The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 292

A fire phoenix spread its wings magnificently, leaving a blazing trail of fire where it flew- you can imagine what level of magic this required! 

There was only one fire phoenix though, the name of this technique didn’t suit what it looked like. It should have been called something along the lines of...Crazy Dance of the Fire Phoenix. 

Soon, everyone understood why it was indeed Flight of a Hundred Birds. One by one, tiny firebirds started emerging from the trail of smoke left by the phoenix.

Yep, that was why it was called Flight of a Hundred Birds. It wasn’t named after the fire phoenix, it was named after the little firebirds that appeared after it. While they were not as powerful, they were precise and persistent in their attacks. 

This wasn’t a technique that had existed before this- it was something invented by the seventh princess. She drew inspiration from Ye Lanyu’s spinning ice blades while creating this attack. 

Of course, when the princess had first invented it Ye Lanyu only scoffed and said, “You’re shameless, how dare you copy my moves!!” 

“Lotus of Ice!!” 

Before the hundreds of birds could reach her, Ye Lanyu had already retaliated with something called a Lotus of Ice. Pretty sure everyone knew what was going to happen next! 

Huge icicles grew from the ground, and with Ye Lanyu in the centre, they formed rapidly expanding spirals. Once she was completely surrounded in a circle, the icicles started to grow directly at the seventh princess. 

The icicles nearest to Ye Lanyu started to form a shape like a lotus- that was where the name of the technique came from! 

Not only was this a very good attack, this was also a very good defence mechanism. No one can get any closer, and she could still control the icicles to attack her opponent. Unless her opponent could damage her defences…

The seventh princess unleashed more magic to block, then attacked…

And that was how both of them continued fighting their magnificent battle. They took turns attacking and defending, the entire yard lit up with fire and ice…

“Really? Here?” said Zhen Xiaoyan in exasperation. Were they even on the same side?? I know you both like to fight, but this is ridiculous! 

This wasn’t the first time both of them fought each other WHILE they were facing another opponent, so Zhen Xiaoyan wasn’t very surprised. The problem was that the fight seemed to be on a scale that was unmanageable now. 

However, at this point, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess were only fighting each other with one hand. Their other hand was focused on attacking their enemy so those people still couldn’t take advantage of their fight. 

If Ye Lanyu and the princess didn’t maintain their rain of attacks on the enemy, the group of men would definitely not stay as silent as right now- they’d, of course, take the opportunity to ambush the girls! If they were shameless enough to attack a girl, they were shameless enough to ambush the girls! 

Out of desperation, Zhen Xiaoyan shouted, “Miss Lanyu! Your Highness! I think you should deal with that bunch of people first, it’ll make your fight here more convenient for you, and you’ll be able to use two hands!!”

Her reasoning was that they should first deal with the enemy, then their fight between them would be shorter too because they’d be able to determine the winner much sooner. 

There was no way to stop them fighting unless Ye Lang appeared. Only then would both girls drop their fight. However, Zhen Xiaoyan no longer thought the genius doctor was Ye Lang because Ye Lang would never accept payments- not from rich people either. 

If they knew the doctor was Ye Lang, this fight wouldn’t have happened- they would’ve run straight inside! 

To be honest, even if they were still speculating if the doctor was Ye Lang, they would still rush inside to check. Unfortunately, they were now certain he wasn’t Ye Lang after witnessing the medical fee incident. 

If they were now told the genius doctor was Ye Lang, they’d ask: Why would you want to accept payment? It’s fine if you don’t squander money, but why accept payments? 

“Little Yan is right. Little Seven, let’s deal with this pile of garbage first… We’ll find a better place to fight later!” nodded Ye Lanyu in agreement. It wasn’t satisfying enough to spar with one hand. 

“Mm!” nodded the seventh princess. 

Within one second, both of them stopped attacks directed at each other. They had a sense of understanding between each other- even if neither said out loud that they were going to stop, they still stopped at the same time. 

The chemistry between them had slowly grown after spending so much time with each other. The following scene illustrated just how deep their connection was: 

“Dance of the Ice Dragon!” 

“Dance of the Fire Dragon!” 

Both Lanyu and the seventh princess unleashed their ultimate weapons, and the skies lit up with ice and fire once again. They always knew what techniques to use under different circumstances. 

However, there was always the huge potential for problems when they fought alongside each other because their attributes were ice and fire- something that intuitively didn’t work with each other. 

Everyone was shocked to see both ice and fire dragons dancing together in the skies, neither diminishing the other’s strength despite being literally fire and ice. It was impressive. 

The harmony of ice and fire would forever be etched in the minds. Such a peculiar team of girls was unforgettable. 

Many people in the area dropped what they were doing to watch the ice and fire dragons twirling in the skies. “Ahhhh….”

The fire and ice dragons gracefully hit the ground- or more accurately, they passed through all the duke’s men and the duke, then hit the ground. 

Everyone in the dragons’ path screamed in agony for none of them could stop its power. They all collapsed, and slowly they were all sprawled on the ground…

Someone would usually start to cheer at this point, celebrating their defeat. However, no one was doing this because they were stunned by the magic they had just witnessed! 

Oh, the paradoxical nature of magic, and the power of magic!! 

They looked at all the little craters on the ground. They were just outside the House of Confusion, all the materials here were very strong and durable. Even experts would take a while to cause damage but the combination of these two girls’ magic easily smashed craters!! 

Ye Lanyu dusted off her hands, looked at the duke and his men, then turned to the princess, “Alright, that’s settled. Where were we?”  There was still frost and mist swirling from her hands. 

“Alright, I’m not scared of you!” said the princess. A fireball re-appeared in her palm. 

“Sigh!” Zhen Xiaoyan let out a sigh. At this point, she felt like she couldn’t do anything about the situation but wait aside until they were done. 

However, with both their abilities and how well they knew each other, it looked like this fight was going to last till nightfall!” 

“I’ll get dinner ready!” decided Zhen Xiaoyan. She decided to leave first for them to fight it out. They’d be just in time for a meal when they were done. 

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