang’s influence, the refugees thought they should be independent instead of relying on Sheng City’s resources. 

Therefore, they started picking up construction materials Ye Lang had left lying around to build a new settlement! 

Ye Lang had bought so much construction materials it was more than enough to build a small town. Everything could be built without a problem, 

Alvin had to admit that buying the materials was a useful thing after all. The construction material, tools and coal he previously deemed useless were put to good use now! Even some obscure items were also put to use. 

There were more than a hundred thousand of them. Although they were refugees, they still had their skills and talent with them. Among so many of them, there were tailors, blacksmiths, blacksmiths, construction workers- you name it. There were even alchemists who could undertake any type of task and put all of Ye Lang’s tools and materials to good use. 

Even the ones without professional skills would help them in the form of errands and heavy lifting. This was important too- no, it was indispensable!

With the effort of a hundred thousand refugees, a new subdivision of the city was built within months. 

Although Miracle District was just a subdivision, it was larger than any of the subsidiary towns around the city. It would soon become the most important subdivision of the city.

After much planning, Sheng City started to merge the towns with itself, each named a different district while the areas on top of the Holy Mountain was called the Inner City. 

The story of how all this started was an interesting one… 

That day, Ye Lang was so tired he slept seven days and seven nights in a tent...

Yeah, seven days and seven nights. No more no less, exactly seven days.

The treatment of the epidemic was almost completed by the third day. On the fourth day, someone felt like his tent was a little too chilly for him, so they built a simple hut for him where his tent was. 

These people were, of course, experts in construction and had the help of a few alchemists. Although they were only amateurs incomparable to the national experts, they were still able to build a house without waking Ye Lang. 

Soon after, the two thousand people who initially arrived with Ye Lang all started to build houses nearby. Ye Lang had bought a lot of materials and they needed a place to live anyway. 

More people started to follow, and the situation sank into chaos. Fortunately, Alvin managed to keep the situation under control although they didn’t plan for this at all. They didn’t want to cause problems with Sheng City so it was their responsibility to be considerate neighbours. 

Ye Lang was surprised to find himself in a house after spending seven days asleep. He thought it was strange. Did he sleepwalk? That should be possible, he’d spent the past few days with the girl in his dreams, the one who couldn’t stop talking to him. He shouldn’t have been sleepwalking. 

Speaking of the girl, she had grown more and more clingy. She had panicked when Ye Lang hadn’t slept much for days because she wanted to ask about the current condition but was too afraid of him having to wake up suddenly in the middle of their conversation. 

Ye Lang didn’t pay much attention to her. However, he did think it was weird that the girl would always appear in his dreams. She was there all the time as if she lived in his dreams. 

Every time they met, Ye Lang never had to wait for her. She was always the one waiting. 

Ye Lang had asked her about this, but her answer was…

Our connection broke. 

The connection between dreams, perhaps? Ye Lang was sure that the answer had to do with the girl’s identity so he never asked anymore. 

Ye Lang soon forgot about the questions he had. A dream like this was peculiar enough, he soon got used to the girl anyway. 

He also wondered if it could just be a dream, something from his imagination.

Then again, if it wasn’t just a dream, what was it? It was inexplicable, not with science, not with alchemy or magic...


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