The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 303

Time passed. It was soon night time, and Ye Lang wrapped up his work for the day. Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess realised that within this period of time, Ye Lang had already earned forty to fifty thousand gold coins. 

And that was a very short period of time. They didn’t know how much he had been earning in the past few months. Even if he was lucky enough to meet the rich man today, if he earned ten thousand gold coins a day, it was already about a million in a few months. 

The seventh princess asked about this soon after, “Ye Lang, how much money have you earned today?”

“What? Oh, you mean from the fees? I don’t know, I don’t keep track,” Ye Lang was, as usual, clueless when it came to money. He didn’t know how much money he had. 

“I know. It’s so far 1,196,300 gold coins…” said Arwen. She had been helping Ye Lang every day and decided to note down his payments. 

“...” Ye Lanyu and the princess fell silent. 

Yep, this was a robbery. No, better than robbery! 

A million gold coins- and that was over a few months. If the seventh brother heard of this, he’d definitely beg Ye Lang to continue working at this clinic. Then, he would be a lot more reckless with the prices than Ye Lang was. 

Ye Lang wasn’t meticulous in his prices, it was usually according to his mood- not only the patient’s background. They could be lower one day than the other. 

Of course, this was also because of Ye Lang’s overinflated prices for his aristocratic customers- it was almost as if he was robbing them. That was how he could make so much money.

And to these people, they were willing to pay this amount in exchange for their lives- or should we say, VERY willing. 

As the saying went: willing buyer, willing seller. There wasn’t a problem there. 

“Little seven, looks like we’re set for life! This idiot prodigal god here is also a god in earning money,” said Ye Lanyu after she stared for a long time. 

“Yeah, I’ll be able to live in luxury for the rest of my life, I can buy whatever I want!” nodded the princess. 

“Yep, squander money, be a prodigal! Little seven, you’re an awesome wife!” nodded Ye Lang. He suddenly felt like marrying the princess wasn’t a bad thing, she could help him spend his money. 

“...” The princess fell silent. She wasn’t being serious. But she knew Ye Lang was definitely not joking. 

However, she felt a lot more relieved now. She wasn’t worried about their future after Ye Lang had squandered all his money. With his skills, he would still be fine even if he was millions in debt! 

And to think she’d been worried for him- it was all unnecessary! 

The princess shook her head. She wasn’t sure if she was making conversation but she suddenly had a question to ask, “Ye Lang, why did you come out to the entrance? You were in here, you wouldn’t have the time to come outside.”

“Yeah, brother, why did you suddenly run out?” Ye Lanyu was curious too. 

Based on his work conditions, he shouldn’t have been outside. There were so many Light Riders around too, he could pick a random one to report to him. 

“Nothing much, I was just there to welcome you both,” answered Ye Lang in a surprised tone. Why did they have to ask? Wasn’t it obvious he was there to welcome them? 

“Welcome us?!” they were stunned for a moment, confused. “You knew we were coming?” 

Ye Lang continued walking ahead towards the kitchen Zhen Xiaoyan was in, at the same time replied, “How could I not know? Your ice and fire made such a huge ruckus out there, I would’ve known no matter how far away I was!” 

“... Right…”

There were only two people in the entire mainland to be able to combine their ice and fire attributes. No one could ever replicate the techniques of combining both attributes as harmoniously as them. 

“That would mean you knew very early on that we were here?” asked the princess gently. There was violence brewing behind that gentle voice. 

Unfortunately, Ye Lang was a slow kid. He didn’t notice, only smiling, “Yep, I knew very early on! I’m awesome like that!” 

“How dare you!! If you knew, why didn’t you come out earlier!!” roared both of them, each pulling an ear. 

“Ah, I’m dizzy…”

Ye Lang felt very dizzy after the two lionesses roared in his ears… “Speak! Your answer better make me happy or you’ll be in trouble!” they said. 

“What? You both fighting was very normal. Of course I could only come out after I finished treating my patient. What’s there to be mad about? I’m going to look for fatty now, she’s so much nicer than you both,” said Ye Lang, running off. 


“Come back here! It IS normal for us to fight, but you hadn’t seen us in so long! Didn’t you miss us? That you’d want to see us sooner?” fired Ye Lanyu as she grabbed Ye Lang back. 

“Has it been that long? It’s only been a few months?” asked Ye Lang. It was obvious he had no concept of time. 

“...I knew you were a jerk. We were thinking of you every day, but you don’t care at all!” whined the princess, knocking his head. 

This was where Ye Lang started to defend himself, “Who said I didn’t? I care!”

“What do you care about?” asked the two girls at the same time.

“I, I care about fatty’s food…” answered Ye Lang puffing his chest, as if it was a very good answer. 


The three girls had no words for this. They shouldn’t put any hope in him, he was just a clueless idiot… Ye Lang ran into the kitchen, then yelled at the still cooking Zhen Xiaoyan, “Fatty, I’m here…” However, while he was calling her name, his eyes were never on her, only on the food. 

Zhen Xiaoyan immediately cried, “Out! No men allowed in my kitchen! And don’t even think of stealing my food… Ye Lang, put that down, that’s not ready yet!!”

When she saw Ye Lang grabbing something, she immediately dropped what she was doing to snatch it back...

“Ugh, why can’t you just wait a little longer outside… I’m not done yet… Hey, don’t take that… Out!! Or I won’t let you eat at all!” While she was talking, she realised he had picked another thing up to eat. It was driving her crazy!