The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 286

Yep, it was alchemy. This entire city was now protected by alchemy formations. 

Why the formations? For this, Ye Lang gave the simplest explanation possible: he was concentrating the essence of the moon and the sun, and at the same time refining the life energy of the earth. 

People who lived within the formation would generally not fall sick and feel very energetic. This was the perfect place to live in, and this was enough to fill in any imperfections in the city’s design. 

The benefits gained from living in the centre of it all was immense. 

Ye Lang was now living in the district’s central regions. In the past few months, he would walk around to watch over the construction of the city whenever he had the time, correcting minor faults. There wasn’t much else to do, for the workers were not the kind to be irresponsible. All the workers took their jobs seriously, so errors were rare. 

Not everyone from the crowd worked on construction, some worked on plans converting the plains into crop fields.

Although not everyone was needed in the city’s construction, everyone took the initiative to get to work. No one was slacking, for they all wanted a beautiful home for themselves. 

Other than this, Ye Lang also had a very important job- he had the noble task of treating patients who came seeking treatment. The place he lived in was now called the House of Confusion! 

A majority of his patients didn’t come because they’d heard of Ye Lang’s success with the epidemic. Most of them had already been seeking treatment at Sheng City, and as a medical region, there was already a huge population of patients with various diseases. 

Ye Lang never had plans to treat patients during his stay. However, the people never stopped coming and he saw that many of them had conditions that required immediate attention. The humanity in him had to save the patients, he had to defeat the monsters causing the suffering. 

Most of these patients obviously weren’t going to recover immediately either. Before he could complete one patient’s treatment, another would arrive- and that was how Ye Lang started to give consultations continuously. 

One by one, the patients recovered. The reputation of House of Confusion grew across the lands. The people who were cured would only call him by his nickname in a tone filled with respect and awe - no one would dare call him by his real name now. 

Even the hundred thousand now-residents of the new city all called Ye Lang by ‘sir’ or ‘gentleman’, they didn’t use his name either. And that was why as the months passed, most people who’d heard of the ‘confused genius doctor’ didn’t know Ye Lang’s real name. 

That led to Ye Lanyu’s current problem. Ye Lanyu and the rest suspected he was Ye Lang, but they couldn’t be sure…

“Ye Lanyu, do you think the genius doctor is Ye Lang?” blurted the seventh princess on the way to the House of Confusion. 

Although she knew Ye Lang would come meet her sooner or later, she still wanted to meet him as soon as possible. It would make her very happy. 

“I don’t know. I want to meet the idiot too… I can’t believe that idiot could get lost on a two-hundred-meter-long journey…” said Ye Lanyu as she shook her head worriedly. 

“...” The seventh princess and Zhen Xiaoyan were both temporarily speechless because they too felt a headache coming on. 

Ye Lanyu had heard of how Ye Lang could make a mistake on a journey that was supposed to only be two hundred meters long. She’d initially wanted to look for him, but she knew that no one could find him if he’d wandered off unless he presented himself again. 

Since young, he’d always made his way back home every time he went missing. While she’d worry, she knew she couldn’t do much about it. 

This wasn’t too bad, because at least she knew Ye Lang would meet them here. Back home, she wouldn’t even know when he’d come home. 

“To be honest, from the word ‘confused’ alone, I’m pretty sure it’s that idiot already,” said Ye Lanyu. She stared ahead, her face lighting up with a faint, loving smile. 

She didn’t mind if Ye Lang was a little clueless, a little stupid. She would care for him all the same because he was her baby brother. This was something that would never change forever. 

“Yeah, he’s the only person who can be ‘confused’ and a ‘doctor’ at the same time…” the seventh princess smiled too, she loved him. 

While in reality the seventh princess was born a few hours later than Ye Lang, she always felt like she was the older one, like an older sister caring for her little brother. It’d been like this since they were very young. 

Perhaps girls matured sooner than boys...

“If this doctor is confused… And he makes a mistake… Then wouldn’t Mom be in danger? Are you sure about this?” muttered Chen Pi worriedly as he carried the old woman on his back. 


Zhen Xiaoyan smiled, “Relax. If that really is Ye Lang, it’ll be normal for him to be a little confused. His ‘confusion’ will not bring harm to your mother.” 

As his classmate, she understood the extent of his cluelessness. Ye Lang often made mistakes in his alchemy experiments that ended up with the entire class covered in soot. 

While his errors were slightly dangerous, none of them were dangerous enough to be fatal. At least not yet. 

“And if he isn’t Ye Lang?” asked Chen Pi again. His words hurt enough for the three girls to fall silent. They wanted to hit him for jinxing it. 

At this point, they only wanted to see Ye Lang. No one wanted to even think of the possibility that the doctor might not be Ye Lang. 

If it weren’t for Chen Pi’s love for his mother and his innocence, they would’ve taught him a lesson a long time ago! 

Very soon, the five of them entered the freshly completed area of the district. This new district didn’t have any restrictions on entry. No matter the wealth or poverty a person was from, they were treated the same in here. 

As they set foot into the district, other than Chen Pi, the rest of them could feel the buzz of life in the air. 

Obviously, it wasn’t a thing only females could detect. This was because Lanyu and the other two girls were trained in magic and were more sensitive to changes in energy. The old woman was very frail to begin with, so she noticed how she was more at ease in this place. 

However, while they could feel it, they couldn’t tell what it was. They thought it must be the newness and design of the area that was comforting- they never would’ve thought it was of an alchemy origin. 

And because of someone’s accidental idea, this area became a very good place for patients to recover. And soon, this district would become almost a holy place for medicine- something many people couldn’t understand. 

The same doctor could treat the same disease- maybe even the same patient- but the effects would be much better here. Many people felt like they were protected by the Goddess of Light in this place. 

And that was why Sheng City’s doctors now preferred to work in this new district. All because of Ye Lang. 

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