The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 284

Ye Lang had another theory, but this theory had nothing to do with any modern science…

His theory was that the girl was a soul living in his body. He wasn’t supposed to be in this world, not supposed to have this body so this body was supposed to belong to the girl. 

It was very possible that Ye Lang’s soul had taken the girl’s body and merged with it. And because of Ye Lang’s soul, the foetus destined to be male had developed into a female instead…

That seemed too far of a stretch though… 

Perhaps the girl was like him, both of the souls were not supposed to exist. However, their souls arrived at this body at the same time so now Ye Lang controls the body and she only exists in the dreamscape. 

Of course, this was only a few speculations Ye Lang had when he was bored, they might not be true. It may or may not be true, but he thought there wasn’t much of a need to dwell on the matter. He didn’t care. He liked having someone to talk to in his dreams anyway. 

And the girl disappeared whenever he woke up anyway, so she didn’t affect his life in any way! 

Take this moment as an example. Once Ye Lang woke up, he’d quickly forgotten about the girl and stared into space for a moment. Very soon, he heard a shout. 

“Mr Ye is awake!!” 

There were many people guarding him. There weren’t only the original refugees, but also Sheng City’s doctors, and that man who called himself Pope Eden who went from a shady preacher to the most prized experiment during the epidemic. 

Pope Eden wasn’t there to take revenge. Even if he wanted to, the Sacred Teachings would let him- and the hundred thousand people outside wouldn’t either. 

And with his wit, why would he want to take revenge now? That would only endanger his position and ruin his reputation among the people. 

That would just be stupid. Right now, all he had to do was to thank Ye Lang for everything he’d done for the people. 

“Thank me? I punched you, then infected you with the plague and you’re thanking me? You’re insane!” exclaimed Ye Lang, confused, when the pope thanked him. He thought the pope was there to take revenge too, he didn’t expect this at all. 

Everyone wanted to laugh when they saw Ye Lang’s reaction but kept it in due to Pope Eden’s position. 

“...That was a misunderstanding. I understand now, I deserved that punch and I was infected so everyone could be saved. This is what I wanted all along. If I can help everyone, even death would be worth it!” said the pope passionately. 

“Yep, your death would be worth it!” nodded Ye Lang in agreement. 

“...” Everyone fell silent. Did this mean Ye Lang didn’t actually have confidence in keeping the pope alive? 

“I trusted that you could save everyone, I truly believed you’d save me!” smiled the pope as if he did believe in Ye Lang. Only his slightly clenched fists gave him away. He was actually on the verge of punching someone. 

Ye Lang stared at him with a weird look, “I do trust myself, but I can never guarantee successful treatment. Why would YOU believe me?” 

“...” The pope was speechless for a moment, then looked up at the skies (more like at the low, ugly ceiling). The ceiling still didn’t stop his awe for the heavens…

“It was the Goddess of Light!” 

“So the Goddess of Light believes in me… Girls tend to like me a lot…” Ye Lang also looked up at the skies, thanking all the girls who’d taken care of him in the past. It didn’t matter if they weren’t here, thanking them would never be wrong. 

“...” The pope fell silent, privately complaining. I never said she believed in YOU! 

At this moment, Ye Lang left the silent group of people, including the pope to walk out of the hut. He only wanted to see where he was. 

Ye Lang looked around and frowned, “What are you all doing here? Why did you build such ugly houses?”

“We built them as a temporary shelter and also one for your safety, Sir. If you don’t like it, we’ll take them down immediately and we’ll leave!!” said Alvin and the rest. 

“You’ll have to tear the houses down, yes, but as for leaving… There’s no need for that!” Ye Lang had an idea as he looked at the alchemy formations still left on the ground. 

“Not leaving? Why?” No one understood, thinking what he said contradicted each other. If he said they didn’t need to leave, then why did they have to tear down the houses? 

“I mean even if your work here is done, you still can’t go back. It’ll take at least a few years for that to recover. No, maybe even more!” Ye Lang smiled, not only because of their current condition but also because of seventh brother. 

Once Ye Lang’s message arrived, seventh brother would definitely do something to the Gomera district. For his convenience, the fewer commoners there, the better. 

Ye Lang continued, “And therefore, all of you need to build a new home. This is a very suitable place. I noticed there aren’t many farms in this area on the way here, it’s a waste!” 

Almost everyone knew that very few people who lived around Sheng City farmed, as a respect to the presence of the sacred city. The original population of the towns around them were low anyway. 

Various reasons led to the current scarcity of crop fields in the plains surrounding the city. He felt like it was a waste of the land’s resources. 

However, there was indeed very few people living in the area. While you could say it was a waste, it was still a normal thing since there weren’t many people there to farm. 

Because of this, Ye Lang felt like this crowd of a hundred thousand could definitely settle here. Sheng City shouldn’t have a problem with this!

“That’s not a bad idea at all!” nodded the pope. Although they didn’t know if he was sincere or he was just being polite, at least this meant Sheng City approved of this suggestion. 

“I think that’s a great idea too, but sir, why do you want us to tear the houses down then?” asked Alvin, looking at Ye Lang. 

If they were to settle, they still didn’t have to tear down the houses. Although they were emergency shelters, they weren’t of bad quality at all! 

It wasn’t bad compared to some of their initial homes… 

Why then?

The answer was simple…