The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 319

Why didn’t Zhen Xiaoyan remind Ye Lang he didn’t need to get in line? Well, she thought he was doing it voluntarily! 

Perhaps he would have done it even if he knew. Just for fun…

“For fun?! Ye Lang, you have a weird brain, what fun is this?! I’ve been standing in the sun for an hour now!! I’ll be as dark as Arwen…” Zhen Xiaoyan covered her eyes, squinting as she looked up at the sun. 

“It would be very difficult for you to turn as dark as Arwen! I may not be familiar with how your body’s system works but I’m sure you won’t be THAT dark. If you don’t like it, you can use a hat but you won’t get as dark as you think!” Ye Lang took out an adorable hat, placing it on Zhen Xiaoyan’s head. This was one of the objects considered ‘useless’ that no one had taken. 

Lucky for him Arwen wasn’t here, she wouldn’t be very happy about it...

“What’s this? Hey, it’s pretty! I like it…” Zhen Xiaoyan took the hat off, about to complain about him putting a random hat on her head, but was instead excited when she saw it. 

You could tell how cute the hat was from the way she looked at it. Zhen Xiaoyan had always only been interested in food, with no interest in clothes. She had a built-in immunity towards things like this one.

This hat seemed to fit her well too. It was shaped like a bird. A fat, round bird. It seemed to resemble…

“Ye Lang…” Zhen Xiaoyan’s eyes sparkled as if they were begging Ye Lang. 

He stared at her then waved, “You can keep it. It was meant for you anyway, this looks like the bird on your chest…”

“...” She fell silent, blushing with embarrassment. They were completely different! Also, why do you still remember my birthmark… She didn’t speak because she didn’t want to argue with him about it, at least not in front of everyone! 

How could she? 

Thank god there wasn’t anyone near her, it was embarrassing! 

It didn’t bother her that much. What she cared more was that Ye Lang remembered her, and gave her a gift. Although he had forgotten to give it to her, this was proof he once thought of her. 

“At least you’re kind enough to give me a present, at least my cooking is not wasted!” grinned Zhen Xiaoyan with warmth in her heart. She wore the hat and struck a pose for Ye Lang. 

“Of course! I’m a good person with a lot of kindness!” 

“...Tell me, what made you think of me?” asked Zhen Xiaoyan casually. She very soon regretted it because she knew what he was going to say would only hurt her feelings. 

“I was spending money on random stuff, and after I randomly bought this, I thought of you!” Ye Lang beamed with pride. 

People would usually think of the person, then buy the present. It was different for Ye Lang. He first bought a lot of stuff, then sometimes think of giving it to someone. 

“I knew it…” she muttered. She had nothing to say. 

At least this still proved he thought of her, even just for a moment…

Both of them were still waiting in line, slowly inching forward. There were too many people, it took them two whole hours to reach the front. 

There was now an even more terrifying line behind Ye Lang- those at the back might need to wait four to five hours…

There were simply too many people present when Sheng City started to open their gates to the public. This wasn’t something they expected, they didn’t think their followers would be this passionate. 

It made sense if you thought about it though. It had been a few hundred years since the entire Sheng City was open, this only happened once in a century. It was only natural to have so many people here. 

Ye Lang was about to arrive, approximately thirty meters away from the gates when a group of haughty young men and women. When they passed Ye Lang, after a look at Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan, they stuck their noses up with disdain. 

Ye Lang was wearing very casual attire, unlike the expensive fabrics he used to wear. The set he previously had were already given to some refugees, so the clothes he had on now were regular clothes other people made him. 

While they were made of good quality material, they were far from what Ye Lang used to wear. Simply put, to a rich aristocrat, this was awful. 

He had been very busy recently too, plus he wasn’t picky with his clothes. He used to wear very expensive clothing only because he was spending money as a prodigal son, not because he wanted to wear the best clothes. 

And that was why this group looked down on him. Zhen Xiaoyan, on the other hand, was a very common aristocrat. There was an obvious difference between her and the group. 

Just like that, the group did not respect them at all! 

However, there were many people dressed worse than Ye Lang too. Perhaps it was because they wanted to pick on someone who looked weak or because Ye Lang was too handsome. 

That second reason was what Ye Lang said, of course! 

No one knew why, but Ye Lang was the target. This group then cut the queue right in front of Ye Lang, obvious they wanted to use their status as a reason to get a few ‘special privileges’. 


One of the girls took a condescending look at Zhen Xiaoyan as if comparing herself to her. She didn’t dare look at Little Xin though, because that would be a huge blow to her self-esteem. 

Unfortunately, the more she scrutinized Zhen Xiaoyan, the more hurt her ego was! 

While Zhen Xiaoyan’s clothes were simple, she had a different aura to her. It was unique, something feminine and elegant. 

She didn’t feel expensive or high-class, but she was a breath of fresh air- and that itself was mesmerizing! 

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