The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 293


A voice rang across space. Everyone saw the Light Rider coming back to maintain order again. This wasn’t just any street, how could they let people fight like that? 

Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess didn’t move, still glaring at each other. 

It was obvious they were ignoring the Light Rider’s commands, disrespecting their presence. This annoyed them, but as Light Riders, they would never go rough on the ladies. 

Although both of them could do serious harm if they wanted to, the girls hadn’t actually done anything wrong. The only problem was that they were fighting each other in front of the House of Confusion. 

That was why the Light Riders didn’t have to use force. 

“Ladies, please do not fight here. You can fight at the sparring arena or outside the city, but please do not do it here, at the House of Confusion!” advised the Light Rider politely. Ye Lanyu and the princess obviously didn’t want to trouble a nice person like him too, so they decided to fight somewhere else. However, Ye Lanyu’s eyes spotted Chen Pi hiding far away, and that was when she remembered what she was here for. Even if they couldn’t meet Ye Lang here, they still had to wait until Chen Pi’s mother had been treated. 

“Alright, but you have to let us in first!” said Ye Lanyu. She wanted to let the mother and son see the doctor as soon as possible. 

However, the Rider mistook her request as her wanting to fight inside the clinic. That was unacceptable! 

Therefore, the Light Rider said, “Miss, we have already politely requested for you to leave. Please leave or we will have to remove you by force!”

“What? I’m here and what are you going to do about it?!” said Ye Lanyu with annoyance. She was nice to them too, why was he being rude now? 

“If you continue speaking like that, we’ll have to bring you out of the city!” frowned the rider. He privately sighed, it was a pity a girl this beautiful could be so rude and uncivilised. 

“Why are you looking at me like that?! Are you secretly cursing me?!” spat Ye Lanyu with disgust. The rider was stunned for a moment, thinking, ‘this bitch reads minds?!” 

“I want to see your genius doctor, so everyone move aside!” declared Ye Lanyu, loudly expressing her displeasure. No one could ever interrupt a fight between her and seventh princess- other than Ye Lang or her parents. 

“You think you can meet the doctor anytime you want? Get in line.” said the Rider. 

“Hmmph, I’ll meet whoever I want!” hissed Ye Lanyu, an ice arrow shooting directly at him. 

The Light Rider did not expect Ye Lanyu to attack him at all, therefore was a little slow. However, he was still a very skilled fighter. He hit the arrow aside with a sword and a shout. 

This one move and the ball of douqi he had generated showed that the Light Rider was masterful enough to summon douqi whenever he wanted. From his strength, anyone could see he was at least a Di level expert. 

Ye Lanyu and the princess might barely be able to fight a Di level expert- a common one. This rider looked like he was just a regular fighter. 

However, even regular Di level experts were rare. Very few people (including Ye Lanyu and the princess) could defeat them in terms of one-to-one combat. 

Right now, there was more than one Light Rider present, and all of them were Di level experts- or at the very least at the first phase of Di level. 

“Little Seven, come!” Ye Lanyu frowned, immediately recruiting help. It would be difficult for her to fight them alone. 

“Alright!” The seventh princess didn’t hesitate. While this was a special situation, she would never let Ye Lanyu fight so many experts alone- no matter what. 

“Miss Lanyu, your highness, please don’t fight them! They’re Light Riders!” reminded Zhen Xiaoyan fretfully. 

Fighting the Light Riders in the Sacred Teaching’s territory would definitely be bad for them. 

They would never win. 

“And because they’re Light Riders, you don’t have to be afraid they’ll kill us!” said Ye Lanyu casually. 

“Exactly!” nodded the princess. 


You know, and you still want to fight? Don’t you both fear offending the Teachings? 

If they both heard this, they’d definitely say, “Why would we? We aren’t even afraid of the Soaring Sky Empire hunting us down, offending the Teachings would be nothing.” 

The Light Rider stared at the pretty girls with a sigh. These two girls were scary. Not only were they magical prodigies, they were petty. He couldn’t believe they looked down on the Riders for their moral code. 

“Don’t think we don’t kill. If you attempt anything out of bounds, we’ll kill you all the same!” that was all the Rider could say to defend himself. It wasn’t persuasive. 

Everyone knew these two girls and their tantrums were not big enough problems for the Light Riders to kill someone. 

A small catfight was definitely within the tolerance of the Light Riders. 

“Hehehe, you can try! I was thinking of testing out my true skills anyway, this will be an experiment for me!” grinned Ye Lanyu. 


“Little Seven, use your ultimate weapon!” Ye Lanyu unleashed all of her magical energy, a thick veil of mist now surrounding her body. She seemed to appear and disappear behind the veil. 

“Understood!” nodded the princess, following suit. The air around her burst into flames. 

Very quickly, both of them released magic to form an ice and a fire dragon- but this time, they both merged into one form. It was enormous. The previous two would just be a tiny stream next to this roaring river! 

The ice and fire dragons spun and twisted, charging straight at the Light Riders- also at the main entrance of the House of Confusion!! 

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