The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 305

The most peculiar of the bunch was Zhen Xiaoyan. While she was eating very quickly, she looked good doing it. Some would say it was mesmerizing watching her eat. 

It was as if she stood out from the crowd only when she ate, as if she graced this earth just to eat. 

Compared to her, the three of them were eating very slowly. However, that was relative to her. Compared to regular people, they were definitely not slow. 

Ye Lang had never been slow to eat, while Ye Lanyu and the seventh princes were naturally eating faster due to Zhen Xiaoyan’s presence. If they weren’t quick enough, they felt like she would eat up their portion too. 

Zhen Xiaoyan would never eat Ye Lang’s portion. As for the rest, well, she didn’t stop to consider. 

“...” Very soon, Arwen noticed something was wrong. Staring at the food, she was no longer worried about finishing the food but rather worried that if she didn’t pick up her pace she wouldn’t have the chance to eat at all.

And soon, she was eating very quickly too. 

She wasn’t like the rest, who ate like aristocrats. She was just a regular commoner, and she had just experienced a bout of famine. She knew how precious food was. 

In the end, Arwen was right because they had finished the portion of food meant for more than ten people. Other than the little bit of food left in front of Ye Lang, the rest of the dishes were empty- most of it was settled by one person, Zhen Xiaoyan. 

Arwen peered curiously at Zhen Xiaoyan. She couldn’t understand how Zhen Xiaoyan, with her small body, could fit so much food. Where did the food go? Why was her figure still so small?

She would never know how big Zhen Xiaoyan used to be. The difference was like the sky and the earth! 

Arwen didn’t touch the food in front of Ye Lang. She didn’t want to take his food. It was the same for Zhen Xiaoyan, Ye Lanyu and the princess. 

Right now, all four of them were watching Ye Lang eat. 

“Burp… I’m so full… I haven’t eaten like this in so long…” after inhaling his food, he patted his stomach then got up to leave. 

He was still the same, he liked taking a walk after food. Everyone present knew he would leave immediately after food, and was prepared for it. 

Arwen watched as Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess followed Ye Lang out, while Zhen Xiaoyan stayed behind to clean up. She initially wanted to help, but what surprised her was that Xiaoyan didn’t need her help at all. 

She watched as Xiaoyan take out something like a leather pouch and poured the leftovers into it. Then, she drew an alchemy formation on the table using magic and activated it. 

After it glowed, the table and the plates and utensils on it all became sparkling clean. They had been cleansed by the alchemy formation! 

Looks like she was an alchemist too, like sir! It was very practical of her to use her alchemy skills here. 

Arwen didn’t know that Ye Lang was the first one to use alchemy like this, Xiaoyan merely copied him. 

Once, both of them were in an argument. In a rage, she demanded Ye Lang to wash the dishes. Ye Lang did obediently collect the dishes, and she had wanted to stop him when she came to her senses. In the end, she realised Ye Lang was using an alchemy formation to clean them! They were very clean too, no food stains were left. 

From that day onwards, she started to use alchemy to clean her dishes. Not only that, but she also started incorporating alchemy into her cooking, creating many delicious dishes. 

She also started to use alchemy to make kitchen tools. Even if she were in the wild, without a proper kitchen, she would still survive with her alchemy. 

Zhen Xiaoyan definitely had talent as an alchemist. However, she put all of it into cooking. Perhaps one could say her talent was only discovered when she used her skills in cooking! 

During their after-dinner walk, they were still on the same topic of what happened after Ye Lang got lost. 

He was explaining it in detail, though his explanations were a little odd, all very unclear. Fortunately, they were used to it or they would’ve gone mad. 

Sometimes he would forget to tell them some things too because he thought they were unimportant- or he simply didn’t notice. 

For example, about the Coldblood Group, about Little Xin. He only told them a portion of it, about how he learned the Art of Reanimation in the Coldblood Group. 

He naturally told them about how he shrank himself, the days he spent with Coldblood Five- but he kept it brief and as the audience, the girls didn’t even know Coldblood Five was a girl. 

Upon hearing how Ye Lang shrank himself, Arwen’s eyes widened in shock. However, she noticed the rest were very calm as if it was something very normal. 

It was. To the rest, it wasn’t like Ye Lang hadn’t had incidents like this before. Especially Xiaoyan, because Ye Lang had once turned her into a rabbit! 

When he talked about Vermilion Bird Empire, about Princess Longji, Ye LAnyu and the rest grew increasingly astonished…

“What?! You mean our cousin is Princess Longji?” Ye Lanyu didn’t know either. Only Ye Chengtian, Ye Yi and their wives knew about this. The emperor of the Soaring Sky Empire too, but he had already been murdered by Zhao Yarou. 

“Yep, she seems to be very powerful in Vermilion Bird Empire too, that’s why people wanted to kill her. She was lucky I was there when the Coldblood Group wanted to assassinate her. I saved her, I’m awesome,” Ye Lang had to compliment himself again. 

“Alright, alright you’re awesome. Then if that’s true, our grandmother will be Vermilion Bird Empire’s empress dowager, and the emperor will be our uncle, and our mother is the princess?! Then I’m also a princess?! Little seven, look, I’m a princess too!” Ye Lanyu named them one by one to realise that she was also a princess- although not directly. 

“That’s just a granny, she’s not our grandmother! That uncle isn’t OUR uncle, only our cousin is the princess!” Ye Lang shook his head. 

“Huh? Really? So the emperor is just our mom’s brother-in-law,” Ye Lanyu was a little disappointed that she wasn’t a princess. The seventh princess took this as an opportunity to laugh at her. 

She didn’t know if Princess Longji was her mother’s brother or sister’s daughter. No one had told them about it. 

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