The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 320

At this point, the girl was about to dig a hole to hide. She was only grateful she hadn’t said anything to insult this girl. That would’ve been worse. 

Other than this girl, even the rest of the people in the ground also noticed the same problem. Zhen Xiaoyan, Little Xin and Ye Lang didn’t look like regular people. 

There was a possibility they had chosen the wrong people to pick on! 

Ye Lang looked at the arrogant bunch, then turned to ask Xiaoyan, “Fatty, do you know them?” 

“I don’t!” Zhen Xiaoyan shook her head, then hid behind Ye Lang. She could feel these were not good people. 

Ye Lang was very insensitive when it came to things like that. 

“Oh, you don’t? Alright then. Hey, it’s not right for you to cut in front of us, you should leave,” Ye Lang told the group. 

“Hmmph! You should be honoured we are here, don’t think you can disrespect us!” spat one of the boys, his eyes looking forty-five degrees down at Ye Lang very arrogantly. 

“Do you have a problem with your neck? You should get it treated!” Ye Lang looked at the boy and thought it must be very tiring to look at people like that.


Ye Lang peered at the rest who were now silent, “Why isn’t anyone talking? You should just leave, don’t think you can cut queue just because you have a little bit of status, get to the back of the line like good boys and girls now!”

“Hmmph!” They scoffed, noses in the air. People as ‘low-class’ as Ye Lang were beneath them, they didn’t even need to speak to him. 

Ye Lang didn’t need to speak to them either! He just shouted very loudly at the front, “I need a few Light Riders here! There are a few people who cut queue, bring them away!”

“...” They fell silent. 

“Haha, Light Rider? Who do you think you are, that you can give the Light Riders instructions?” mocked the boy. What just happened made him feel like Ye Lang was even lower beneath him. 

“Why can’t I? Aren’t they here to keep the order?” asked Ye Lang curiously. He had been ordering Light Riders around all the time, they’d appear whenever he called- that was why he was very confused as to why the boy thought he couldn’t. 

“The Light Riders won’t come, they’re here to keep the order yes, but not settle little problems like this!” The boy was still looking at Ye Lang at a forty-five-degree angle. 

Ye Lang didn’t know the Light Riders were not in charge of little things like security checks for commoners. Only the lower-ranked guards did this. 

“Oh, then anyone will do! Just bring these people away…” said Ye Lang. 


The group of young men and women fell silent. They realised Ye Lang didn’t care about them either- and if this situation escalated it could be potentially bad for them too. 

Cutting queue was a common thing, the aristocrats liked to do it. And when commoners witnessed this, they usually looked the other way. 

If someone decided that it was not right, it could escalate into conflict with Sheng City and that would be awful! 

“You, boy, do you know who I am?” The boy started to look at Ye Lang directly instead of at an angle. 

“Here, Here…” Ye Lang continued to wave, completely ignoring the boy. He was better at ignoring the boy! 

The boy fell silent, then said, slightly annoyed, “I’ll tell you! My father is Huang Guang!” 

Ye Lang turned to Zhen Xiaoyan, “Who is Huang Guang? Some very powerful guy?” 

“I guess, or he wouldn’t say that!” nodded Zhen Xiaoyan. Based on logic, he would only say that if his father was some powerful man. 

“Huang Guang is Ai La Empire’s top general, he leads an army of a few hundred thousand! He’s very, very powerful!” someone nearby helped Ye Lang. 

“Oh… Here! Hurry up…” Ye Lang was still waiting for the guards to come bring these people away. Even if the boy said his father was the emperor, it was all the same to Ye Lang. 

“Oh shut up, my father is the emperor!” interrupted one of the girls. Looks like there WAS someone whose dad was the emperor. 

“Bring these people away, can’t believe they’re cutting queue here. It’s shameless!” Ye Lang told the guards who arrived, pointing at the bunch. 

“...” The guards looked at Ye Lang, stunned. It was obvious they knew who Ye Lang was, but they didn’t understand why Ye Lang was waiting in line. 

With his status here, Ye Lang was allowed to leave and enter the city whenever he wanted! 

“You’re just in time! These people were the ones who cut queue, I can’t believe they say we cut queue! Do you know who we are? Our fathers are emperors, ministers and generals of empires, do you think we’re the same as them?”

The bad guy always has to tell the story first! 

“Wow, you really are shameless! I’ll hand them over to you!” Ye Lang took a moment to insult them, then told the guards. 

The group almost laughed. It was funny. Why would the guard listen to him? It was more likely for the guard to help them! 

“Bring them away!” said the guard. His order was vague, no one knew who he was referring to. This created a misunderstanding with the group. 

“Yep, bring them away! Can’t believe they were cutting queue!” cried one of the girls, pointing at Ye Lang. 

The guard smirked, then stepped forward towards the group of teenagers with powerful dads. He gestured for them to leave…

“??” They were stunned for a moment. 

“What’s going on? I was talking about them, why are you doing this to us?” raged the young man. 

“Hmmph, you’re saying HE is cutting your queue? Let me tell you this, no one will stop him if he directly entered Sheng City, he has no need to cut queue!” the guard said coldly, looking down on the group. 

If they were somewhere else, the guard might have saved them a little face, without humiliating them. They were still the sons and daughters of powerful men, and from Ai La Empire too- any other people would still take care to treat them with respect. 

However, this was Sheng City. Sheng City’s power was different from kingdoms and empires. This was the unique power of a religion, they did not have to give face or bow down to other kingdoms. 

“Sir, why are you waiting in line here anyway? Why not enter directly?” the guard asked, exasperated. 

If the rest knew this guard made Ye Lang wait for hours at his South gate, he would be yelled at for sure, even if it wasn’t his fault!

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