The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 313

Perhaps it was because this wasn’t a joke to her. The thought of it made her emotional…

What Ye Lanyu described was the price they paid for being born into a huge family. They had to work hard for their family. There were many people in the family like Ye Lanyu and Ye Lang who didn’t have to manage the family affairs, but there were very, very few of them who could do whatever they wanted like the both of them! 

The more carefree Ye Lang and Ye Lanyu’s lives were, the heavier the burden was on their eldest brother and second sister. Not only did they have to take care of the family name, but they also had to watch their brothers and sisters too. 

“Oh, I didn’t know they had sacrificed so much! But, even if mom didn’t have both of us, I think they’d still be like this…” said Ye Lang dumbly. 


While what he said wasn’t kind, there was some truth in it. Even if they didn’t exist, their eldest brother and sister would still work the same. 

Of course, this wasn’t erasing their efforts to care for Ye Lang and Ye Lanyu. Ye Lang was just very straightforward, i.e. what he said next, “Also, we made contributions to the family too, or why would we come to participate in this… Wait, eldest brother and second sister will be here too, right? But they’ll be our enemy!” 

“Uh…” This had definitely crossed Ye Lanyu’s mind, but she was sure they wouldn’t be fighting against the top school. Their Ye Academy would be fighting for top ten, not top three or even the number one spot. 

They were very clear about their position, it wasn’t time for imagination! 

However, there would still be a chance to meet them at the tournament. And if they fought, the fight would be as intense as a battle between a dragon and a tiger!

“Sis, do you think they would choose to betray their school for the family or betray their family for school? Haha, that would be fun! They’d be traitors no matter what!” cried Ye Lang, as if he was happy they were going to have this problem. 

“...” The crowd fell silent. Not only were they speechless at what he said, but they were also feeling sorry for the siblings who were stuck in a tight spot. 

“If it were up to me, I might choose to quit, I wouldn’t participate!” said Ye Zhiqing. This was also the solution many people thought of. 

“It’s none of my business anyway, I wouldn’t have to meet them!” Ye Lang said haughtily. What he clearly meant was that no matter what the outcome was, it wouldn’t affect him. 


“Me too!” followed Zhen Xiaoyan. She was also in the alchemy team, she would be participating with Ye Lang. 

“It’s none of your business, you’re not from our family. If you did meet them, it would be a beating indeed… Of course, you’ll be the one receiving the beating!” shot Ye Lang mercilessly. 


Zhen Xiaoyan wanted to rage at him but finally settled on looking up with a light huff, “Hmmph! No supper for you!” 

“...I don’t eat supper, I’ll be sleeping!” Ye Lang clenched his teeth, unwilling to lose. 

“Then don’t eat breakfast tomorrow too…” she spat. 

He shook his head, “That won’t do, you’ve got to make me pork porridge with century egg tomorrow!”

“You think I would?” 

“Of course, you’ll forget about this tomorrow morning!” said Ye Lang, knowing Zhen Xiaoyan didn’t hold grudges. She’d forget after a night’s sleep. 

“...” Zhen Xiaoyan wanted to pinch the jerk but didn’t have the heart to. 

The rest just sighed. Poor Xiaoyan. 

“I’m going back to sleep! Alright everyone, let’s just forget about what Zhiqing did, the blame is on me! Sigh, we’re all civilised people here, why did she have to be a thief!” Ye Lang stood with his arms crossed, shaking his head with a sigh. 


The silence that ensued wasn’t because of Ye Lang’s attempt to look cool, but rather what he said. That meant he still thought Zhiqing was a…


A pretty thief!! 

“Brother, why are you still calling Zhiqing a thief? We just told you she’s your cousin!” said Ye Lanyu in frustration. 

“She’s our cousin, yes, but she’s also a thief. They’re not related to each other…” That was his logic. 

The fact that she was his cousin couldn’t be used as evidence that she wasn’t a thief! 

“Thirteen…” Ye Zhiqing stuttered. She didn’t know what to say. 

“You dumbo! Zhiqing is here for us!” Ye Lanyu knocked his head. 

“Oh, you became a thief just for us? Cousin Zhiqing, you’re too kind…” Ye Lang gave a serious look of understanding.

“...” What do you understand? You understand nothing!!

Ye Zhiqing cursed, ‘Looks like I’ll never escape the fate of being a thief…”

“Not a thief!! It was just a misunderstanding! She was… Uh, Zhiqing, why were you fighting them?” although Ye Lanyu knew it was a mistake, she still hadn’t gotten an explanation. 

“I think it was because of that middle-aged uncle outside. He didn’t look like a good person, and he took advantage of the situation between me and the riders…” After some thought, she knew the problem was with the duke. 

“A middle-aged uncle? Was he bald?” asked Ye Lanyu immediately. 

“Almost bald, there’s still a little hair!” corrected the seventh princess. 

“Mm! That’s him! You know him?” Ye Zhiqing nodded, but from what their tone, it seemed like they had encountered this uncle before. 

“We do! We fought the Light Riders today because of him too! We’re such civilised ladies, we wouldn’t have been so violent in the streets like that!” smirked Ye Lanyu, pushing all the blame to the duke. 

“...” The Light Riders remained silent. 

“I didn’t know the word ‘civilised’ meant violent and unreasonable…” Ye Lang gave a look of understanding again.


Everyone tried their best to hold back their laughter... 


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