The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 295

“...I DID take that path, but there was a sign about some mercenary group and an arrow. I thought they were Anna’s, so I followed them.” 

“You don’t have to tell me- you only realised you followed the wrong group when you arrived at THEIR destination, right?” the seventh princess knew him well, she was certain. 

“...Yeah. I had almost entered the Vermilion Bird Empire by then,” came Ye Lang’s embarrassed reply. 

Ye Lanyu shook her head. “...You’re a clueless egg! Were they all women?”

“No! They were all men!” Ye Lang shook his head. 

“You know Anna’s Mercenary Group has only women, then why didn’t you realise something was wrong?” she asked in exasperation. She couldn’t believe how Ye Lang could mess up something so obvious. 

“I didn’t know!! They were a newly formed mercenary group so I thought Anna had new recruits…” Ye Lang said weakly. 

“With Anna’s personality, she would never recruit men. She’s only a little more normal around you but to other men, even our uncles, she had never been nice. You need to be more careful next time, don’t follow the wrong people!” said the seventh princess gently. She was examining him from head to toe, checking if he suffered, if he was thinner. 

Thank god he was alright! 

Like her, Ye Lanyu was doing the same- even Zhen Xiaoyan was regarding him from afar. 

“Ye Lang, have you missed me all this time?” Although she had many questions on her mind, this was the seventh princess’ most important question. 

“Let me think…” Ye Lang fell deep in thought. He was attempting to recall if he had ever missed the princess. 

“...” A vein bulged in the princess’ forehead. Did he have to THINK? 

“You idiot, you only know how to have fun, you’ve never thought about your wife at all! You’re so mean, why did I ever miss you!” the seventh princess grabbed his arm, then pinched it…

“Ahh… I did think of you!! I was just counting the number times I was thinking of you! Also, we’re only engaged, you’re not my wife! And we even talked about breaking up!” Ye Lang shook her off, he didn’t want to be bullied like this forever. Unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to shake off his fate. 

“Break what now? Don’t you think of shaking me off! I’ve been talking to Auntie Anqi recently, and I’ve settled our marriage affairs already!” she knocked his head. She knew she was fated to marry Ye Lang. Although she still didn’t have ‘feelings’ for him, this would come eventually. 

“Whatever, you’ll be a great wife anyway!” said Ye Lang stupidly. It was obvious he didn’t think much of it. It was just a marriage, he didn’t lose anything. 

“Alright, then it is set!” 

“Hey, I’m here, and I haven’t agreed yet! Little Seven, you’ll have to be very nice to me to be my sister-in-law or you’ll never be able to step into our house!” Ye Lanyu interrupted them, placing one more roadblock to their marriage. 

The seventh princess fell silent. She knew Ye Lang listened to Ye Lanyu so even if Long Anqi agreed, without Ye Lanyu’s blessing this still wouldn’t work. 

Unfortunately, she wasn’t going to beg Lanyu for it! 

“Then we won’t marry yet. I’ll wait until you marry out of the family, and I’ll do whatever I want then!” scoffed the seventh princess. How long could this sister control his life? If she was married off, she wouldn’t have the time to care about this!

“I won’t marry if my brother doesn’t. Let’s see who wins!!” hissed Ye Lanyu. 

“...” Zhen Xiaoyan didn’t know what to say, thinking Ye Lanyu was being ridiculous. What if both of them did become family one day? What would happen? Then again, they could be counted as family already- while they would never admit it, their hearts were already together. 

Zhen Xiaoyan envied how they grew up together. While they fought, they still cared- and they got to grow up with Ye Lang too! 

It was such a precious friendship they had! 

“Ye Lanyu, we’ll fight to settle this once and for all!1” 

“Alright then, you think I’m scared of you?” 

Soon, both of them started threatening each other again. They looked like they were about to battle again- that was if they got to start. 

Ye Lang didn’t stop them, while the rest were used to it. Anyone who’d grown up with them knew they fought a lot. 

That was why Ye Lang only pulled Zhen Xiaoyan into the clinic, “Fatty, I’ve missed you! Let’s go inside!” 

Zhen Xiaoyan blushed, then huffed, “...You miss my food!” 

“Yep!” Ye Lang nodded, “I miss your food the most, but, I sometimes miss you too!” 

“...” Zhen Xiaoyan was speechless, but she was satisfied with his answer. It was enough for him to miss her sometimes, it wasn’t like they were anything more than friends. 


When they saw Ye Lang running off with Xiaoyan, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess immediately stopped their bickering to stop Ye Lang. They’d just met him, how would they let him out of their sight so soon? 

“What? You may continue! It looks like it’ll take a long time so I’ll get fatty to leave some dinner for you,” said Ye Lang without even turning his head. 

“No wonder Little Seven said you were mean. We haven’t met in so long, and you don’t want to talk to me?” said Ye Lanyu. 

“I do, but I’m busy now.  I have many patients inside, and there are more people waiting outside,” Ye Lang’s words reminded Ye Lanyu that he was the genius doctor- and he was the one treating patients inside. 

“Right, I have a patient here too, can you take a look?” Ye Lanyu finally remembered what they were here for. 

Chen Pi cooperated by immediately carrying his mother over, looking at Ye Lang hopefully. 

“Who?” Ye Lang didn’t see Chen Pi, because not only him but all the other patients surrounded them with hopeful faces. 

It was natural for the patients to approach when the doctor was here! 

“Genius doctor, can you take a look at this… It hurts so bad…”


The yard slipped into chaos within a second, everyone fighting to get nearer to Ye Lang. If it were not for the Light Riders, Ye Lang’s clothes would’ve been torn to shreds…

The seventh princess looked at Ye Lang, then at the Light Riders in confusion. She didn’t understand why they were so respectful towards Ye Lang. They were usually very proud people, they were never so courteous and respectful towards people outside the Teachings. 

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