The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 287

Ye Lang continued treating patients in the following months, providing the doctors a great opportunity for learning. They’d never pass up such an opportunity like this! Although the way Ye Lang used traditional Chinese medicine was a little confusing, at least they could watch him use alchemy during his treatment. No matter what, there was always something to learn. 

They also naturally took on the responsibility to care for the patients Ye Lang treated during their learning process. This place became a huge hospital that sat for years after this incident, something the people didn’t expect at all. 

This practice birthed many successors to Ye Lang. This group of talented successors could fulfil the wishes of many patients from across the lands--- full recovery. 

As they approached the House of Confusion, the three girls grew increasingly nervous. It was as if they could feel Ye Lang’s familiar aura, but unfortunately, there was an incident that made them start to suspect the doctor wasn’t Ye Lang after all. 

“What kind of stupid doctor is he? This is a robbery! They’re crazy to think I’m going to pay ten thousand gold coins for a consultation... I’m sure I can recover just fine without him!” 

A middle-aged man clad in gold jewellery and expensive clothing was shouting outside the House of Confusion, pointing straight at the clinic. In the sun, his balding head looked very shiny. 

After hearing him mention the ten thousand gold coins, the three of them started to think the doctor wasn’t Ye Lang. Ye Lang was a prodigal son, why would he accept payment? He’d refused all form of payments since young. 

Yeah, that’s right. He’d never voluntarily accepted money. 

Was it some kind of misunderstanding? Either Ye Lang wasn’t even asking for a payment in the first place or someone else was taking advantage of the situation to earn some cash. 

Perhaps they’d only know if they met Ye Lang. 

However, they were sure about one thing. The people around seem to not care, as if this had happened many times. They only looked at him with slight disgust. 

Someone queuing up to see the doctor finally said, “If you want to leave, just leave! I’d pay the hundred thousand coins to kill your ass if I could get the chance to see the doctor.” 

 “Get lost, the fewer people, the better!” Another person was very glad. They’d been queuing up for consultation, one less person meant a shorter waiting time. 

“Get your ass out of here, don’t insult the genius doctor! No one likes you, keep your money and get out of this place,” reminded someone else. 


“All you lowly peasants don’t know a thing. Genius doctor? I’m just here to give him face! I’m a duke, I’m rich and I have money. You think they’d dare turn me away?” huffed the man with disgust. Looks like he was a duke. Everyone wondered which unlucky kingdom had the misfortune of having this man as their duke. 

“You’re done for!” 

“May the heavens bless you.”

“I pity him, he’s bald…”


Everyone suddenly had the same reaction: pity…

That was because everyone knew what was going to happen, and who would be involved. 

A small team appeared before the duke. There weren’t many, just three or four of them but they made a very powerful team. They were high-ranked members of the Sacred Teachings’ Light Riders. 

These were riders sent by the Sacred Teachings to protect their doctors. These doctors were the jewels of the Teachings, nothing must happen to them. Naturally, the city sent the best riders to protect them. 

At the same time, they were also there to protect Ye Lang and maintain the order at the clinic. They would warn, attack and chase away anyone who threatened the safety of the region. 

Although they were not considered Ye Lang’s bodyguards, Ye Lang was now mentoring the people they protected. For this, they respected him as a teacher- though he’d already earned their admiration from what he had done. That was why anyone who insulted Ye Lang would naturally also be dealt with. 

“Excuse me, my lord, please leave. Sheng City does not welcome you and you are forbidden from setting foot into Sheng City ever again,” said one of the Light Riders, maintaining their professionalism. It wasn’t because they respected him, they were used to being courteous. 

“What do you mean I’m not allowed in? I’m a follower of the Teachings, and I’ve contributed a lot!” The duke was stunned since the appearance of the riders. 

He didn’t expect the House of Confusion to be guarded by Light Riders, and these riders seemed to respect Ye Lang too. He’d just insulted Ye Lang, were the consequences going to be serious? 

The Sacred Teachings. Even the three empires respected this power, no one would want to rub them the wrong way. At the same time, no one wanted the religion as their enemy either, they wanted their blessings too. 

This duke was also a follower of the religion and at the same time a powerful man. Regular religious workers had to respect him for he’d helped the city during a time of great need. That was why he could be this arrogant, he thought no one would dare cross him in this place. As for the towns outside the main city, he never cared for the people there. 

“The Teachings will remember your contributions, but we still do not welcome you here. You have just insulted an honoured guest of the Teachings- he was the one who cured our people of the plague, he cured many, many of our followers and even our doctors,” said the rider. He didn’t know who this man was, but as a follower, the duke still had the right to know why he was banished. 

“I… I know this, but why does he want me to pay ten thousand gold coins? This is a robbery!” The duke softened his tone, as if he’d just remembered Ye Lang was the legendary genius doctor who saved tens of thousands of people. And among these people were many followers of the Sacred Teachings. 

These tens of thousands of people would naturally honour and respect him, he was almost a saint in this region. 

Right now, he was here to ruin this saint’s reputation to gain a little footing for himself. At the same time, he had to change the topic of conversation. 

He didn’t want to provoke the rider, that would be very stupid. 

A thin, dark youth appeared at the entrance. “Well, the sir did say this indeed IS a robbery. If you don’t like it, then you may leave. Don’t disturb the other people here.” 

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