The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 309

“Lanyu, I need to pee,” as Ye Lang talked, he suddenly felt the urge to pee so he got up and left. 

Ye Lang had no grace when talking to the girls here, making such a direct announcement that would have embarrassed other people. 

Of course, other than Arwen who turned a little red, Zhen Xiaoyan a little uncomfortable, the other two didn’t find anything odd, even offering…

“...Do you need me to accompany you? It’s getting dark out,” waved Ye Lanyu. This reminded her of when they were kids. Ye Lang wouldn’t dare go out this dark, he’d always dragged Ye LAnyu with him. 

“It’s alright, I have Little Xin with me,” Ye Lang shook his head. 

He didn’t want his sister to keep him company now, that was when he was a kid. He was timid, and liked spending time with his sister…

“Oh, alright… Wait, you said Little Xin will go with you, to the toilet?” Ye Lanyu noticed there was a problem. She was a girl, how could she go to the toilet with him? No matter how close they were, this wasn’t appropriate. 

She was now more and more curious as to who Little Xin was. The seventh princess was also staring at Little Xin. She couldn’t figure out what role she played in Ye Lang’s life. 

“I don’t have time, I need to pee,” Ye Lang ran out, disappearing outside with Little Xin. 

“What’s going on? Arwen, does this Little Xin follow him to the toilet all the time?” Ye Lanyu was stunned for a moment, then turned to Arwen. 

“Yeah, they are as close as shadows. No matter where, like when he’s sleeping, taking a bath, going to the toilet, they would always be together,” nodded Arwen. 

“Who is she?” the seventh princess asked, hoping Arwen had an answer. She had been with Ye Lang for a couple of months after all. 

Arwen shook her head, “I don’t know. I only know that she always follows sir around. And she’s a weird one too. She never talks, never sleeps and I’ve never seen her eat. She’s like his shadow! But she’s very powerful, she can protect sir very well. He’s so weak, so she’s perfect as his bodyguard.” 

‘Weak? That’s because you haven’t seen him in action! When he’s provoked, even we will have to step aside for him,’ thought the three girls. This half-elf was fooled by his appearances. 

However, based on what she said, this Little Xin must be a very capable bodyguard. This brought them a little relief. While they knew he had no problem protecting himself, having one more person to look out for him was good too. 

“Based on what you said, this Little Xin sounds like the reanimated spirit Ye Lang mentioned,” blurted Zhen Xiaoyan. 

“How is that possible? Didn’t he say he didn’t have the skills to make one himself? We have to ask him later. Where did this Little Xin come from?” Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess were more confused now. They decided to ask him when he returned. 

They had to get an answer, if this was a spirit or a human. It was very frustrating having to keep guessing like this. 

“Toilet! We’ve got to have one next to the room, I have to keep running so far to pee, it’s coming out soon!” muttered Ye Lang as he ran. 

Ye Lang’s city had its own piping system underground, and a water processing system too. The system cleaned water very easily through alchemy formations so the city had flushing toilets too. Unfortunately, his residence was only a temporary house for him so it didn’t have one. 

“Eh? Is it me or is there someone on the roof?” Ye Lang spotted more than one person leaping on the roof on the way to the toilet. 

These people were naturally Ye Zhiqing and the Light Riders. Not sure if it was the heavens who arranged for her to meet Ye LAng at this moment. 

At this point, Ye Zhiqing knew that there were more and more men after her, and they were getting closer too. She had underestimated the capabilities of these riders too, she felt like her plan to leave this place was about to fail very soon. 

She was looking for another way out, and it was at this point she saw Ye Lang, who had broken into a jog, and Little Xin…

It was a moonless night so they were all relying on starlight, and the area didn’t have good lighting either. She didn’t see Ye Lang’s face clearly. If she did, she wouldn’t have to run because everything would’ve been clear. 

This was how the misunderstanding started. Ye Zhiqing wanted to hold Ye Lang hostage. As for Little Xin, Ye Zhiqing didn’t notice nor cared…

Ye Zhiqing flew at Ye Lang, one hand ready to grab him…

Ye Lang was still jogging forward when he turned to see Ye Zhiqing flying towards him. He was stunned for a moment, then continued heading forward…

The next moment, she caught him. With a sword at his neck, Ye Zhiqing was behind him, slowly stepping backwards. 

It would have been easy to shake off Ye Zhiqing if he wanted to. And even if he couldn’t shake her off, he could let Little Xin attack her. However, he seemed to know Ye Zhiqing was his cousin- at least he had a feeling- so he didn’t move. He let himself be Ye Zhiqing’s hostage. 

At this point, he was thinking, ‘what game is this? Is jumping around on the roof THAT fun?’ 

He didn’t seem to notice what was going on. 

“Let him go,” the riders stopped far away, in fear of provoking Ye Zhiqing. 

“Move or I kill him,” Ye Zhiqing understood she’d caught the right person. This was an important character here. Not only is this the ticket for her to leave, perhaps she could exchange him for the three girls. 

And as they came to a stalemate, Ye Lang screamed.

“Ahhhh… Thief…. Help…”


Sir, you’re a little too late. Also, why did you let her catch you…

That was also their fault. They let a person enter the premises, even holding the kid as a hostage. However, what they didn’t understand was…

“Sir, it’s late. Why are you out?”

“I wanted to pee…”


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