The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 310

Stars dotted the quiet night sky…

The faint starlight made the night more mysterious, and under this mysterious night sky, at Sheng City’s House of Confusion, a recently popular topic across the mainland, also the place that held hope for terminally ill patients across the lands. 

There were a boy and a girl, with the girl holding the boy in a headlock, surrounded by a group of Light Riders. They were both cousins, but they didn’t know it perhaps because of the darkness or because they hadn’t seen each other in a very long time. 

And the cousins were Ye Lang and Ye Zhiqing. Theoretically, you could say they were actually very distant blood relatives- with almost no connection. If it weren’t for Ye Zhiqing’s special circumstances, she wouldn’t have stepped into the Ye Residence at the imperial capital of the Soaring Sky Empire! 

Then again, no matter what, they were still cousins, people whose names were in the ancestral records of the Ye lineage! 

Sigh, sometimes even family cannot recognise family. 

Ye Lang was now Ye Zhiqing’s hostage, “I’m sorry! Please stay back!” Ye Zhiqing remained silent for a moment, then had to threaten the guards again. Although Ye Lang was being dumb, she was still relieved she was fortunate enough to catch him on the way to the toilet. 

She wasn’t sure at this point if it was luck or misfortune! 

This reminded her of Ye Lang because things like that often happened to him. 

Ye Lang was her cousin, and they lived in the same area. Of course they had spent some time together, and she had to watch him too. It was common for older cousins to take care of their younger cousins even if they weren’t very close. 

While she didn’t know him very well, she still had faint memories of him. “Alright, we will stand back. Don’t harm the gentleman!” The Light Riders had no choice but to stand down. They took a small step backwards to keep a distance between them. They didn’t want to provoke Zhiqing. 

Although Ye Lang wasn’t of the Sacred Religion, nor was he officially recognised by any of the major figures, everyone knew that a huge crowd would riot if anything happened to him. And if the blame fell on them, it would spell huge trouble. 

At this point, Ye Zhiqing’s sword was stuck close to Ye Lang’s neck, they could see a little blood there. This made them nervous because if she moved her arm the consequences could be disastrous. 

Ye Lang was panicking, his entire body shaking. 

‘What a useless rich boy. This is nothing, and he’s already shaking?’ thought Ye Zhiqing. She had a strong distaste, or rather disgust, towards these weak aristocratic boys. 

However, she didn’t know that Ye Lang wasn’t shaking because he was afraid- he never knew how to be afraid. It was just because… “Please forgive me, my request is for you to release the three girls,” said Ye Zhiqing gently. She kept her tone level, even minding her manners despite speaking to enemies. 

She was a good and gentle girl. Of course, that was her personality, it had nothing to do with her intelligence, efficiency or capabilities! 

Obedience didn’t equate to gullibility nor did it represent slow reaction. “...Release?” the Light Riders were stunned for a moment. They were wondering what she meant by that. They weren’t keeping anyone locked up, so who was she referring to? 

And at this point, Ye Lang finally spoke, “...You should release me first. Just ask them for the people you want, I really need to go.”

“You need to go? But I’m not even leaving yet,” Ye Zhiqing didn’t understand. 

“I need to pee!” said Ye Lang a little irritated, “Let me tell you this, if you don’t let me go, I’ll pee on you…”

“You lowly sicko!” she scolded, turning a little red. This was her first time showing her temper since she came here, albeit it was mild. 

She suddenly understood why Ye Lang was shaking, he had to pee! She had heard him say he had to pee but she thought it was fake. Looks like it was true! 

That sickjo… “YOU’RE the sicko, you all are!” he retaliated, even dragging the Light Riders into this. 

“I’m the sicko? Why me?” she was stunned for a moment, her voice gentle again. She didn’t know why either.

“Yeah, and sir, why us too?” asked the riders, feeling resentful. They were innocent! They hadn’t said anything, even worrying about his safety. 

That ungrateful kid…

Ye Lang straightened himself, even smoothing out his tone as if he were lecturing them, “You’re a girl and you don’t let me pee, you’re a jerk! And you Light Riders are attacking this girl here, aren’t you sickos too? You’re a bunch of sickos, I don’t have time for this, I need to pee…”

There was a long pause. No one knew what to say. 

The Light Riders were internally screaming. 

We’re… innocent! You think we’re bullying a girl? We don’t even know what she’s talking about! We’re the most innocent party here! 

Ye Zhiqing was stunned because she suddenly realised how rude she had been, and that this bunch of men are Light Riders?!

She was a little confused… No, she was completely clueless! 

If these were Light Riders, that meant what she heard was wrong, there must’ve been a misunderstanding! 

Across the mainland, Light Riders were a symbol of justice. They would never do anything evil or shady. They were men who always stood in the light, they would never do anything as lowly as kidnapping girls! 

And even if Light Riders were just a facade, they had been able to maintain this positive image for a long time. That meant that anything shady they did must’ve been very well covered up, they wouldn’t do something like this out in the open! 

This was Sheng City, and the ranking competition was about to start. This place was now the highlight of the mainland, why would they cause such a huge commotion at this time? 

It wouldn’t be as surprising if they chose to kidnap a commoner, but all three of them were not common folks. One of them was a princess, another was Ye Lanyu- touch anyone of them and there would be a huge problem. As for Zhen Xiaoyan, Ye Lang would definitely not stay silent if he knew about it. 

Ye Lang would never want to lose Zhen Xiaoyan, he needed her to cook for him! 


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