The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 294

The Light Riders had no choice but to bear the brunt of the damage done by the dragons. They didn’t want any harm to come to the gates- this would panic the doctors inside. 

The Light Riders released a defence formation to shield the gates! 


The two dragons smashed against the shield, ice pieces and sparks flew. They fell unto the ground, disappearing into nothingness…

At this point, the Light Riders were in the defensive side of the fight, forced behind their shield by the dragons. If they had released the shield before this, they wouldn’t have been cornered like this. At least someone would’ve been able to attack the girls. 

Not everyone was needed to guard the gates, for even Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess weren’t strong enough to attack everyone at the same time. They might have been able to fight three or four guards at most. 

Usually, during emergencies, they would have even asked their own men to retreat behind the walls. This was just two girls though, not a life-or-death situation. They wouldn’t do something so un-noble like climbing over the walls. 

In reality, even if they had men outside, they wouldn’t interfere either. It wasn’t fair to them, and it was an embarrassment. 

Both girls dropped one of their hands. One kept the magic going, while the hands they released were now busy forming another smaller fire and ice dragon. Both dragons twisted around each other, but they didn’t merge. 

The little dragons charged at the Light Riders from the top, bypassing the gates and hitting the spot behind the Light Riders, bringing down a few roof tiles with them. 


The Light Riders were surprised. They didn’t expect the girls to have enough strength left to perform such techniques! 

“Captain, the roof’s damaged. We should just finish these two or even the gates would fall!” reported a rider. 

He just finished his sentence when it came true. A few more dragons charged towards the gates, leaving many holes- it was on the brink of collapse! 


Who were these people?? Two dragons were more than enough already, but these two were throwing dragons like it was throwing eggs… Basically, it felt like this was something very easy for them. 

They released dragons like it was nothing, and continuously too! 

They were lucky there were many riders in the vicinity. If they were short on men, they’d definitely be obliterated by the two crazy bitches. They could barely hold the fort now. 

“Go, go finish them! You still have a chance now!” The riders were focused now, for they were sending their own men to battle. 


The two girls grunted at the same time, stomping a foot each. Icicles grew from the ground once again, but there were pillars of fire too. They were now twisting to block the riders. Was this even possible? Did they just use their legs for magic? Who trained them, this is insane! 

The riders were cursing them privately, wanting to meet the girls’ master. They wanted to see which person could give the girls such insane power and even have such impressive attacks and defences. Their master must be someone very respectable! 


They would probably never know. That person was actually here, and this person suddenly appeared before everyone, “What are you doing? You smashed my signboard too, are you here to ruin my business?” A teenager had appeared, muttering pitifully as he surveyed the smashed sign written ‘House of Confusion’. 

Everyone stopped when the teenager appeared. They stared. The Light Riders immediately surrounded the boy in fear of him getting hurt by the dragons. 

Wait, what happened to the dragons? 

The crowd realised the roaring, soaring ice and fire dragons had suddenly disappeared. It looked like Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess had stopped their attacks. 

The crowd turned to the girls to notice they were already right in front of the riders. They were still walking forward to touch the teenager inside. 

Of course, the riders didn’t agree with this. They blocked the girls outside. Even everyone else agreed. The girls were too dangerous, what if they hurt him? 

“Move!” ordered Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess. 

“No...” The riders wanted to say no, you can’t come in, you’re too dangerous- but the teenager started to talk. 

“Why are you blocking them? Let them in!” 

“But sir, they’re dangerous!” said a Light Rider, stunned. They were still standing between the girls and the teenager, maintaining a distance between them. 

“Yeah, doctor! Don’t think they’re pretty, they’re actually terrifying!” shouted someone nearby. Everyone was worried about the teenager. 

At this point, Ye Lanyu, seventh princess and even Zhen Xiaoyan stared at the teenager, then at each other. Their eyes were filled with disbelief. 

“I know! They’re scary and dangerous, they’ve always been like that,” said the teenager. 

Always? You know them? 

Everyone was still stunned, and at this point, Ye Lanyu was already approaching the teenager… 

“Who are you calling scary and dangerous? You little jerk, tell it to my face!!” Ye Lanyu grabbed the teenager, pinching his face. 

The teenager was the one and only Ye Lang! Only one person in the world was treated like this by Ye Lanyu. And Ye Lang was the genius doctor. 

Ye Lanyu finally understood why she would hit the duke. The duke was insulting the doctor, which meant he was insulting her baby brother. In response, she shot a few more ice arrows at the duke. 


“Ahh!! It hurts!! Sis, let me go!!” cried Ye Lang. 

Sister? This icy girl was his sister? 

Chen Pi was the happiest to hear this because if Ye Lanyu knew Ye Lang, that meant there was even more hope for his mother. 

“Hmmph, of course it does. Let’s see if you’ll run away again!” Ye Lanyu let go, knocking his head. 

“I didn’t! I just…” Ye Lang rubbed his head.

“You just got lost, right?” interrupted the seventh princess, “Ye Lang, I don’t even know what to say… How did you even take the wrong path- there was only one path and it was two hundred meters long!!” 


No one knew about this, so when they heard her, everyone was even more certain: he was truly the confused genius doctor!  


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