The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 306

“I don’t know, they only called themselves our grandmother (mother’s side) and uncle (mother’s side) but I didn’t agree with them,” Ye Lang shook his head. 


They understood from what Ye Lang said that their first guess was right. Their grandmother was the empress dowager, while Long Anqi was the princess of the Vermilion Bird Empire. 

However, they didn’t understand why Ye Lang didn’t agree. 

“Why didn’t you agree? Is it because your cousin told you to?” this was the only explanation the seventh princess could come up with. If their cousin sister was having a conflict with them, Ye Lang would naturally side with her. 

“No, she says it’s true too,” Ye Lang shook his head. 

“Then why not?” Ye Lanyu was confused. 

He mildly replied, “Mom didn’t say so.”


Ye Lanyu and the rest fell silent, understanding why he would think that way. While the Vermilion Bird royals were theoretically right- they wouldn’t lie about something like that- Ye Lang would not agree until Long Anqi herself had confirmed this fact. 

Perhaps Ye Lang could sense that Long Anqi and Vermilion Bird Empire must have had a very huge problem among themselves for them to have never told him their identities. 

It was impossible for Ye Lang’s siblings to not know about it either, if they were only hiding their identities to avoid gossip. That was why there must be some other reason that Long Anqi wouldn’t want to mention them. 

“Mm, mom hadn’t mentioned them before, so we won’t recognise them as family either,” Ye Lanyu nodded too. She and her mother were very close, she too could sense something was wrong.

“It’s probably for the best, just in case they drag you into something in the future. I think it’s best you continue telling your story. Tell me what happened next,” the seventh princess frowned. She seemed to not like Ye Lang having any relations to the Vermilion Bird royal family. Perhaps she had some experience with them, or she just didn’t like the thought of it.

“After that… Where was I? Right, I…” Ye Lang continued talking about his experience. 

Although Ye Lang’s descriptions were at times inaccurate, the girls present were all very smart., usually smart enough to figure out what actually happened... 

When they heard about him buying random things, they smiled… When they heard about what had happened at the Vermilion Bird Palace, they didn’t know to cry or laugh…

Just like that, time passed...

“Hey what’s going on with that three girls? Didn’t they say they were only going to take a look? Why aren’t they back yet?” wondered Strongman worriedly in a hotel. 

Ye Lanyu and the other two had completely forgotten to send a message after they saw Ye Lang. 

“Teacher, do you want me to check on them?” offered someone. He was a young, handsome boy. He looked like he would be one of the three girls’ admirers. 

“You? No, it’s fine…” frowned Strongman. He knew of this boy, he knew the three girls had already rejected him but this was a... persistent one. 

“Ye Zhiqing, go check on your cousin. She’s most likely to listen to you,” instructed Strongman. 

“Oh, alright,” replied a girl obediently then walked alone towards the House of Confusion. 

Strongman didn’t send someone else to accompany her because he trusted her capabilities that she would be alright. Sheng City wasn’t a dangerous place anyway. 

Ye Zhiqing, one of the best of the current Ye generation- she was considered a member of the extended Ye family. She was a Level 8 martial artist, proficient in weaponry. A gentle girl, the good, obedient type, but you still shouldn’t provoke her for her other personality would appear. And that would be very scary. 

Yep, this girl had two personalities on both ends of the spectrum. She was usually the good girl but once provoked, and when her life was in danger, the other one would appear. 

The other one was a terrifying presence. She was cruel and cunning, unnaturally calm. At the same time, her capabilities would jump from a level 8 martial artist to a Di (earthly) Level fighter- perhaps one of the top amongst the Di Level fighters. Some would say she was close to the Tian (heavenly) Level fighters. 

Even Ye Chengtian stayed away from this chilling version of Ye Zhiqing. 

Fortunately, this personality of hers rarely appeared. Although the turn of events during the three times it did was unfathomable, fortunately, this only happened three times in her twenty-plus years of life. Therefore the chances of its reappearance were low. 

Her extreme dual-personalities might have been due to the trauma caused by the death of both her parents when she was very young…

Ye Zhiqing’s current life had been very stable so far. After the Ye family found her, she lived in their ancestral home in the Soaring Sky Empire, playing in the same yard as Ye Lang and Ye Lanyu. However, they didn’t spend much time together- not like how Ye Lanyu and Ye Lang always stuck to each other. 

She was already ten years old when she arrived at the capital. She then enrolled in the Royal Institute of Education. There, she didn’t interact much with Ye Lang, but she often met Ye Lanyu because they were of the same grade. 

Ye LAnyu and Ye Zhiqing were the same age- Ye Zhiqing was older than Lanyu by a month. 

Only the Ye family knew about her split personality and no one else. That was why she didn’t lose admirers because of this. 

There were many of them too, her being a Ye family member and a very capable girl. 

If people witnessed this side of her, especially what ensued when this personality appeared, it perhaps the numbers would have dwindled. 

If Strongman knew, he might not have let Ye Zhiqing go alone. No matter how small the chances were, there was still a chance. 

Under the quiet night sky, within the Miracle District, Ye Zhiqing was walking along a street paved with cut stones. There were fewer people around compared to daytime. 

Everyone who walked passed her would often turn around to take a second look. 

She was not bad-looking herself, enough to turn heads down the street. 

At the same time, she had two longswords strapped to her back that added an aura of elegance to her entire being. It was mesmerizing. 

Both eyes ahead, she walked, neither slow nor fast. She didn’t react to the looks she received, she was used to them. 

Before this, she had already asked around for directions to the House of Confusion. It was an easy path to follow, so very soon, she arrived. 

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